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2 Week Juice Fast Plan

2 Week Juice Fast Plan
I have been using 2 tablespoons of this to a load and clothes have looked and felt great. Just stick to your juices and they will do all of that on their own. I have the same juicer you do, and I put it in, and it just disappeared. Is it okay to take a supplement like hydroxycut while on this diet?.. Also, do you have a recipe for dishwash not dishwasher detergent, too.

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Just keep having juices when you are hungry and feel the need to. Keep me posted on your status. I have a horrible caffeine addiction and I saw that you said headaches are a normal part of the juicing process. The thought of a cleansing headache coupled with a caffeine withdrawal headache is terrifying! Emilie, the best thing you can do is to ween yourself off that caffeine.

You can have some green tea, but no milk or sugar. Even with the tea, limit yourself to 2 or 3 cups per day for the first 3 days and then limit it to cups from days You may also take ibuprofen or tylenol for the headaches. I had a horrible caffeine addiction but only had a slight headache on day 4.

The juice made up for it by loading me up with nutrients. I wish you all the best Emilie! I started my juice fast on Monday ,Dec. Please advise,truly concerned -Audrey. See, juice is absorbed and not digested. The first few BMs that you have will be the solid food that you ate before you started your juice fast. Keep me posted Audry. Thank you so much for this! I hope this will work for me. Thank you so much! Jhabby, the 7 day plan is a good one to start out with.

Many people extend it well beyond 7 days once they start seeing the success and feeling the difference fruits and veggies have on them. Hi Donnie, I have a question, I want to know if I could juice for days and could I still be in the gym very active since I am not eating any solid foods?

I get married in two months and I wanted to lose some weight for my dress. I wll be purchasing the nutri-bullet, is that a reccommended machine to juice so that i will get all my nurients, I know a blender is not? You need a juicer to do a juice fast, not a blender.

Good luck with yours. Jillian, you said exactly what I was going to say. Keep me posted on your juice fast when you start. Good luck and I wish you all the best! I look forward to communicating with all of you who have begun juicing already. Keep me posted and let me know how things work out for you two.

Im 18yrs old and my graduation day from high school is in 7days. I hope your graduation was a fantastic one! Weight loss will vary but most people lose between between kg during the first week. Hi Donnie, when using beets, do you suggest boiling them first or are they used fresh, whole, unpeeled and uncooked? My first question at this time is you mention a cup of things in your juices, how much is a cup?

Starting Monday Nov Husband having kidney transplant Nov 21 so I will be staying home to take care of him for a month or two. This seems to be the ideal time to try a juicer fast. Thanks for the great tips! Hello, thank you for this informative blog! Im going to start tomorrow and wondering if there is a certain day to day juice recipe i have to follow?

Is it okay to include fruits in the 5 juices that i will consume per day? Sorry for my late response Daniela. No solids includes greek yogurt. Just stick to your juices and let them work their magic. How much weight can I lose in 11 days? I really want to jump start my weight loss, cleanse my body and start on the path of healthier living all around.

Also seriously how do you stay strong when there is food always around you? I have tried juice fasts in the past and I have always failed after the 2nd day. I just felt so weak and tired. Is there anything that you can tell me that will help with the mental portion of going through a juice fast? I also have a very busy life. Being a mom with my husband out of town I am always on the go.

Katherine, the weight loss varies from person to person. Food and what you eat is easy to control once you realize a lot of what we eat is out of addiction and habit. You can do anything for a week Kathrine. Just set your mind to it and do it. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. Samantha, read this article on how to eat after a juice fast: Starting a 2 week juice cleanse tomorrow and would love some support. I would love to have others join in, so we can support each other along the way.

Welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast. Let me know if you have any questions. Hi, I am on my 3rd day, so I am you quite a bit.

I hope you have had success, it is surprising to me that I am not hungry at all and love the taste of these juices. I think it is because I am doing this to help get out of pain from arthritis and I hope to get real relief from the nutrition.

Take care and good luck! You may want to include one meal of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet until you are finished with your exams. This will lessen the effects of the detox and still give you the benefits.

Do good on your exams and keep me posted! Let me know if you have any questions Lesego. Hello Donnie, Im very excited to start juicing this weekend. I have a few questions before i start because i want to make sure i do this right. Thank you so much for your time, i will be doing the juicing for 7 days and i will keep you updated. If you drink a lot of caffeine sodas, coffee, tea, etc. If you do consume caffeine then I would suggest you carry some green tea and either ibuprofen or tylenol to curb those headaches.

The problem with making them the night before is that they will lose nutritional value the longer they sit. You can pre-prepare your juices the night before by chopping and preparing each juice the night before and placing it in a gallon size freezer bag. That way you only have to run stuff through the juicer in the morning. It used to take me only an extra 10 minutes in the morning when I did this. You can drink as many juices as you feel the need to. Only have a juice when you are hungry and not at every craving.

Hunger is how your body tells you it needs nutrients and cravings are when your mind tells you to eat out of habit, boredom, or for the pleasure and taste of it.

So only have a juice when you are hungry. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day also. Thank you for the advice about caffeine! That helps quell my biggest concern. Ready to start the 7 day juice fast. Hi , i am new to this website. I have actually started 3 days ago.. Lorena, how is your juice fast going? Just bought Hamilton Beach Pro and full week of fruits and veggies based on the 2 week list of foods to buy…. Appreciate ALL of the helpful questions and feedback! This whole Juicing thing can be a little overwhelming!!

Niki, congrats on getting ready to start your juice fast! Thanks for your quick response! Getting ready for juice 1 this morning and wondering about mixing and matching for the rest of the day. If not, how do I mix and match in order to keep on the weight loss path? Just remember, the less sugar the better when looking to lose weight while juice fasting. I tend to put a little more fruit in my morning juices and keep the rest of my juices more veggie intense.

Niki, the tomato is a fruit but only has about 3 grams of sugar per tomato. So keep that in mind when making your juices. Taking a walk would be a good either way but the important part is to let your body rest and recover during the detox phase. Starting my 2 week juice plan on Friday! I will keep you updated, and thanks for the help. I was wondering if you can do any juices throughout the day or are there certain ones to stick to?

I dance about 6hours a day. Adelle, you can choose any juices you want to. Have fun dancing Adelle! On sunday it will be my 3rd week doing this and im am down to since when i started which i was but the thing is that i have a lot of belly fat any help on that? Jose, congrats on your 3rd week of juicing and 33 pounds lost!

Listen to your body and know when enough is enough Jose. Keep me posted on your success! Is it bad to do this 7 day juice fast by only drinking about 48oz of juice total a day? I drink 2 liters of water every day also, if that makes a difference. Do I have to be drinking so much juice or can I just drink as much as I feel satisfied with? Have a juice only when you are hungry.

You should ask your doctor about taking this along with juicing. Can I make up juice in the morning and it do me all day? If you have to, make a few in the morning to take with you throughout the day. Just make sure you store them in airtight containers and keep them in the refrigerator. I will be starting the 14 day juice plan tomorrow. I did try the juice diet for one day and it went well. I have a juicer and tomorrow I am heading to get my veggies and fruit. With certain vegetable or fruits my juicer produces froth.

Am I suppose to be drinking the froth as well? Karen, I wish you all the best on your 14 day juice fast plan. Hi, I started my juice diet on 28th Sept. When I started I had high BPressure and medication. Now I take none. My readings are getting lower with an average 9, but it is coming down slowly. Have come down from 82kg to 77kg. Do also more walking about steps a day.

Is 12oz green juice a day enough for me 5x a day? Jackie, congrats on day 25! Just have a juice when you feel hungry enough to do so. I work full time, can I make my lunch juice in the morning and drink it during lunch time to receive the same benefits? This site is great! We lift pretty hard 4 days a week and cardio at least once a week mostly twice a week, is this ok while juicing, will the energy be there or will this be too much?

Stephanie, most of your herbal teas will be fine. Just stick to your juices and they will do all of that on their own. Adam, welcome to JOJ and congrats on deciding to start your juice fast! You may consider adding an unflavored protein isolate to your drinks if you plan to continue lifting during your fast. The first few days you should get as much rest as you can to help your body recover from the detox. Try not to overdo it on your workouts. Keep them lite and focus on maintaining instead of building mass right now.

Thanks so much for all your help! You can also try adding spices such as fresh mint, basil, oregano, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, etc. Experiment with the substitution list: Sometimes it comes down to one ingredient that is giving you a harsh taste. Find out what that ingredient is and replace it. Replace it with spinach or romaine lettuce and see how it tastes. This is a gross question, but this is my second day of the cleanse and I have been urinating constantly but I have yet to have a bowl movement.

I know juicing is supposed to clean you out. Nichole, the breakfast drinks are fruit heavy and should not be had all throughout the day. You need to maintain an I just did the: I find it better to have a majority of my fruits in the morning as opposed to spread throughout the day. I had this one every morning on my juice fast. My other juices throughout the day were very low in fruits and high in green veggies. But feel free to experiment with any of the juice recipes and adjust the ingredients as you like.

I just registered my name and e-mail for the forum and I supposed to get a password …. Can you help me out? Miriam, I went ahead and reset your password. I sent you an email with your user name and new password. I am going to start a 2 week juice fast plan tomorrow and hopefully longer and I would like to know if you have heard from somebody with type 2 diabetes going on juicing?

I was just diagnosed with Diabetes and fortunately my doctor gave me 3 months to reverse it by dieting…. Thank you so much for your time and dedication,we really appreciate it!!

Miriam, congrats on deciding to start a juice fast and better your life! I would suggest you keep your juices to a maximum of fruits per juice. You need to make sure you have a minimal amount of fruits and a good amount of protein greens such as spinach, kale, or romaine lettuce. In time you will most likely reverse your Diabetes. I would say you can do this well within 3 months, probably even sooner.

Just stick with it Miriam and know that you are doing something that is truly great for you and your body! I started juicing today,I had a tornado juice for breakfast and it was good! So,so far so good!! Miriam, congrats on starting your juice fast today! It just goes to show what we eat impacts us now! Keep at it Miriam and let me know if you have any questions. I am on my third day of juice fast and lost 5 lbs so far! I have tons of energy!

Thanks for all the info,the time and your support. Miriam, congrats on the weight loss so far! Juicing does so much more for us besides weight loss. Some people have actually gained weight by using a blender instead of a juicer do the amounts you consume while on a juice fast. When you use a juicer you are extracting only the juice. Read this article for more information on why you must use a juicer to juice: I am not entirely new to juice fasting, but I am going to be trying it for for real, really soon.

Since I have a few not too many health issues, my boyfriend has been pressing the issue that I need to juice fast. Despite that, reading about it more on your site has made me more determined than ever! I have the plan to start with the 2-week plan and if I make it that far, I want to make it to 30 days, and then 60! Take a look at how much you spend on a day to feed yourself, include eating out, ordering out, snacks, drinks, coffee, etc.

Juicing is actually very cheap even if you buy organic. Although organic is not necessary. The best thing you can do is to set yourself a weight goal instead of a time frame Christina. When you set a time frame it almost feels like a prison sentence during the first week. Set yourself an easy pound goal and then set another goal once you reach it. I think you could easily lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks or less if you stick to it. Sorry for all the questions could you drink lemon water and pure orange juice?

If you feel bloated then cut down on the amount of juice you are consuming. Only have a juice when you feel hungry Patty. His oh so logival answer was to stop juicing, I was taking in too many fluids, and eat regular food, and stop the water pill.

Donnie, I am so upset, I see no win here in his advice. You should find a naturopathic doctor and get their advice so you have two professional medical opinions to base your decision on. Find another doctor and get another opinion. Hey Donnie, Question, I can follow any of the recipes you have on this site right, and not only the ones listed on this 2 week plan!? Will banana slow down my weightloss? Suzo, you can follow any recipes you like and you are also free to experiment with your juices by coming up with your own ideas and recipes.

It does keep juicing fun. If you use a masticating or slow juicer then you should avoid using bananas as they may not work. Just refer to your juicer manual to see if it states any particular ingredients you should not use. I often visit a few juice bars and places that make fresh juice. I found a lot of the smoothie places are now offering fresh juice. I need to add water in order to turn it into juice. Would that be ok or should I get an actual juicer?

Thanks for the motivation and inspiration. It simply blends things together. You need to use a juicer if you plan on doing a juice fast and this article will tell you why: I wish you the best Patricia! Now on day nine, my sense of smell and taste are coming back really well, and the extreme numbness in my body has gone away a great deal…oh, and I did lose eight pounds. Just keep drinking your juices like normal. Make sure you get a good variety of produce in them.

Maybe even a hot tea with lemon might make you feel a little better. Do small amounts and feel free to add fruits or other veggies to help with the taste. Hope you two get better. Thanks, Donnie…I am feeling better. Wish I could get the hubby to juice. Is there a reason for that? When they got back to me, they said doctor said to limit my fluid intake!

When I patiently explained that it was going to be nearly impossible as I was juicing only, she consulted him again and they put me on a mild water pill. As far as the water retention are you making sure to drink enough water throughout the day? I know that sounds odd but dehydration will actually make your body hold on to water. Make sure you use plenty of spinach in your juices as well as a cucumber in every juice. Those will greatly help with water retention. Just make sure you are still drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Yeah, I drink water with a squeeze of lemon all day long, along with z after every juice meal. When I called, for two days straight I had gained 5lbs between early morning and late afternoon, and I was drinking a lot. I have question as I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I normally count carbs for this. Make sure you are using a very minimal amount of fruits in your juices and juice plenty of kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, and other produce with protein.

What juice recipe did you use the most? I am on day one, I like the morning glory fine, but the mean green is disgusting, and I am pretty sure that is the one that is most popular.

Do you ever get use to the taste? Jordan, I used the mean green the most. You will eventually crave the juice if you stick with it. Your taste buds will adjust during the fast. Im starting tomorrow Thanks. Keep me posted and let me know how things go.

Because of my job I am never at home for lunch, can I make the lunch one in the morning and just keep it in a cooled area? Will it still have the same nutrients if it sits in a container for 5 hours? Raymond, you can make your juices in the morning and bring them to work with you as long as you store them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator. Juices will lose nutritional value but this way will help keep them as fresh as possible.

You sure can warm them up and enjoy them as a soup Joel. You may even consider adding a little onion or garlic to them. A few spices wont hurt either as long as you stay away from the salt.

Sorry, one more question! Can I add spirulina on my juice once a day? Apparently it has great properties and it helps to burn fat…. Hi Donnie, Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! I will start on Monday and I have two silly question for you!

I am always very concerned about my breath. How can I avoid bad breath when juicing? Second question is about social occasion. Is there any juice that I can order if out?

Will it ruin the whole program if on a Saturday night out I get a cranberry juice in a bar? Thanks a lot, Claudia. Claudia, you can chew sugar free gum if you like. You can also juice a mixture of parsley, mint, and apple as that will help with any bad breath that you are experiencing.

As far as the social aspect just be honest and let people what you are doing and what that entails. Hit up some juice bars. A lot of the smoothie places also offer to make fresh juice. Put your health first and then your social outings will be even more rewarding. You can do anything for 2 weeks if you put your mind to it! Hi I plan to start juicing this coming Monday and was wondering if I can add plant fusion protein powder to my juice?

I drink this to help reduce my tummy. Thelma, congrats on being a new mommy! Of course you can continue to juice fast. One question I do have is are you nursing? Keep me posted and let me know. Donnie, I have a few questions about the veggies and fruits not listed on the shopping list. Are sweet potatoes too sugary to use? Also, are these peeled? Regarding watermelon, how much to use? I am on day four,a little headachey, but down 4 pounds.

Chiwalker, you can use most any fruit or vegetable in your juice. Take a look at the substitution list as it has a good list of the most common things to use, plus it will give you ideas on making your own juices.

This will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Too much fruit and the weight loss will slow down. Sweet potatoes are fine to use. Great idea on adding the water to your juice glass, I do the same thing!

Donnie,what can I say…great minds think alike…LOL. My sense of taste and smell are coming back after almost a year of not being able to taste anything but the strongest mint flavor…juicing is amazing. Chiwalker, enjoy the sweet potato recipes. Sweet potato can really flavor up a juice! Let me know how you like them. Two more questions, though. I live in northestern Ohio, and soon the autumn bounty of fresh tomatoes and cukes will be gone.

Most zucchini is pretty lame, and very expensive in the winter here I plan to extend my fast to 60 days, possibly more. Second question…how the heck do you juice a banana? I have the same juicer you do, and I put it in, and it just disappeared. I scooped the pulp out and rejuiced, but still not much banana taste. And wait…one more question, sorry. In Juicing you mentioned that there were several good websites for recipes, so do you have any recommendations?

The ones I visited seem to focus on single juice recipes or non recommended stuff like Wheatgrass…sorry for all the questions, but I am very motivated to lose weight but more importantly, to regain my health.

Lucky Frank, he lives where fruits and veggies are fresh and cheap year round,but no matter—my health has no price. Chiwalker, find local farmers markets or meet ups where farmers sell their produce direct to the public. When you juice a banana you should follow it up with something like a cucumber to push out any banana.

I was on blood pressure meds also and juicing allowed me to get off of them and get down to a normal blood pressure rate. Read through the forums and the comments to get a real accurate idea of what people are losing during two weeks of juicing.

Day 18 as promised I said I would update you. Apparently per my husband I no longer snore, that foggy feeling is gone too. I am hoping to last the whole 60 days I think I can even though I feel my weightloss should have been a tad bit more but I will take what I get lolo. Donnie thanks for all the info it has made the journey easier and will keep you updated. Sandra, congrats on nearly 16 pounds lost on your juice fast so far!

Thanks for keeping me posted Sandra! Me and my sister are doing the juice fast together and are trying to cut down on cost by getting the most from our juices. This morning our juicer made 24 oz with your Morning Glory recipe we added 1 more cucumber and a little extra spinach and were given 32 oz.

The more greens the better. It helps to have support! Let me know if either you or your sister have any questions. Anthony, the juice recipes here at JOJ usually make between 16 and 20 ounces. But that may vary based on the juicer you use. Kristin, you should peel fruits with rinds such as oranges, lemons, and limes. Toni, I made my juices in the morning and took them to work with me. I would drink my first juice at home and bring two juices to work with me.

As long as they are stored in air tight containers and kept in the refrigerator, they will hold throughout the day. Let me know if you have any questions Toni. I am looking at starting this juice fast plan. I have a few questions before I start though. Is it better to use a juicer or a blender Money dictates that I already own a blender and trying to save money 2.

I am highly allergic to grapes, can I substitute this for strawberries? Take a look at the substitution list for more ideas on some great substitutions.

I am excited to begin my juicing fast, but I had a couple of questions. First one, what does the x2 mean by your shopping list? And 2nd, do you have any information on juicing for someone with Diabetes. My mom wants to juice with me, but she has type 2 diabetes, are there any special considerations? I guess I had three questions!

Anyways, thank you very much for this website, this is the best juicing website I have visited since I started my juicing research far none! If something says x2 times two on your shopping list it means purchase twice the amount listed. Hope this helps Chio! First, thank you so much for posting this website. It is full of incredibly useful information, and not yet so incredibly overwhelming like so many of the others. I have dabbled in juicing for a while now, but never have I ever decided to jump in to an extended fast like I now want to after reading your website.

My biggest problem has always been a grocery list and a plan for the week. I get overwhelmed with choices and buy so many things that I run out of what I really need and then have excess of everything else that eventually rots.

For this reason, I have always just given up. One quick question, should I be peeling apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc? Thanks for your guidance! Abigail, welcome to JOJ and congrats on deciding to do your juice fast!

With peeling and prepping I find it best to peel all rinds from fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, etc. If you will generally eat it then there is no need to peel it. Keep me posted and let me know how you do. It will get to your milk. But your doctor may say otherwise depending on your circumstances and that of your baby.

Let me know Gitta. Amy, you should drink between juices per day. If you have any questions just let me know. I would be interested in trying out a juice fast after I return home. I am currently traveling for my work for 4 mos. I see you recommend drinking lots of water but what about coffee or tea?

I usually start out my morning with a cappuccino made with soy milk — I live in Italy. I might have 2 in a day and a couple of cups of decaf tea. Are these drinks allowed? Tea is okay and is a much better replacement for coffee. Still try to have only decaf though. Donnie I have an Update. Went back this morning and received new A1C reading for sugar levels. When I was in the office 60 days ago they told me my A1C which they took 30 days prior was at I went this morning and had the test again.

Today the A1C is 6. I have been rebooted through the dietary changes. I would also like to encourage anyone struggling to keep going.

In the last 68 days I have lost a total of 43 pounds. I have also went from a 56 in the waist to a A true 48 which means I am not a size 52 wearing my pants under my gut.

I have went from a size 5xl shirt to a 2 xl. I am so thankful to people like you Donnie and many other who have helped in my journey to get back my life. I am full of energy and inner peace.

I have the motivation to walk and exercise. I love being able to have the stamina to go out in this Alabama heat and take photos. I have a new life and I think the creator of the veggies and fruit which have helped me along. Best to all of you.

Keep your chin up and remember motivation comes from inspiration. Find out what inspires you and focus on it. I loved reading this… I am new to this and want to do it for overall health. Welcome to JOJ Kristy! If you have any questions just let me know! Elvis, that is wonderful news!!! Congratulations on your new A1C levels! Continue to eat healthy Elvis! I am planning to start a new daily workout schedule tomorrow and will let you all know how that goes when I go to Dr.

Went to the Eye Dr. The first time in three years. I have been having some difficulty weeing with my glasses so I assumed it was due to a loss of vision. So I went in and had an eye exam. I am a Dr and cant tell you for sure but the Dr. What I can tell you is that since I have began my change in lifestyle my health is vastly improving. Also he concluded that in his opinion the dietary changes have had a significant effect on my vision.

I never even thought about how vision could be affected by our dietary choices. Congrats on having better vision now Elvis! Please keep me posted! So I am starting a juice fast this week and I want to know is it ok to still workout being that ill only be juicing? Mentally, physically and spiritually. Keep me posted on your status Charley and let me know how things work out for you.

I know that you have mentioned several times that we can use our own recipes. Going on a beach vacation in a month, excited to start this juice fast and feel good about myself! Shikha, try out any fruits and vegetables you feel like. A good place to start is the substitution list: Hope this helps Shikha. I have been trying to lose weight for the past three months by exercising with a personal trainer and although I have lost about 6 kilos I am still overweight and need a booster!

So… at this point I have a question: I train 3 times a week for an hour which involves light weight lifting, cardio and a lot of circuit training. Will it be too much if I juice and train at the same time??? Those are the hardest days and the detox period might be too much for you with the added stress of training. Give it a shot though and make sure you drink plenty of water. Let me know how things work out MJ. I want to lift weights and gain muscle while also losing weight through out the process.

Is it alright to have a protein shake while I juice? Is this an option or will it interfere with the juice fast? Brad, how much weight do you have to lose? You can however add some unflavored protein isolate into your juices.

Focus on losing your weight and maintaining the muscle that you currently have. Let me know what you decide to do Brad. Kelly, just use enough to make sure you get between ounces of juice. Read this article if you want more in depth information on why you must use a juicer for a juice fast: Going to get started this week! I am going to take it a week at a time.

I have lost pounds in the last 7 months and need a boost to get some more of this weight off. I feel that I am in the right mindset to do this! I am going to continue with my current exercise routine and throw this in as well. Brandy, welcome to JOJ and congrats on preparing to start your juice fast this week. Also, mega congrats on losing pounds over the past 7 months!

That is really incredible and motivational! I wish you the best of luck Brandy! I am originally from India and am a food lover. I am looking at the following: Juice And go for 8 glasses of water daily. Would you recommend this? Or still want some modification or give any suggestions. It really depends on what your goals are and what you expect out of it.

I went for 15 days with just juice and never felt better. But my goals were to get off my medications, lose weight, avoid a surgery, and become a healthier person. I think you will do fine with your plan but again, it really depends on what your expectations are. I wish you the best of luck Amit, keep me posted on your status. That way I can gradually make myself accustomed to juice. That sounds like a good plan Amit!

Keep me posted and let me know how things work out. I kick start from tomorrow. My goal is 15 days and 20 pounds. And yes… I loved the Mean Green juice and the Sunset Passion a lot may be partially because I am a vegetarian since birth. Amit, you can drink more than 3 juices per day.

You can drink between juices if you feel the need to. I think 15 days and 20 pounds is a very achievable goal! Keep me posted and let me know how things turn out. I do this and then make one of the breakfast juices? Also, what are the suggestions for work? Juice the night before and freeze it for the next day? I do like some fruits, absolutely HATE vegetables!

I really want to do this for my health and could definitely use the energy boost I keep reading about! I have about 40lbs to lose and hoping to start my first fast on Monday. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Wendy, thank you for your comment. When you wake up have your water with lemon. As far as work is concerned, juice in the morning not the night before and bring your juices with you.

JOIA, congrats on deciding to do a juice fast. It will be a welcome change! There are a lot of good juicers out there. They are perform great. Take a look at http: You should look up videos of masticating juicers and also centrifugal juicers on youtube.

With my centrifugal juicers I find it never takes me more than 10 minutes to make a juice including preparation, making the juice, cleaning the juicer, and consuming the juice.

I hope this helps. I have several questions for you though: What do you think of adding chia seeds to your juices, and how do you feel about using any FROZEN fruits and vegetables?? Got a fusion juicer and starting the 2 week juice fast tomorrow. Let me know how you like your fusion juicer. Can i just have 3 juices per day and drink water the rest of the day? Can i jave the same 3 juices daily? Dont want more i just desperatley need to shift 2 stones.

You need to make sure you are drinking enough or your body will notice the lack of nutrition and try to hold on to as much weight as it can. I would say try 2 or 3 different juices throughout your day. It really depends on what your goals are. Are you wanting to juice to lose weight? If so, how much weight are you trying to lose? I am going into my third week of juicing, and I want to start incorporating a workout.

I posted last week that I eat a solid for dinner salad and juice the remaining part of the day. Being that today will be my first day without solids, will I be okay with her 20 minute workout I am doing level 1? Secondly, do I have my dinner juice before or after the workout? Also I noticed your plan does not include drinks in between, only the three meals.

I am sure it is okay to have one in between meals? I am drinking your Mean Green for lunch SN to self: Valarie, congrats on going into your third week of juicing! If you start to feel overly faint or tired you may consider taking days and let the your body adjust to the juices before you progress with your workouts.

I think it would be best to have a juice an hour before your workout and then have a juice right after your workout. This will ensure you have the needed energy for your workout and also that you are feeding your body enough nutrients after the workout to repair your body.

The plan has six meals. You can have any combination of those six juices throughout the day. It was one of the first juices I made without following a recipe and I still enjoy it in my fasts. Keep me posted on your status Valerie! I had no fear because if it really was that caustic, it would have to have symbols and warnings on the box by law, I live in Canada , just like laundry bleach has. Again, I have no burns, experienced no discomfort and the skin is still on my fingers.

I have very sensitive skin. I once used a dish detergent which had bleach in it, from the tips of my fingers to my armpits and shoulders turned into one big red rash. Tide makes me itchy I have to rinse my cloths twice in the washer. Today for the first time I used Washing soda and Borax without using my rubber gloves and guess what?

Myrna, What is your recipe for making your own soap? I would love to make my own soap too. Thank so much, Alfred. May be i should try the dry recipe after this batch is gone …i dunno. Get a stick blender and give it a blast.. It does thin it out a bit…but always shake the bottle before you use the laundry soap… And guys I am lovin this site.. And the comments …could read them all day.. How boring am I … But honestly I am lovin it….

Thanks for the ideas…. How fresh is the batch? I really like the idea of the powdered type, as it sounds so easy to make as well as less expensive than commercial laundry soaps. How successful has cold water been for those who have used it in really getting the laundry clean? How harsh are these products Borax, Washing Soap, Vinegar on fabrics?

Other than these two concerns, I really like the idea of making my own detergent, and would go in search of the products today! I noticed no issues with fading. Use 15 or so drops of Melaluca tea tree oil, lavender, lemon, cinnamon or the like that are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal ect and mix with the detergent or add directly to the wash load.

It will kill all the pathogens and make your clothes smell nice too. I will be adding cinnamon to my next batch of laundry and see what happens. Thanks for the response, Tipnut. I agree with you there. You find it gentle enough for nicer clothes? I am am stiriing well and using it any way. I use Fels Naptha as the bar soap and the clothes come out just as clean as store bought soap.

I love that I found this site! I want to try one of the powdered recipes, but I was wondering if you can add essential oils to the dry recipes?

If so, what kind of oil ratio would you use? Very happy with the results! But, I have the same question as you re: I have used these recipes for several years now and add essential oil. I have a front loader washing machine and I have halved the water amount to make a extra concentrate solution and use halve the amount in my washer. I use bleach with whites when needed and always add baking soda for that extra boost. I have just found old fashioned bluing and will try that.

You may wash your clothing in the hottest water, but ecoli and salmonella have to be ingested to get sick. I am use in the one that makes 10 gallons, I have 8 children so you can imagine why! Lol, have been thinking about half in my water amount, but have been worried it may come out way to thick doing that, I use 1 or 2 cups per load, so it would be great for storage space and make ing multiple batches at a time if I can find out how!

I have been going through 10 gallons in right at 2 weeks. For the vinegar rinse, I would make a big batch at once, about 10 drops per gallon or so of vinegar. The amounts of essential oil given above and in the original post are just suggestions. You could add more or less to accomodate your personal preference. For instance, ammonium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient of shampoos.

What color is the water Amanda and what bar of soap are you using? My efforts at the liquid soap were similar. One batch would be super gelly and the next perfect and then yet another would totally separate. They all washed great, some just needed more shaking in the bottle before use which is kinda a pian in the butt. So I switched to the powdered version made with exactly the same ingredients as my liquid minus the h20 and it is perfect!!!!!!

It has saved me hundreds of dollars. I have two boys in football and baseball — and I just make a paste of the same stuff to pre-treat big ugly stains and it works perfect! Dissolve the powder in a gallon bucket of hot water and then pour into the washer. We used this method to dissolve Borax before adding to a cold wash and it seemed to do the trick.

I just made recipe 6. How thick or gel like is this supposed to be. Will it be fine if I just shake it with all my might? That should make it less thick without reducing too much the amount of soap per load. So far so good. I have a question however. I usually add liquid clorox bleach to my whites. Can I still use clorox with this recipe? Shelly I used a splash of bleach in my whites with no problem. I have also used Zote, which is a pink bar laundry detergent I found at a local store.

I am not too crazy about the scent though. If you can locate a soap maker near you, you might be able to get seconds or chips for next to nothing. They might also be the coconut free variety if they are doing the lard stuff which my friend does. If you are having trouble locating this product, you may want to ask your local store manager to order it for you. It may be helpful to provide the UPC number: Also, for dirtier clothes Dh gets sweaty, greasy, and grungy when working on his cars does adding a scoop of Oxyclean really help?

My mom and I have been making homemade liquid laundry soap for a few months. We often get samples of laundry detergent in the mail. One weekend while cleaning house, I decided to mix a Tide sample with the gloppy homemade laundry detergent. It pours out of the used laundry detergent bottles easily and helps keep the glop and water from seperating. There must be something in the store bought detergent to resolve this problem. As for the toxicity of the detergents discussed above, have you ever seen a fly or any other bug on a bar of soap?

This is true of even the most gentle soaps. That is kinda the point. My mother is allergic to Quaternium, formaldehyde and the nearly 30 compounds that might have them. I need to make laundry detergent for her. My problem is the soap that you add. I need to know if any of these ingrediance are there. How do I find this information? I am chemically sensitive. I just use washing soda for laundry, sometimes add a little baking soda or borax powder for extra cleaning power. I pretreat stains with shampoo or dishwashing liquid.

A problem I have had is that they usually sell washing soda in the detergent isle and it absorbs some of the obnoxious fragrances from the other detergents. I have solved this by putting a little of the washing soda at a time in a separate box and adding a little baking soda and letting it sit a few days.

I read the recipes for making washing soda from baking soda and will try it. Can I use soap base? My mother is sencetive to smells. This seems perfect, but I have to get confirmation from someone. Elsie try a search online for the product name and Material Safety Data Sheet…you should be able to find the ingredients that way. For example, search for:. Thanks for the info. I just found this morning the web site householdproducts. I started out using a liquid recipe, but I found a dry powder to be much simpler to make.

I like to add tea tree and lavender oils to the mix about half a dropperful of each, then mix well. I like the scent it adds, and tea tree oil has natural cleansing properties as well. If you have trouble finding washing soda, you can ask your grocer to special order it for you, or you can google it and order it online.

I do have one question regarding recipe 10 — would this be safe to wash newborn or infant clothes in instead of using a traditional baby laundry detergent, like Dreft or Ivory Snow? Would any changes need to be made to make extra sure that it would be gentle enough?

I am happy with my laundry results. Clean clothes with a fresh scent. I do have another question…. I had a very difficult time melting the soap, is this something that gets better with practice and does anyone have any other tips and tricks. Thank you very much for the craft store tip for soda ash…. Just a word of caution, if you are planning to add vinegar to your rinse water, please DO NOT use chlorine bleach in the wash.

The combination produces a deadly gas and can kill. Please be careful when rinsing with vinegar and washing with chlorine bleach. Never had a problem not dissolving.

I love adding drops of citrus — lemon, orange, grapefruit essential oils. When I wash sheets, I mix a batch using lavander oil. I learned of Homemade detergents a few years ago but it clicked in my mind today that it realy works even better than industrial ones.

I now want to get the exact recipes for the dertegents so that i can try them out and experience the goodness of the new technology. Another question…is it the borax that is actually doing the cleaning? I just noticed that recipe 9 has a lot more borax than the other ingredients in the recipe, and also that there is baking soda, compared to recipe 4.

A few questions… 1. If you use the powdered versions of the laundry detergent, must you wash in hot water? Has anyone had experience using this for cloth diapers? I am a little concerned about soap residue.

I know that vinegar in the downy ball was recommended. Can you also put white vinegar in the fabric softener spot in the center spinner thing- are you following- lol! I actually cheered in the laundry isle and got strange looks from people.

Hi Melinda, all the items contribute to cleaning. Yes you can try replacing fabric softener with vinegar. We have a vegetable garden for the first time this year and being that last summer, we were in a serious drought in our area, I am worried about watering our garden. I am worried about phosphates and the affecting of our plants.

They usually can offer some great suggestions to my problems and questions. Container large enough to hold 2 cups of laundry detergent. Grate the Fels Naptha laundry soap with a grater or use a food processor. One tablespoon of detergent is sufficient per load of wash. If you have a high-efficiency machine, you might want to experiment with using a little less detergent for normal loads. If your clothes come out feeling stiff, lower the amount of detergent.

For clothes that are heavily soiled, add a teaspoon more of the detergent.. The recipe yields 2 cups of laundry detergent. If you use 1 tablespoon per load, you will be able to wash 32 loads of clothes. Then put it in a roasting pan for a day or two to dry out, then into the food processor again to make a very fine powder.

This extra is just personal preference, and not necessary-many folks just use it grated up and mix the powder well before measuring out each load. The bar soap seems to have separated and is almost a haze in the water. Anyway, I just washed a load of blankets to see if it will have the same effect as if it were gloppy. I do have a HE washer and I do use vinegar in my fabric softener resevoir.

If I need to brighten colors or whites, I add half a cup lemon juice to the liquid soap resivouir and it works well. I used Tide Clear and Gentle and the vinegar and my clothes were clean and came out with NO smell, even my towels!

My question is if I make the powder, how do I use it in the HE washer? I do like all of these ideas and will try some of them soon! I am concerned though. My old top loader has finally quit. We used to wash repeatedly to get a minimal amount of cleaning done to his clothes.

We also have a front loader and since the top loader has died we recently purchased another front loader. I would love to have his clothes come lots cleaner. Plus I would like to preclean his clothes before I put them in the front loader, whch of course uses less water. I have used lots of things in trying to clean the smells and nasty oily gunk off his clothes. I hate that they still look dirty and smell horried after I wash and wash and wash them. What can I do differently?

A friend of mine always washes her husbands dirty clothes with ammonia and she says it gets all of the smells out. But you could try a wash in ammonia and then another with the homemade detergent. I get both from Wal mart. I would think the homemade would work, but I am going to add baking soda to the load also. I think that is the key. It neutralizes the odors and the chemicals. Amy my grandson spilled gas on swimming clothes and a blanket.

I tried everything and nothing worked to get rid of the smell! That stuff will also clean any oil stains or vehicle leaks off of your driveway cement, too! Just pour it on. Use Dissolvo you can find it at your local laundry mat for about. This has worked for me in the past and I hope this works out for you as well.

You can try extra soap and some vinegar in the rinse cycle. See if that helps: I have found that my towels sometimes stink like vinegar, I have put a cheap essential oil in the vinegar bottle, and the smell of the oil does not come through, but the vinegar smell in my towels is gone!

I use an old softener container, and i just pour vinegar into it, and then about drops of essential oil, so it lasts a long time! I also double rinse his clothing, to ensure they are clean! I made the dry laundry detergent recipe 4. Two questions, if anyone has used this recipe…. While the bar soap Fels-Naptha is 5. I ask this because…. Not only is there absolutely no suds, but even after I added another 2 TBSPS to the machine, there were still no suds.

I have been making recipe 4 for about 4 years now. I just made 25 pounds of it between today and yesterday. The suds are not what cleans.

I wanted to add a little oxy clean but it is irritating to my skin. For white yes add some oxy clean. My husband who was a skeptic at first but let me try anyway, now doesnt want to buy detergent. Experiment with the bars. I am currently liking Lirio, but I am a soap maker and the next time will use my own bars.

The grated soap does not need to be firmly packed in. I have made one of the recipes and i like it. Although i have not tried the vinegar in the downy ball yet.

It could be found at only one store. That sounds like something my husband would say Additionally, I have not been happy with my laundry lately as I think my clothes are getting dingy: One more thing, I do have hard water so perhaps that is a factor in my dinge and soap scum build up.

I really like the idea of using homemade laundry soap so I hope I can solve these problems. Any suggestions from others with these same experiences? Thanks so much, Lisa. That way it would be more like the store bought which would add legitimacy that this is a real laundry detergent for my wife. For some people perception is reality. It starts with making lye, the start of all soaps, including those grated in the recipes above.

It was a bit more complicated than grating the soap, but I know it contains nothing I will react to. I used grams of caustic soda from the cleaning section in our supermarkets in 3 cups of distilled water because our bore water is hard for the lye, and when that became lukewarm I added 3 cups of sunflower oil because I had no history of allergies with sunflowers and it was cheap. I used a stick mixer for a few minutes, left it overnight in a bowl covered with a plate.

Then into a 5 litre lidded bucket I put 1. When cool I poured some into a 1. I now have an untried front loader and will try a smaller amount with the vinegar rinse. The book gives instructions on making the lye, it boils, and is corrosive, so follow instructions carefully. This took longer than the grating recipes, but for me it has been very successful both for my sensitive skin and my clothing. I just made my first batch of detergent from recipe 4 and the wash cycle is on!!!

I found a number online to call and you can give them your zip code and they will tell you where you can buy the product in your area. Or have a different recipe specific for cloth diapers?

Thank you TipNut for the great info! Washing soda is also at Winco and Walmart in the Portland area. You find it in the laundry soap aisle. I shop at the Walmart on th and Sandy and the Winco on nd off Halsey. Feel free to jump in with your tips if you do: I guess the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot, but maybe someone reading this will have more info. Oh, how I wish I had had all this information when having a house full of kids.

Have sent this site to my 4 adult kids, total of 11 great grand children still. I pray they use it because all are low on cash …. I am going to try the powder form myself. God bless you for your site. I have given it to everyone I know by pouring it into smaller portions in re-used apple juice containers. I was wondering, does anyone know if Borax will fade out colors? Can I safely add it to whites and darks? I too have a HE washer and I add the vinegar in my washers fabric softner container and everything works just fine!

Any advice on where to find it? I went and read some comments, did some research and found a pool supply site that always has free shipping, and has very competitive prices. This is what washing soda is. I see that people are adding Oxyclean too. The stuff in the brown bottle. It is a great disinfectant too. It washes away every thing and does not leave a taste. I have a question. Do you put the hydrogen peroxide in the container with your liquid laundry soap?

I am really excited to find this website. I have just recently gotten into making my own cleaning supplies and liked the idea of making my own laundry detergent. I made up recipe 8, but I added 1 cup of borax to it. I was going to use it today but when I took the lid off the bucket there was a lot of foam on the top and underneath the foam it was a milky looking water.

So i put the whole batch back on the stove and reheated it. Do not know if this was the right thing to do but I did it. I was just wondering if it is still really watery will it still work correctly.

The other question I have is can this be used with cold water. I wash pretty much every thing in cold water. You mentioned that if you have very hard water or well water you may have to adjust the recipes. What needs to be adjusted? What are the amounts to use?

I have well water and I am wanting to try making my own laundry soap. We do not have a water softner either. I am so excited about trying one to the recipes. Looking foward to your reply. Oh well the reason I started making my own soap was because we moved to land covered in poision oak and I am really alergic. Hubby can roll in the stuff and the dogs are always out so using the fels-napa soap has kept me from getting any tranfer oils from washing his clothes and then mine.

Dr said the fels nappa one of the few soaps that keep the oils from spreading. Well I just realized my DH works with the stuff all the time and I was his clothes which are caked in it.

He works at a Chemical Plant, and people come in and purchase chemicals for there pools, water supplies, etc. So if you have access to a chemical plant or has someone that buys pools supplies in bulk maybe you can order Soda Ash also. Which of these recipes would be best for washing cloth diapers? Anyone had any particularly good or bad luck doing so? Thank you for posting this recipe. I have done the one with borax and Washing soda in it and the one with just washing soda in it.

Washing soda can also be found at some natural health food stores. I was very fortunate to find mine at a independent dealer. I have scored a bunch of them this through walgreens their store brand soap and through yard sales. I would recommend about ten minutes, maybe less than that. Tidy Kats or any other cat litter company containers, old 2 liter soda pop bottles and milk jugs rinse them out good so the liquid det.

Lastly I have a question, does anyone of a good laundry stain remover that you can make? Shannon, I have used recipe 4, the powdered detergent, for my cloth diapers, and they turn out just fine. Just as well, if not better than the store detergent I was using before. When I soak them in my washer, I do add just a little bit of it, and drain it, and then I add a little bit more when I run the wash cycle.

The diapers actually have come out cleaner than they did before, less stains, etc. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I also put vinegar in the downy ball with the diapers to make sure there is no soap residue left on them!

Thanx for the great ideas. I just made my first batch of laundry soap. It turned out well. I used vinegar instead fabric softener and my laundry came out clean and soft. And, once the laundry dried completely, the laundry did NOT smell like vinegar. It has a lid, a handle, and is very sturdy. I think it holds about four gallons.

Oh — I nearly forgot. Some people have claimed that washing soda is dangerous. If baking soda changes to washing soda at high tempuratures, why is baking soda safe for baking? I have also tried the neutrogena bar soap for this recipe and it has no oils in it, rinses out very well, is easy to melt on the stovetop and it comes unscented.

The only downfall is the price. I have been fortunate to score the bars off ebay, at yard sales and thrift shops. Time to time, Nuetrogena will send out coupons or samples to you or have them in magazines, so that way the bars are a bit cheaper for people to buy.

I have bought them with my coupons and they end up being cheaper than the store brand bar soap. These are fragnant but they leave no oil on the clothes afterwards. I just tried recipe 4.

A couple of questions: Is 2 TBSP enough for a big load? I ended up rinsing again. Very pleasing results with little or no residue. But would like to switch to the homemade stuff permanently.

Hi heza, I wonder if you had the laundry machine packed too full for the residue problem? Also you might want to try running the water in the washing machine first, add the soap and let it dissolve a bit before adding the laundry like you normally would with powdered detergents. I was wondering if anyone had tried adding Calgon water softener to their powdered laundry soap recipe to prevent soap residue.

Thanks again, I havent tried the homemade soap, just found the site… and I agree with above posters the washing soda isnt as caustic as say… Oxyclean dont be putting your bare hands in a mix of that without knowing it will hurt!!

Loved the tip way at the top about cleaning diapers with the mix according to box directions and Martha Stewart… I used borax for lots of things when the kids were young… cant remember all of them now tho! I see some people cite environmental and safety concerns about washing soda. Calcium carbonate is a natural product, taken from certain dried lake beds, burnt seaweed where it gets the name soda ASH and is now made from table salt.

I have a tub of Vanish stain remover and when I looked at the ingredients found it mainly contains washing soda — at 3 times the price! I made recipe 4 for powdered laundry soap.

It is the easiest thing in the world to make but 2 tablespoons of the soap is nowhere near enough to clean a load of laundry. It doesnt clean my dishtowels at ALL. I used Ivory soap. The recipe is so easy to follow I cant imagine what I could be doing wrong. DO the clothes need to be soaked first? I will explain this further. When you make soap for the body there is something called superfatt.

For the body you leave percent superfat meaning oil which is not turned to soap left for the skin as a conditioner. You dont want oils in your clothes. If you dont have skin issues this is great.

I just bought all of my ingredients at WM for 9 and got fels naptha 3 bars to be exact. I made powdered detergent 4 with Fels Naptha and used it today for the first time. Everything seemed to turn out really well.

I used a little extra washing soda in the bin to help things out and used white vinegar in the rinse and there seems to be no issue. Anyone know if you can add a fragrance to the powdered detergent? My husband misses the smell of the fabric softener. I think the clothes smell fine, but is there any way to add essential oils or something to the powdered soaps?

You can add purex crystals fabric softner. One recipe calls for it and I am in process of making it. Strong oxidizers, acids, bases, chlorine. Also, sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient in soaps and body products of all types.

It is a foaming agent among other things and often contains coconut ingredients. SLS is what normally causes irritation in a lot of people and if you can find a soap to use in these recipes that does not contain it, the recipe will be better suited for an HE washing machine as well as your skin.

I was surprised and pleased to see Sodium Carobonate washing soda as one of the ingredients. Thank you for the idea to check the MSDS sheet for the soap!! Mix well and store in sealed container. Soap will be lumpy, goopy and gel-like. Make sure soap is covered with a lid when not in use. You could also pour the homemade soap in old and cleaned laundry detergent bottles and shake well before each use.

This is a disaster! No matter, I did not get a volcano, but I did get some sort of chemical reaction. My old reused container that I mixed it in started heating up in my hand, then I realized that the mixture was not turning to gel, but something more like cement!

Anyone know what is wrong with this recipe or do you have another no-cook recipe using liquid castile soap??? Hi Karen, that is definitely not how it should turn out, the smell is a chemical reaction.

The only thing I can think is that the soap you used was not pure liquid castille. Is there an additive maybe in the bottle you used?

Also I see a blooper, the note about liquid detergent is for all the recipes, not Number 10 is actually a powder. Karen this is a quick recipe to try so I will mix up a batch today and post the results in here.

I do recall that the vinegar will foam so I mixed things slowly. I will clarify the recipe instructions after I whip up a batch. Laundry Detergent 1 oz. Using the liquid castile soap as a base, combine with washing soda, borax for stains and bleaching , and either baking soda reduces static and softens fabrics or white vinegar softens fabrics, reduces static and bleaches clothes.

But it sounds like a nice one to try. I poured the liquid soap into the bowl first, stirred in the washing soda, then baking soda, then added the vinegar in small batches at a time the recipe foams up at first.

There were no problems, the mixture is like a thick powder detergent, smells minty fresh because of the castile soap I used and soapy from the washing soda. I even put my fingers in the dish to break up some of the hard clumps, no burning at all on the hands. I let them sit in water for a few minutes, swishing around and breaking the lumps in the water they are quite hard.

I wonder if I can use a variation of this recipe for body wash. Using say ivory, baking soda which I use instead of washing powder as finding it in my area is rare vegetable glycerin, and maybe something like jojoba oil? This smells nicely light scent and it still leaves my clothes really clean and with no oil stains.

You can probably use body wash for this, leslie, but I would not recommend it being cooked on the stovetop. One poster on here did that and ended up with a big mess. If you want a bigger quantity, they have the dr. This has helped with my need for scent. I store my homemade in an unlided bucket. It looks like a pickle bucket and I bought it at Home Depot.

Am I potentially exposing my family to unseen bacteria? I also have been using cold water thinking this was saving me and getting my stuff just as clean, but from I read this is also bad. So I will make it a point to wash out my machine with a hot water bleach bath I guess.

I am now going to try the softener recipe for the first time and I am also a bit nervous about this. I hate the smell of vinegar and worry this will be my new scent. I am wondering if I can add leftover oil from my reed defuser in this, along with perfume oil and body splash?

The body splash might also contain an ingredient that would react badly. Also there was a comment up above somewhere that someone had a bad reaction from using a liquid shower gel.

Thanks so much for your site. I have 2 issues: Would you recommend vinegar for the residue, and if so at what point do I add it? The soap should wash away without leaving a residue. I would try the vinegar rinse to help wash the soap residue away.

That will help too. My husband and I make our own soap and I wondered if any of these recipes have been tested with handmade soap? We would love to use our own products to make an all-natural laundry soap. Jen do you have a recipe for your home made soap darling…would love to start making it….

If so, how much dr. I have been trying for weeks to locate washing soda to no avail. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if borax is okay to use on cloth diapers.

All 4 of my kids have been in cloth diapers, and I have used Borax as a soaking agent in my diaper pail, and add it to my wash. I also have no problem with diaper pail smell as long as you rinse your diapers before adding them to the pail.

I was inspired by saop I purchased Moonworks. I grated soap with microplaner which went fairly fast and produced a fine product which I wanted. I made the powder version and added 8 oz of Oxiclean. I have been using 2 tablespoons of this to a load and clothes have looked and felt great. You cannot use bleach with this mixture with Oxiclean. I made a special batch of CP soap because I superfat my other as most people do — so be careful when buying say goats milk soap to use.

Superfatted soap will leave residue on clothes per other postings, which makes sense. It is also harder to dissolve and leaves reside in pipes, etc. Love it for my skin — but not a good thing for laundry.

Most commercial castile soaps are petro based as well. I put my powder in and run hot water in washer a minute then switch to cold. That is enough to dissolve it so far. Love the tips, but am in need of some help with recipe 10!

I mixed it all up per instructions, but was left with a thinish liquid it looked very much like when you mix icing sugar and powder even after stirring for over an hour! Wondering if it was not drying up because it was a bit lumpy, I ran it through the blender — I now have a very beautiful! I did notice that after I had mixed the washing soda and castille, there was nowhere near enough liquid to absorb the baking soda — that only happened when I added the vinegar.

Is any of these recipes safe for septic tanks? I want to make my own laundry soap, but cant afford to ruin the 50yr old septic system!! Did you mix it in the order that I did? Maybe that affects the results?

You should still be fine using the mixture in your laundry though since the ingredients are the same. Maybe someone else knows for certain and can pop a comment in here? Thanks for posting these recipes — I tried making one of the powdered recipes and it works great! When I started reading these recipes, I wanted an exact recipe and worried about making even minor modifications. The soap used in these recipes serves as the laundry soap, no more no less.

Soap is simply a chemical compound with an affinity for oil that is also water soluble. Choose a plain soap without a lot of additives.

The extra oil or lanolin or whatever, that makes the soap nice for your skin will just be deposited on your clothes. I shredded the bar soap using the fine section on a cheese grater I assume a food processor would work even better.

Washing Soda serves as a water softener as well as a laundry booster. Use more Washing Soda if you have extra hard water; use less if you have a soft water. Borax is a laundry booster. Add some Baking Soda if you have extra stinky clothes. All of the detergent ingredients are alkalai, vinegar is acidic and will help restore the pH balance of your wash load. Again, thank you for these recipes and for all of the helpful additional posts.

I hope that these notes may be of value to anyone who is unsure of trying these recipes. When looking for a large pail to store the homemade soap in, my SIL gave me his cleaned pails that he gets at his construction site. The grout he uses comes in these and he says that these are thrown away because they end up with so many of them!

The have lids and a handle! One issue… I used about 6 tablespoons instead of 2. I just wanted to share my happiness.

I sat down and did the math and it turns out that to do a large load of laundry it will cost about. So congrats to all of us for saving money and being greenies!

I have always had to live frugally. Just found your web-site today—this is wonderful! It will help to live even more frugally. I am interested in the oxyclean and one person said it brightened her clothing. Do they add it to the detergent when mixing up a batch, or as they do the laundry? Also, do you have a recipe for dishwash not dishwasher detergent, too.

Hi, I have skin allergies, and can only use Tide Free, which is hard to find these days. Do you recommend these for sensitive skin? I recommend it highly. I am loving all the new things I am learning on this site. But I do have a question. I made recipe 8 and it is very watery, not a gel like. Did I do something wrong. If you tried a gentle soap bar and made a small batch using one of the recipes, and then once the detergent is made, apply a bit on the inside of your arm and just see what happens.

What kind of soap did you use? Have you tried a load of laundry? I used dial soap. Yes I did a load, it came out ok. There was one stain that I noticed that did not come out. Hey, I just posted yesterday, so not late at all! I can use Caress and Dove unscented, so I may try those. Thanks for the site! Hi I have been using the recipe for soap 4 plus a few cups of oxiclean since april and i just love it! If i want my dress shirts a little whiter i just add some more oxiclean..

I thought I followed all the directions. Cooked it for about 40 minutes stirring it constantly my recipe said to cook it until it was as thick as honey but I gave up. Anyway I put it into a bucket with 1 quart of hot water and stirred it for 2 minutes then covered it overnight. Anyway thanks, in advance, for any time you spend on this. Could that be the problem? Hi ron, sorry for the late reply! If you keep stirring it before each use and keep the container sealed, you should see some thickening up.

I discovered this homemade detergent two days ago and decided to give it a try. To all the talk about not finding washing soda i have a soluion. I used oxy-clean as a substitute. I stumbled up on this site when I was researching how to make eco friendly laundry detergent. I made the powdered version 4 and did about 4 loads of laundry with it already. Probably took about 15 minutes to make. I just used a cheese grater to grate the soap Zote. The soap was soft so it made it easy. I mixed the powder to the soap and let it sit for a while, then I went back and crushed the soap some more now that it was drier and thus easier to break up into smaller pieces.

The stuff melted in the water pretty well. I lined dried the rags and they were soft, not like when I use fabric softener which makes my towels look like a cardboard. Never going to buy expensive detergent anymore.

Telling all my friends and family about it. I just heard about making laundry detergent and am anxious to make my first batch. I went to the store and tried to find the fels naptha. Washing soda is perfectly safe for the environment. I started making the liquid detergent about a year ago and I am really happy with it. I have even seen people use bar soap like Zest, Dial and more. But the reason I am writing today is that if you decide to make the powdered version, you need to be VERY careful about grinding up the bar soap.

When I used the mini Cuisinart today to do so, it was the right powder like consistency, but would also float in the air when the lid was opened to the processor. People who have respiratory problems, asthma, etc may want to stick to the liquid or use a face mask when grinding up the soap powder. My lungs have been burning all day after making a batch of the powder. I also use Oxyclean on whites. With 4 boys and a grimy hubby, it works wonderful and lasts me for months.

I switched to the powdered just to save storage space and time. If you want to save and use more natural products, this is the way to go, and YOU CAN change the formula up a little bit to suit your liking and water hardness…again, this is NOT an exact science! I have tried making the liquid detergent and it works great except that the clothes come out smelling like nothing.

Any suggestions on how to correct this? How much do I add? The recipe I use is:. I use a potato peeler to grate my soap. I have a almost 4 year old boy and a 11 week old baby girl and this detergent even gets red popsicle out of clothing! I have been making my own laundry soap for awhile now and I have discovered there is no way at all to make scent stick to the clothes.

I use lavender eo in the recipe I use liquid. The clothes smell great coming out of the washing machine but by the time they are don drying the lavender scent is gone. Line drying seems to hold the scent a little better. Which is on my to do list. Hi, I have been making my own laundry soap for a year now. We live on a farm lots of mud I find my whites are not so white anymore plus a gas dryer does not help that. Can I add powdered bleach to my laundry soap when I make it to help my whites?

Clorox2 color safe is what I was wanting to add. Has anybody just added ingredients right into their wash or does it have to be added to hot water and put in a bottle? This is what I have done for the past 3 loads and it seems to work fine. One large top loading washer full of warm water gets: I was wondering if I can use less since many of the recipes above are using significantly less per load.

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