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Their guidance steers the Stampede toward its vision of being a world-class, year-round gathering place for the community. The Calgary Stampede Royalty are ambassadors of the Stampede, representing western heritage, hospitality, integrity, commitment to the community and pride of place on behalf of Calgarians to the rest of the world.

Together, the Stampede Indian Princess and Stampede Queen and Princesses attend more than year-round events in southern Alberta and around the world. In collaboration with Travel Alberta and Destination Canada, Vanessa travelled to the Australian cities Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney for a major tourism roadshow about all of the incredible things Canada has to offer.

Vanessa had the opportunity to perform her jingle dance in the Sydney Opera House, share the history of Indian Village all over Australia, and compare traditions and culture with local indigenous people.

One thing Vanessa treasured most about her time as Indian Princess was being a positive role model to First Nations youth. As Stampede ambassadors, the Calgary Stampede Royal Trio spread western hospitality and values throughout southern Alberta, Canada and abroad during their reign. For the first time in eight years, the Trio was able to represent the Calgary Stampede at the biggest rodeo in the world.

Meeting hundreds of people over their three days in Vegas, the trio invited rodeo fans from all over the world to visit The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. They welcomed passengers on board, line danced in the departure lounge and checked out the sights in the British capital. Needless to say, those in the airport were surprised and delighted to be greeted with some true Calgary Stampede spirit. The Trio was able to visit with the children, take photos and welcome them to Stampede as part of their Calgary Stampede wish.

Experiences like these are humbling and touching for the Queen and Princesses, and they were so grateful for the opportunity to help make the wishes come true for these deserving kids. In the local community or events around the world, approximately 2, active Calgary Stampede volunteers, across 48 committees, are proud to contribute their time, energy and leadership.

Our volunteers earn their classification based on years of service and on recommendation of committee chairs and director liaisons. After four years of service, volunteers can become Stampede shareholders and run for the board of directors. We also remember the significant contributions of volunteers who passed away. We bid farewell to:. Calgary Stampede employees deliver exceptional world-class events and experiences for our guests.

We have a core group of full-time and part-time year-round employees. An additional 3, employees are hired for the July Stampede. Calgary Stampede Family Stampede volunteers and employees embody our brand values of western hospitality, pride of place, commitment to community and integrity. The Calgary Stampede Board of Directors. The Elected Officers are positioned: Warren Connell Chief Executive Officer.

Paul Rosenberg Chief Operating Officer. Sarah Hayes Vice-President, Foundation. LaVonne Walt Corporate Secretary. David Chalack Bob Church. CS Royalty Trio Events. A Swanson, David F. Volunteer V Calgary Stampede volunteers who have been volunteering for less than two years or those who have not yet reached Associate status Associate A Volunteers who have two years of service, upon recommendation of the committee chair and director liaison and approval from the board Senior Associate SA Volunteers who have six years of service, upon recommendation of the committee chair and director liaison and approval from the board Stampede Life Member LM Volunteers nominated by their peers and awardee this designation by the board of directors for their exemplary service Honorary Life Director HLD Volunteers who have served as a director or made other notable contributions to the Stampede.

HLD are appointed by the board of directors. Appointed Representative AR Representatives from City of Calgary departments appointed to sit on and advise volunteer committees Alumni ALM Volunteers with over 10 years of service can choose to join the Alumni at any time Shareholder SH Volunteers with four years of service are eligible to become a shareholder of the organization. We bid farewell to: Adams, Zachary Ager, Steve. Ali, Saad Andrichuk, Stephen. Hi, I'm Christine Benz from Morningstar.

I am here today with Harold Evensky. Harold, thanks so much for being here. Harold, you were really a pioneer in terms of what has now been called this bucketing concept for managing retirement income. Can you talk about the bucketing approach and why you think it makes sense for retirees who are managing their portfolios?

The fact of the matter, it really makes sense for anyone. I think we believe that the risk of investing in the market is the short-term volatility of the market. So we developed back in the early '80s I think we call our five-year mantra; "five years, five years, five years," simply means we don't believe anyone should invest money that they are going to need in the next five years. So, we carve out for any lump sum, someone says, "Gee, I want to buy a second home three years from now," we will carve that out of the investment portfolio and put it in short-term bonds or cash.

What that does is you can take that cash and set it up to pay your check once a month like a payroll check. As you manage your investment portfolio, gets out of whack, you need to rebalance, you look over and say, "Gee, it's kind of down, let me move some money over.

So you can be much more cost and tax efficient in managing that portfolio. You are not going to have to sell at the wrong time. You can sleep through volatile times. As a client said, "to make sure I understand, I don't have to be happy but I don't have to worry. No one is going to be happy losing money, but we did this prior to the '87 crash, clients came through well, tech bust and recently, so it is a very effective strategy of minimizing the risk of taking the money out at the wrong time.

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