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What is Ideal Protein?

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Eli March 10, at 9: Lower values are better. Thanks for the detailed comparison. At phase one you were confined to 3 ideal protein meals and one self-prepared meal, but at phase 2 you will be instructed to consume two ideal protein meals and two self-prepared meals. Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete, 2d ed. The only thing I wanted him to change in fact, was that originally he wrote that the research in question was part of my PhD when it was actually a part of my Masters.


Plant-Based Protein Chart

To find out whether you have a silver protein product rather than a true silver colloid, look for these characteristics:. Click here for a partial list of silver protein-based products by brand name. True colloidal silver products are the least prevalent type of colloidal silver on the market due to high degree of manufacturing complexity and the resulting high cost of production. In true colloidal silver, the majority of the silver content is in the form of silver particles.

When referring to colloidal silver, the word colloid means silver particles. The two critical factors to look for in determining true colloids are the percentage of silver particles and the particle surface area. Of all the types of silver marketed as colloidal, true colloidal silver products have the highest particle surface area. High particle surface area is achieved by a high percentage of silver particles combined with very small sized particles.

Of the three types of silver on the market, true silver colloids have the highest particle surface area relative to the total silver content. The ratio of particle surface area to total silver content indicates how efficiently the colloid is able to produce particle surface area which determines effectiveness. Higher conversion efficiencies are more desirable. The nanometer-sized particles in true silver colloids remain in colloidal suspension without requiring protein or other additives.

It is the mutual repulsion of the particles created by the zeta potential charge that keeps the particles uniformly distributed in the colloid. Because of the high concentration of silver particles, true silver colloids are never clear like water.

True colloidal silver with a sufficient concentration of particles does not look like water because silver particles -- even very small particles -- block light from passing through, making the liquid appear darker.

Due to the very low concentration of ionic silver and small particle size, true silver colloids do not cause argyria , a condition that causes the skin to turn blue-gray. Click here for a partial list of true silver colloid products by brand name. Below you will find two tables comparing colloidal silver products. A couple of notes before you begin:. The effectiveness of a colloid is predicated on particle surface area , therefore particle surface area is the single most important metric for comparing colloidal products.

The Comparison Table below provides a detailed comparative analysis of products based on the particle surface area. In the booklet "Silver Colloids" Professor Ronald Gibbs wrote " The size of the particles in the colloidal silver suspensions we use for health purposes is very important.

Particle size controls the surface area and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension. In this context, effectiveness is defined as the ability of the colloid to interact with its environment , just as in the world of chemistry, where surface area determines how well substances react with one another.

For a more complete discussion of the rationale for comparing colloidal silver products using particle surface areaas a single valued metric see: Comparing Colloidal Silver Products. Effectiveness of a colloid is determined by the particle surface area making it the single most important metric for comparing colloids. This table is presented in ascending order of particle surface area column 2 to provide an easy means for direct comparison among the various properties associated with particle surface area.

Data from the product reports is compiled into a table so the reader can compare products based on costs and particle surface area. These are the colloidal silver products listed in the Product Reports. Click on the product name in the table below for the complete lab analysis. In the table below, Column 2 Particle Surface Area provides the best means for a direct comparison of the various products. Column 3 Effective surface area per unit of concentration.

This value relates how efficiently surface area is generated per unit of concentration ppm. The values are normalized. Product Name Click on product name for complete lab analysis report. Higher values are better. Lower values are better.

Normalized value is calculated by dividing the largest column 2 value Percent of Metal Content Table. In the table below, the Metal Content indicates the accuracy of product labeling. A value of percent means the label accurately describes the metal content of the product.

Values near zero indicate that the product contains very little or none of the metal content indicated on the label. Values that are significantly above or below highlighted in red indicate the manufacturers inability to adequately control the concentration ppm of the product. This could be the result of poor quality control or the lack of capability to measure concentration.

It seems clear that some companies are not properly measuring the silver concentration in their products. There is a common misconception that silver concentration can be determined by measuring the electrical conductivity. This erroneous belief is fostered by the companies that sell "colloidal silver" generators to the home hobbyists and also sell TDS Total Dissolved Solids meters that they claim can be calibrated to measure ionic silver content.

TDS meters measure the electrical conductivity of the solution, not silver content. Any substance that increases the electrical conductivity will cause the TDS meter reading to increase.

This may or may not have anything to do with the ionic silver concentration. The products shown above that contain little or no silver all have electrical conductivity values that indicate the presence of water soluble salts that would increase the TDS reading without silver being present. We speculate that these companies are relying on such measurements in an attempt to determine the silver content. Electrical conductivity cannot be used to determine silver concentration.

See Determining Properties for technical details about how the laboratory analysis is performed by CSL. Potentially dangerous ionic silver products - those containing nitric acid! Ionic silver products which have a low silver concentration while at the same time have high electrical conductivity will generally have a low pH value acidic. These products will quite often be found to have a high nitrate NO3 concentration as well.

This unique set of properties generally indicates that the process used to produce the product involves arcing a high voltage AC current through the air to the surface of the water. This method is considered bogus in the extreme and produces a product that may contain significant amounts of nitric acid and is therefore potentially very dangerous to ingest. This ill advised process was developed experimentally in the early days of colloidal silver research and was adopted by some manufacturers who apparently did not have the requisite knowledge to understand that they were making nitric acid.

Unfortunately, this method is still in use today by some producers who refuse to acknowledge that they are producing a potentially dangerous product. The Healthy Mummy Smoothie contains wholefoods and over 25 vitamins and minerals.

The product is high quality and every ingredient in the smoothie has been included to be a benefit to your health. Today many people have allergies to dairy and gluten so our smoothie is free of both of these. We use non genetically modified Soy Protein Isolate which uses only the protein part of the soy.

We do not use any caffeines or weight loss accelerants in our smoothies so that breastfeeding mums can use it. We also included fenugreek in the smoothie to be an additional benefit — and if you are not breastfeeding, fenugreek can still be a great benefit to your health as it provides carbohydrates, dietary fibre, fats and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous. The 18 shake nutrition facts show that it contains only 90 calories per serving, with 1.

Whey protein isolate is made by separating components from milk. Supposedly, whey protein is used to improve athletic performance. A study from Nutrition Research shows that just 10 g of fiber with every meal can significantly improve weight-loss. You have the chocolate shake mix, the vanilla shake mix, and a product called Sletrokor that the company claims will increase the effectiveness of the meal replacement shakes.

Garcinia cambogia is fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. The gel from the aloe plant is often used as a topical treatment for sunburn and other skin conditions. However, they do provide healthy recipes you can use to change the flavor of your shakes while still using the base flavors. You can find several 18 shake recipes on the official website. Many of the recipes make two cups worth of shake, and can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, using ingredients like ice, milk, applesauce, bananas, and natural sweetener.

Each bag contains only 16 servings, so you need two bags to make it through the month at one shake per day. Yes, there is a day money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can receive a refund within 30 days of delivery. Any remaining items in the order must be sealed and unused. In order to get a refund, you need to give the company your name, order ID, and delivery address.

One of the bigger questions surrounding such an expensive meal replacement shake. Some people love the taste of the plain shakes, while others need to utilize the recipes to stomach them. The chocolate flavor seems to be favored over the vanilla option. Some 18 Shake diet reviews say they have gotten great results with the program. We want to take a minute to look at some of the other options out there, as well as a side-by-side comparison to some popular competitors.

It contains 20 vitamins and minerals and only has one gram of fat — and no sugar. Both of these shakes are among the most popular meal replacement options available on the market today. One serving of Shakeology has calories, so obviously 18 Shake wins in that category. Shakeology has 17 grams of protein, but their protein comes from pea protein, which is a vegan source.

Both shakes use whey protein. But Shakeology wins for the variety of protein they offer. But, it contains twice as many calories, four times the sugar, only 9 grams of protein, and only 8 grams of fiber. IdealShape comes in 15 flavors and is more affordable. Chocolate coconut, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana cream pie, chocolate peanut butter, cookies n cream, vanilla chai, mint chocolate, eggnog, mocha, salted caramel, chocolate cream pie, superfood blend dark chocolate stevia sweetened, orange cream, cinnamon bun, key lime, and vanilla superfood blend stevia sweetened.

It uses a different hunger blocker. Where 18 Shake uses Fibersol, IdealShake uses Slendesta — but 18 Shake contains more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories. Slendesta is a potato protein extract. Herbalife has a bit smaller portion size, at 25g compared to the It contains less protein — only nine grams. It also contains less fiber, at only 9 grams, but this is a hefty fiber dose compared to many other competing shakes.

One container of Herbalife contains 30 servings. Not only is Herbalife more affordable, but offers a ton of flavors on top of it, making this our choice out of the two. Isagenix has a bigger variety of flavor options, like: Pumpkin Spice is a seasonal flavor, with other seasonal flavors released accordingly. Isagenix has several types of shakes. They have one that uses whey protein like the 18 Shake, but they also have a dairy free range that use plant based proteins.

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