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It has thrived in the planter I made for my herbs which is only 1 ft wide x 6 ft long x 2 ft deep. Do you think I can grow the Stevia there? Can I buy the seeds or must I buy some plants? I am one of the researches on medicinal plants in uganda and a backyard farmer of stevia, I develope natural health products from different medicinal plants on which scientific evidence for efficasy and safety exist and I use and or recommend steviaa as the best sweetener for these herbal Teas, how ever I was reading one of the publications of Makerere university-kampala and came to a clause that stevia has been prohibitted in some countries due to its ability to cause penile dysfunction..

How reliable could this information be. I live in New Jersey and our local garden shop carries the stevia plant!

The leaves are sweet as candy! Why would politicians have an interest in swaying people from Stevia? I agree forget the studies, listen to the people having the issues. Just because something is approved and in use for decades how many years has stevia been in the market?

Look at cyclamates and sacharin for starts. Of all the pages I could find, this one foodbabe. I use stevia to make hot chocolate. A little almond milk, stir to mix, then fill with almond milk and microwave. The molasses has some sugar in it, but it eliminates the slightly bitter aftertaste of the stevia. This recipe produces a semi sweet cup that I like, but most might prefer another mini scoop of stevia added.

Tequilla is a derivative of Blue Aguavy. I have only bought Stevia by Sweet Leaf company for 12 yrs. Just call Sweet Leaf customer service and talk with them, like I did. Benjamin, I too developed sores in my mouth and until I read your post did not attribute them to Truvia. I stopped using Truvia due to stomach pains, body aches etc and the mouth sores went away.

Has anybody out there experienced throat irritation and coughing using Stevia? I have had dry throat and coughing issues for over three years using this product one in the morning for coffee and once at night with tea. I have seen numerous doctors and had all kinds of tests and they could not find anything wrong with my lungs or throat. I stopped using Stevia three days ago and all symptoms are pretty much gone. I was concerned I had some exotic disease that nobody could diagnose.

My father had ragweed allergies. I did not think I had any. Could this be the cause of my intense throat irritation? I thought I had throat or thyroid cancer. This sounds like an allergic reaction. Allergies can come and go with different stages of your life and with exposure to different things. If I was you, I would get tested for a stevia allergy and avoid it in the future. Since the plant that Stevia comes from is related to ragweed, it might be that you are having an allergic response.

I have known several people who have described similar symptoms with whole herb teas and with the extracts from those same herbs … a number of which were related closely to plants that produce allergic responses in many people pollens, grasses, weeds. If you were to try the substance again and find the same reaction, that would pretty much guarantee that it was the cause and should be avoided.

I have been noticing a slight cough during and just after drinking Zevia soda made with Stevia. Why continue with it? I have had canker sores as well as throat irritation and intermittent bouts of coughing.

I think mine may be exacerbated by the xylitol in my chewing gum, too. I already knew I was very sensitive to stevia, but at first I thought it was only giving me an allergic reaction bad headache in the morning — something I almost never otherwise get and sometimes nausea.

Interestingly, when I was vegan it was worse. Now that I know stevia is associated with muscle, joint and throat problems, I am really going to get this stuff out of my life. It just is not worth compromising my health. Psoriasis is the most severe skin disease. Treatment in allopathy and other alternate medicines are time taking, costly and not so sure of cure.

But by taking one tea spoonful of stevia green powder in a glass of water thrice a day on empty stomache cures psoriasis in about a month or two at the maximum. The beauty is that the patient notices relief right in the very first week and so confidence leads further. The relief is observed in every case without any bearing with length of suffering or age. If food and drink manufacturers would advertise and use stevia.

I believe their sales would increase to the point that stevia would be used by more people. Creating jobs to produce and or import stevia. Which in turn would would turn the U. Which would save billions of dollars in health care. Does anyone have the courage to take on such a challenge? How about it Mr President? Please… leave the feds out of it. Besides, you would be forcing the hand of those who do react badly to stevia.

That comment makes no sense.. The point would be to not have sugar in it. No it is not safe for those with ragweed allergies. When I quit putting stevia in my coffee for a week — everything returned to normal. Not sure if this will help anyone….. I have used Stevia everyday for over 6 years. I would consider I use it in high doses daily and I am in the best health I have ever been in.

Angel, I used organic stevia for 4 or more years with no side effects but developed an allergy and had to quit using it now it causes cramps in my arms so it can be unsafe for other people!! Dogs eat meat …. Any herbal topups they might need , they will find for themselves in the garden …without your help…,…….. My roommates, that are meat eaters, fead their dog meat free for years.

Only one not allowed was raw onions as they can hurt dogs. It says vegan, gluten free, organic and Stevia Rebaudiana on the ingredient label. I like the taste of it, but was curious.

I used a brand called organic stevia for the first time and I got a scare when I went to the bathroom and the poop was green, did this happen to anyone.

I have a question. Was wondering can Stevia be canned with other veggies? If I put a Stevia leaf in a jar of carrots to be canned, would it sweeten the carrrots? Sugars are not bad consumed in natural source context, mainly fresh fruits with all their water and fiber. Blaming fructose for ill health that is actually caused by overconsumption of refined sugar is like blaming steel for car crashes.

Anything could be overdone, even stevia. Taste different kinds of bottled water. Also, to cut down on your craving and make it easier to not look for the sweetness of stevia, try naturally sweet foods, in small amounts. Sweet potatoes, for example, are great to experiment with. Splenda and Stevia are different monsters. I have used both and have reacted to both. Splenda caused extreme muscle stiffness like I had aged twenty years in a short period of time.

Stopped Splenda and could move again. Stevia caused respiratory issues like you…lungs feeling like they were full of fluid, breathlessness, and constant non-productive cough.

Stop Stevia and those symptoms will most likely go away. My advice is research sucralose and aspartame. There is a book titled Sweet Poison by Dr. Some of your conditions are listed in that book. Just to avoid the problems of fooling mother nature in using 0 calorie sweeteners, I use a little agave nectar to sweeten slightly and Stevia to finish.

As all studies go. Ous system could cause we are bigger. The should not even be using amimals for any study. Need to use humans!

Just read your note from a year ago. Have been having identical symptoms, been to doctors and hospitals, everything normal just like you. Splenda is highly toxic, especially to some people who are sensitive. Try mixing half splenda and half stevia for a while to wean yourself off the splenda.

Over the course of a week or so, you will see a difference. I switched in my morning coffee and made all the difference. No more splenda for us! Aspartame made by Monsanto go to https: Hi, I would like to ask if anyone knows what our body actually does with Stevia? Is it treated like Fructose and not used as energy by the body, or is it converted to glucose for the body to use, or is it like the manufactured sweeteners, of which some of them can pass through our system relatively untouched?

I am trying to be fructose free for my family and am wondering if our body automatically converts this like fructose or reacts differently to it?

I am very interested in any information that you have regarding the cause and effect of having stevia. Unlike aspartame and saccharin, stevioside is a naturally occurring compound found in a plant. I prefer the latter because the more you refine any food, the less healthy it tends to be. A tiny amount of stevia goes a long way. The reason the warning sign was on the package of stevia is because the FDA would not approve its use unless it had the warning on it. The FDA is not there for our health and safety they are there for the big Money why else would they approve something that has been proven to cause cancer and also to eat brain cells.

All this company has to do to get approved when they do come under scrutany is to change the name of the product so people will by it because they dont know what it is. What a joke the FDA truly is. Why were the warnings required and so explicit in the first place? As stated in the wikipedia alticle on stevia, it well documented all over the internet that: They may be anonymous, but you do not need to be sherlock holmes to deduce that the pressure on the FDA stems from those that had billions in revenue to lose if stevia was to become popular in USA.

Apparently stevia may cause issues in humans if taken in ridiculously large amounts because that has been observed in rodents, but water is also toxic when you consume too much. In fact, there could be problems in ourselves AND in children but not recognize what and how those problems manifest. As someone else pointed out here, many natural things can be deadly.

Studies can only go so far anyway. It could cause or contribute to many many ill-effects without presenting in research. So, really, you just take your chances, right? Almost every product approved by the FDA, and then later pulled because of dangers, was at one time approved and selling like crazy and popularly hailed as a wonderful thing.

Consumers get to be the guinea pigs. Remember, too, that it was once very popularly believed by science and medicine that marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, and a host of other now rejected products, were good for your health and were even touted routinely by MDs. It seems to me there is always a risk, and these days there seem more new products thrown at us than ever, yet more recalled from unforseen serious health issues, as well. Science also commonly bends the truth when money is involved. When this happens, adrenaline and cortisol surge to mobilize sugar from other sources liver and muscle glycogen, or protein, or body tissue to bring blood glucose back up.

This is quite a stressful issue for the body and its ability to remain healthy overall. So there is much to learn about this natural substance. Maybe as with all things nutritive or not? I was considering using this product. A couple of my friends are switching over to it. I use stevia in my daughters juice I mix half juice half water and 1 full dropper of stevia she loves it and I also use it with my cream in coffee I love this sweetener I use it when ever I can even in Dr.

Oz fat burn muffin he also says it okay. It is avavilable in middle east. Try Indian shops or request some to bring it when they come from US. I buy stevia at the local health food store. The brand is Now.. It is stevia extract, nothing else in it. Stevia in the Raw has maltodextrin and dextrose added to it. Very little added but just in case you can not have corn derivitives.

Or if you are allergic to corn products or bi-products. They are obviously greatly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. This is why we as consumers must utilize information available to us to educate us to make decisions for ourselves as to what is best for us and hope that the FDA does little to prevent that.

As long as we continue to allow our political system to operate with just two parties and allow lobbying to influence them we will not change the policies and actions of government agencies such as the FDA. I have diabetes 2 and since I begun using Stevia my glucose level improved. We all know that sugar is something that is not good for our bodies. All other substitutes of sugar-Slenda,Equal and alike are not good either.

Is it because theese manufacturers have a monopoly on this ,or what? I have a Stevia plant and the only way to extract the sweetness seems to be to chew the leaf. Merely putting it into my hot tea does nothing to sweeten it. Even mincing the leaves does nothing to sweeten the tea.

I am just now learning about the plant but I am told to boil the leaves to make a syurp that is used to sweeten foods. Stevia should replace white sugar in foods i would suggest. Keep the white sugars for the production of bio-renewable energy.

I was wondering if it is good for diabetics and people with a seizure history. I found that the aspartame makes people with seizure history go into seizures back to back so that is no good. The splenda I heard they mix with something that is no good for anyone to ingest so it makes me leary of any new products. Can you ease my mind? There is no diabetice in an alkaline body. Hi, I have a daughter with type1 diabetes,and was wandering are you still taking Stevia and how much?

Do you take the actual plant? Is is working for you? Do you still take insulin. Body Ecology Stevia Extract. Stevioside and two generations of hamsters In a study was done by researchers at the Chulalongkorn University Primate Research Center in Bangkok, Thailand Yodyingyuad, Was this drink also caffeinated?

It could be the caffeine…? Jessica — You are pregnant! Did you ever get an answer to this or reach any conclusions? Yes Jessica I have the same problem I am sick from stevia. There are other alkaline and good sweeteners to use, if applicable, like organic honey, organic maple syrup, sugar raw is the best though Reply.

Also forgot to add it was organic stevia!!! Cough…Somataform disorder … Cough Reply. Sounds like you are allergic to Stevia with the throat swelling. Stevia is natural…I grow it on my patio. Snake venom is natural too. Kind regards Birgitte, Denmark Reply. Debora Herlein Friday August 22nd, Reply. Is it safe for those with allergies ragweed?

Perhaps you can attend one in your area. Wonder if you know what paint was used on gradated color leaf? This is so pretty. Makes me want to try one again. I live in India but I have never seen such kind of art. Monday, June 18, Concrete Leaf Castings. Posted by Maggie at 7: Betsy My Salvaged Treasures June 18, at 8: Marcia Crossland January 22, at 3: Marcia Crossland January 22, at 4: Anonymous January 30, at 5: Marcia Crossland January 30, at 5: JoAnn B May 11, at 5: Marcia Crossland May 11, at Maggie May 17, at 7: Maggie September 7, at 3: Anonymous March 22, at 9: The Feathered Nest June 18, at 8: Kathy June 18, at 9: Dan June 18, at 9: Jane June 19, at 5: Debbie June 30, at Jennifer July 6, at 8: Anonymous November 8, at 4: Anonymous August 5, at 7: Terry Longtin September 15, at 4: Anonymous February 10, at 1: Andrea Croyle May 5, at 4: Unknown September 25, at Maggie September 25, at 1: Wildcountry October 31, at 5: Maggie November 2, at Ann and Craig B January 8, at 8: Kim Smith July 3, at 6: James Krog July 26, at Anonymous May 24, at Unknown September 7, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Roberta has her castings tucked throughout her garden. Some of them are left natural concrete, and allowed to weather and collect moss. Others are beautifully painted in gradated colors. This leaf is approximately 15" across. Her garden plots are framed with wonderful arbors and collected treasures.

She tucks old ladders and tools among the plants-- so charming! Here the rungs act as shelves for her handmade concrete planters. Roberta suggested not going all the way to the leaf's edge, but rather making a scalloped finish with small adjacent balls of concrete. Oh my, I do believe it's time to touch up my roots I built up the pile of sand so it came out deep and cone-shaped. Notice the copper fitting inserted at the bottom; I think this will be a little bird feeder on a pedestal.

Stevioside and two generations of hamsters