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Manufacturer Information Animal Products and Information. They used to put partially hydrogenated oil in it but recently took that ingredient out, which is the only reason I bought it. He would prefer Chocolate Peanutbutter, the last Protein powder I used to purchase had that and then they discontinued it, so I decided to try this product. The most essential of the bodybuilding supplement basics. Didn't care much for the taste. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Good whey protein, blends nicely - was NOT a fan of the specific flavor.

And that can also mean a lot of chewing. It seemed there had to be a reasonable means of helping to simplify that process, ensuring diehard trainers could hit their protein number every day. Or they tasted like shit. Which made me stop using them. With the new Animal WHEY, I finally found a protein powder that tastes good, mixes easily and that has the digestive enzymes I need to process it right That's a huge factor for me.

If you want to be the best, you have to be backed by the best. You have to use the best. The rise and emergence of the supplement industry brought supplemental protein powder into the mainstream, turning average protein supps from chalky cans of undrinkable sludge into delicious fitness smoothies.

Shaker cups were everywhere. Protein powder was in seemingly every household. But as the category exploded, quality diminished in the pursuit of better taste and wider margins.

As a result, Animal—one of the most respected brands in the trenches of the iron sports, never truly entered the protein game in earnest. If it couldn't be done right, we wouldn't do it at all. Three proven decades in the gym bags of the hardest lifters on the planet, and no protein power.

The most serious brand in bodybuilding delivers a product its consumers have been demanding for years. A protein blend heavy in cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, complemented by ultra-filtrated whey protein concentrate and fortified with the proven and highly-touted digestive enzymes papain and bromelain, Animal WHEY lives to the lofty standard strived for and set by Animal, making it worthy to bear the unmistakable Iconic imagery on its front label.

An impressive Supplement Facts box wouldn't be enough, however, it would have to live up to hype in the field—on the weight room floors of the most hardcore gyms in the world In the shaker cups and blenders of the most committed lifters out there.

It would have to mix with ease and taste great, making drinking multiple shakes per day a pleasure, not a painful chore. Because let's face it, if your protein powder tastes like shit, it is less likely you will drink it as much as needed to hit your daily macronutrient goals. To be worthy of the Animal aegis, it would have to taste as good as it worked. The right proteins, easily digested. Tasting great and going down easy.

And a towering standard at that. But these are the sorts of goals to which we aspire. To be uncompromising in our efforts to supply the most demanding weightlifters and bodybuilders on the planet with the right tool for the job. The most essential of the bodybuilding supplement basics. The Glazed Donut was super good, with the slightest hint of coffee that sent it over the top.

The Strawberry was very good, it reminded me of Nesquik, just a hair lighter flavor. So, don't let your curiosity fool you. Everything else Pumpkin, Brownie, ect.

Well that's what Cinnamon bun tastes like and some people don't like it, but personally I love it. I am not going to lie this is the best protein I ever had. I have gotten serious about weight lifting the beginning of the year after years of off and on again training After every work out I look forward to drinking this amazing protein.

It has helped me with getting some major prs. I will never switch to another protein. The brownie batter taste is perfectly acceptable However, franks b-day cake is a miss.

The flavor is just not quite there. Universal Animal Fury Lemonade - 30 Servings. Universal Animal Fury Orange - 30 Servings. Universal Animal Fury Watermelon - 20 Servings. Universal Animal Fury Watermelon - 30 Servings. Universal Animal M Stak - 21 Pack. Universal Animal Mass Chocolate - 5. Universal Animal Mass Vanilla - 5. Please email me when back in stock. Universal Animal Nitro - 44 Pack.

Universal Animal Omega - 30 pack. Universal Animal Paks - 15 Pack. Universal Animal Paks - 44 Pack. Universal Animal PM - 30 Packs. Universal Animal Pump - 30 Pack. Universal Animal Shaker Bottle Black. Universal Animal Stak - 21 Pack. Universal Animal Test - 21 Pack. Universal Animal Whey Banana - 4 Lb. Universal Animal Whey Chocolate - 10 Lb.

Universal Animal Whey Chocolate - 2 Lb. Olympia competitors have used since ' Love that they made this a drink! I actually love the cherry berry and the orange not so much.

I love these pals, I use to take the powder but do the pill form now, it suggest to take two packs I take one!! Great product over all!!! Amazing, I've been using Animal Pak since , This stuff its awesome,. A good product for what it is, can be a little rough on the stomach so make sure you're taking it alongside solid food. I am a 41 year old Dad that works long hours. Sometimes I need that extra pick me up in order to get to the gym. This product is no question a win.

I typically hate bro science statements, like "it just works," but Animal Pak feels that way to me. I've used tons of multis and training packs over the years, but I always keep coming back to the Pak. It seems effective, and despite the 11 pills, it's not harsh on the stomach. I took some points off because there's been a recent formula change that's not yet up on Bodybuilding. They've upped the B12, which is good, but they replaced the Uni-Liver with a blend of liver and beef protein isolate the pill actually looks like a beef aminos now.

They also removed the ginseng and one of the enzymes. Probably not big deals, but a little bit of a bummer. I liked getting those ingredients, but I guess liver is getting expensive now! The cherry berry flavor to me litterally taste just like the flinstones kids vitamins but just grinded into a fine powder.

Other than that, its alright. Didn't care much for the taste. I will defitnely would buy this product again but in another flavor. With that being said Animal is a good supplement company. I repurchased this product having bought it multiple times before and the most recent time was nothing like I had taken before. Usually when taking animal pak I feel reasonably better, while knowing that a lot of the vitamins you are intaking you urinate out because your body can't use this much at once.

My most recent purchase of the packs caused vomiting almost immediately both times I attempted to take it. I gave it to my roommate and the same thing happened to him. I no longer trust this product. I used the orange flavor post workout got hungry after taking good when bulking. Total body health from anti oxidants to live and kidney funtion. When i first ised this product i put on 10 lbs. Im like Ron Swanson from parks and recreation.

Once my body had other nutrients it really did help. Liquid form os better. I prefer the cherry berry personaly because orange tastes like gross hi-c. Orange taste too artificial and sweet. Used both orange and berry. Think orange is tasty as hell and does exactly what Aninal stands for. What can I say , all of the Universal Nutrition products are top notch.

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