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The Donny and Marie Feud is About to Blow Up Huge at Flamingo Las Vegas
Do I believe she is eating this food? Marie Osmond wore a beautiful dress on one of her commercials — it had studs that looked like a sun burst. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Marie Osmond. So after my first month, I thought I could handle it on my own. And her hair is always to one side and she is always taking her hand and moving it back as if to say I am so beautiful. In , Osmond launched an embroidery machine line, a sewing machine line and embroidery designs through Bernina.

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How Marie Osmond Lost 46 Lbs. and Stopped Hating Her Body

She probably has a chef to fill in the times when she doesn't eat your food a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a spa, a hair stylist, a make-up artist, a physician who travels with her and monitors her health, etc. Try using a realistic role model instead of this prima donna.

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Review is a subjective opinion of poster. I cannot look at Marie Osmond on those nutrisystem commercials! They are so nauseating. Please, please remove them! And FYI I am not over weight now But we all need to look more real and more believable! You can shop and tix your own meals. As far as Marie Osmond we all know she lost weight To buy or not buy a product because of a celebrity is poor logic either way. It seems like her face pops up on my tv every other commercial, and I always change the channel, and others who agree with me do the same.

We get it, she lost 50lbs years ago, and we have been seeing her face ever since. Maybe you would get more customers if you shared stories of different people, instead of the same hag over and over again. Please, someone, get Marie Osmond off of my tv!! Every, single commercial, during the day, on several different channels, there she is, with her fake smile and sentiment, degrading people who dare to eat REAL FOOD! The first words Marie utters in the one commercial She's a phony, expecting people to believe she looks like that solely because of Nutrisystem, she should also put her plastic surgeon's number across the screen.

I turn the channel as soon as I hear her condescending, self righteous voice, only to see her on that channel, too. Hey, Marie, we heard you the first time, you lost 50 pounds Like the constant daily barrage of her face and voice is slowly driving us all mad. My husband and I cringe every time that she comes on Filmed through such a filter that her face fades away I don't even pay attention to her speech Please get rid of Marie Osmond she makes me sick so arrogant on so many channels people don't pay Directv for paid commercials.

I turn the TV off or change the channel every time she comes on. It's hard to take someone seriously that has changed herself through surgery if I had to choose a diet plan Nutrisystem would never be on my list. The cost is in the price of the very expensive food.

Have tried it before. You can't eat nutrisystem your whole life. I don't attend weight watchers, but their point system has worked for me. Moreover, and able to maintain. Please replace Marie , we're so tired of her and I assure you I am not the only one.. I am so tired of looking at Marie Osmond, doesn't she have enough money?! Day in and day out all day long! Get something new and fresh!

My husband tried this nutrisystem-the food is mostly dehydrated packages that have to be microwaved and can not possibly be healthy, yes he lost weight-but as soon as he started eating real food he gained all of it back plus more.

Marie cracks me up. I don't remember much about their variety show, as I was still in diapers back when it was on. Speaking of Goldstar, I just checked my purchase history with them and discovered I've seen shows with their tickets, since I wonder if I'm one of their best customers.

GS won't let me pick my seats I need to be toward front of the stage For the magical when Goddess Marie saunters down into the audience. I sat there at the show and thought, My gosh, this is what all those mothers went through for my brothers in the '70s.

Some of these posts really had me laughing. Some of the things said about Marie are true but I still like her and Donny. I saw them in Vegas a couple of years ago and they really put on a good show. All talent, no special effects necessary to fill in for limited or no real talent. They may be from the 70's but they are truly talented. Not like todays "singers" who need to swing from the ceiling or appear from an explosion on stage to distract you and keep you entertained because they really cannot carry a live show on talent alone.

Donny and Marie have been in this industry a long time. They know all that goes on in the entertainment industry. Donny does a special tribute to Michael Jackson which I thought was heartfelt and paying honor the the musical genius. Its nice that they still can put on a great performance and give their audience what they paid for. Marie belongs to a dark and bizarre doll-worshipping cult. They offer human blood sacrifices to Annabelle, the infamous possessed Raggedy Ann doll in the museum of the ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Every doll Marie sells on QVC is infiltrated with a demon seed waiting to get out and kill, kill, kill. Anyone see The Talk in the last few weeks? Marie has been filling in when 1 of the co-hosts is absent for a day. Osmond is suddenly being quite pompous and having herself billed as simply "Marie". That's right-when they introduce her now on The Talk, they only call her "Marie", not "Marie Osmond".

What has prompted Osmond to demand this? As if there is no other famous woman with the first name "Marie"? Marie was one of my idols when I was growing up in the 70's - I thought she was perfect, big teeth and all, she was beautiful, graceful, refined and always dressed well. She is or was a Republican, but she gets a pass from me because she was a big part of my childhood and I can't really hate her even though I saw her on a talk show once mildly criticizing President Obama - I don't remember exactly what she said but it wasn't anything complimentary.

Anyhow, I still like her regardless. Can't say that about any other Republican celeb. She seems like a nice person and she's a good entertainer, any skit or interview I've ever seen her in she comes across good natured. I don't think she's far right.

I hope she gets a regular spot on The Talk instead of just the semi regular fill-in gig. Is Marie Osmond still a Mormon?

Mormons are like shape-shifters in our culture, OP. R8 Details please on Daddy Osmond messing with the kids' money. This is one that I hadn't heard. Does she still sells dolls on QVC?

Donny Osmond is a god! She dresses like a skank now. Hell she wears more makeup than most Vegas showgirls. Escaping from Mormonism requires a lot more personal resources than Marie has. I love her dolls. He killed himself, hon. This explains her kids: Mormons are all about the money and the heterosex. The Osmond family has probably financed a gazillion missionaries to third world skank holes.

It is all about being worthy rich enough to be afforded your own universe. It's like spiritual monkey pile with money. Is the pope still catholic? Well, when they were younger R23!

I thought she was supportive of her lessie daughter? So what exactly is the purpose of the special Mormon underwear? Believe it or not, some pedophiles think doing their own kids is gross. How come we never discussed her peeing her pants on stage? I had no idea she had a show. And her next guest will be Marie endorsed Romney in '08 and undoubtedly supported him this year too, fuck her.

Donny makes me hard. All nine Osmond siblings studied karate under Chuck Norris. Turned down the starring role in the movie, Grease on "moral grounds". In October, she disclosed her treatment for severe bout of postpartum depression, following the birth of her 7th child, Matthew, on July 6, She became so despondent that she left her husband and kids planning never to return. Osmond said she basically gave the baby, and credit card, to her babysitter, got in her car and drove off believing her kids would be better off without her.

She reconsidered later when her husband reached out to her by cell phone. In addition to being an international celebrity, Marie is also a businesswoman. It has become QVC's top selling doll line, has been nominated for Trendsetter of the Year in the collectibles industry, and has moved into the retail and direct response markets. She began sculpting a number of her own dolls in , and she received three Dolls of Excellence award nominations during the International Toy Fair.

In , she reached a hallmark achievement by selling her 1,,th doll on QVC.

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