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Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
But there are so many other renditions from which to choose: Come Fly with Me , music by Jimmy Van Heusen , lyrics by Sammy Cahn , sung by a carefree Sinatra to a smooth Billy May arrangement, from the album of the same name check out that audio clip. Sessions kick off at His heart for connecting with people through music is evident from the moment you meet him. Festival is recognised world-wide, attracting significant overnight visitation to the State and delivering important economic and community benefits," he said. In Strange Journey , two spiritual misfits recount their wanderings and the longing for home that led them back to the church.

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Streaming doubles acceleration of Aussie music industry growth

He describes with honesty, humor, and great humanity both the hardships and the moments of joy and beauty experienced along this long, hard road to recovery. This is a book for all of us who wish to think more deeply about the meaning of loss and death and discover how such devastating experiences enrich and shape our own journeys through life.

Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna is passionate about helping people find faith, teaching them to apply it to everyday life, and live with purpose. One of our listeners from Australia contacted Drew to let him know that they just came back from walking The Camino de Santiago and another listener from The USA let him know that they will be leaving to walk this ancient pilgrimage soon. He lectures frequently on a wide range of topics--from mythology, film, and writing, to beauty, travel, sports, and creativity.

Phil is also the host and co-writer of Global Spirit, a cross-cultural and transnational television series which premiered on PBS stations in summer The program explores global issues ranging from sacred music and spiritual activism, to the search for ecstatic experience, forgiveness, and attitudes toward death and dying.

For seven long years, Brittni's life was bound to the chains of suffering. Manipulated into starting a career as a porn star and escort as an year-old college student, all she wanted was a sense of belonging.

Growing up her life had been full of rejection and now here was an industry holding out its arms to her in a welcoming embrace. Brittni quickly took the adult world by storm—never anticipating that it would turn on her.

She appeared in approximately adult films before the age of 25, and gained enough notoriety to be nominated for an AVN Award for Best New Starlet in But this intelligent, articulate woman was on a downward spiral into a life of degradation, drugs, substance abuse, prostitution, depression, and several suicide attempts. What started with a skyrocketing career, awards, accolades, and unimaginable popularity soon became the source of her greatest pain.

Then Brittni did the unimaginable for someone who seemed to be at the pinnacle of success—she got out. Today, she is a wife, young adults ministry leader, and passionate advocate for women involved in the sex industry. She founded, Always Loved, in to assist women who want to leave the industry and help ensure a smooth transition in all areas of life.

Throughout the year, Drew invites various interns to help out with social media and video production. What did they think they were getting themselves into? Check out The Drew Marshall Show Facebook page for a live video stream of these precious dribble moments! Madolyn also guest-starred in a episode of the sitcom Cheers titled "What's Up, Doc?

Leah has appeared in plays and musicals at regional theatres across Canada including three of the top Canadian Theatre Festivals. Leah has made a career playing leading ladies in musicals and plays across Canada including: Her dedication to Canadian theatre can be seen in the volume of work she has done on original Canadian pieces.

Stacey in Anne of Green Gables Charlottetown. Daniel Mattson once believed he was gay. Raised in a Christian family, and aware of attractions to other boys at age six, Mattson's life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions.

Finding the conflict between his sexual desires and the teachings of his church too great, he assumed he was gay, turned his back on God, and began a relationship with another man. Yet freedom and happiness remained elusive until he discovered Christ and his true identity.

In this frank memoir, Mattson chronicles his journey to and from a gay identity, finding peace in his true identity, as a man, made in the image and likeness of God. Part autobiography, part philosophy of life, and part a practical guide in living chastely, the book draws lessons from Mattson's search for inner freedom and integrity, sharing wisdom from his failures and successes. His lifelong search for happiness and peace comes full circle in his realization that, above all else, what is true about him is that he is a beloved son of God, loved into existence by God, created for happiness in this life and the next.

Listen to our interview with Daniel Mattson on July 8, With thousands of listeners interacting over the years, various Canadian and United States based artists joining the program including Lauren Daigle, Marika, Duncan Phillips, Melina Dulluku, Leina , and massive social media reach, the 'Joy Top 20' quickly established itself as Canada's leading Christian music countdown! Matt has also developed and is President of Faith Strong Today.

Bianca is a 26 year old woman who has Cerebral Palsy. When she was born, her parents were told that she would never walk, but they refused to believe that prognosis. So they took Bianca to Budapest, Hungary because at the time, there were no effective therapies for CP offered in Canada.

They ended up staying in Budapest for six years, two to three months at a time. All of this while being homeschooled. Bianca made a lot of friends in Budapest, but she missed out on school and relationships at home. When she was 17, she found out that the March of Dimes in Toronto was doing the same kinds of therapy. So she moved back to Canada. My mom and grandmother are the people I look up to the most.

Ever since my mom found out I had Cerebral Palsy, my mom has been there for me. I remember one day I came home when we were living in Budapest and she had wiped down the whole floor, then got on her hands and knees and taught me how to crawl. My mom is my role model. Ever since she found out I had CP, she has always tried to make things better for me. She took me to all kinds of doctors and therapies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

She also took me to Florida to receive biofeedback, where they put electrons on my legs and monitored my walking on a computer. My mom even quit her job as soon as she found out, so she could take care of me. I love my mom so much, she's my inspiration. She still continues to fight for me everyday and does as much as she can to help me. I would not be here if it wasn't for my mother.

Sleeping on a dirt floor and eating every third or fourth day were the only things that Widlene had to look forward to. That and a near certain life as a household slave. Two years prior, a Canadian couple met Widlene and her late mother at a garbage dump in Dominican Republic. The couple was there conducting a humanitarian trip with a large group of Canadian teenagers and one of their projects was to help the Haitian refugees that combed the local garbage dump for food and recyclables.

On that fateful day, little Widlene captivated the hearts of the people that would later become her adoptive parents.

On June 15, a local MP offered to help the couple adopt the, now orphaned, Widlene. He not only committed his personal unconditional support, but he also connected them with the, then, Minister of Immigration. After spending considerable time with the file, the Minister gave the couple the green light to bring Widlene from Haiti to DR and prepare to move to Canada.

A short time later, the Haiti earthquake happened. The Canadian government withdrew its support for this adoption and the couple was stranded in Dominican Republic with their newly adopted 4 year old daughter.

Today, after an eight year struggle to keep her safe, the Canadian couple is, once again, faced with a sense of urgency to get Widlene out of Dominican Republic where Haitians are no longer welcome. Widlene, as a member of the most vulnerable people group on earth, has been targeted for exploitation on several occasions and has access to none of the basic human rights afforded to all citizens.

Download or stream any or all of these during this Canada Day weekend and rediscover your inner Hoser eh! But what is even more remarkable is his story which begins in a small country in Western Africa. The son of a well-known Nigerian engineer and a homemaker, Remi lived the life of opulence.

But in , that all changed when his father suddenly died. Stripped of everything by the Nigerian government, Remi and his mother permanently relocated to one of the toughest inner cities in America - Bronx, N.

Though austere, the Bronx proved to be the perfect environment to prepare Remi for his future as a Navy SEAL and also, to instill a key lesson that he teaches to this day - perseverance. After years of running the streets, fighting, and participating in nefarious activities, Remi decided to make a change in his life.

In the early summer of he enlisted in the U. S Navy, and embarked on a journey that reads like a Hollywood Script. Oh… did we mention that Remi is also an actor and will be featured in the upcoming Paramount Pictures film, Transformers: Ya - that just happened! Remi - I am Second. After six years with the WWF, seeing his likeness made into action figures, characters in video games and his face on everything from T-shirts to pin-ball machines, he ended his active career at the end of due to a neck injury.

He then went on to be a ringside manager and commentator with the WWF from to the fall of Ted finished his career working for the Ted Turner owned World Championship Wrestling WCW from the Fall of to the Fall of , spending a total of twenty-five years in the industry. Today, after authoring a book about his life entitled Every Man Has His Price , Ted is a full time minister and motivational speaker.

He is also a spokesperson for and board member of The Sunshine Foundation. This organization grants wishes to terminally ill and handicapped children. Never before has a book like this one delved into the spiritual odyssey of cultural icon Bob Dylan.

Tracking an American original--from his Jewish roots to his controversial embrace of Jesus to his enduring legacy as the composer of the Tempest album--Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life delivers the story of a man in dogged pursuit of redemption. Based on years of research and original interviews, this book sorts through the myths and misunderstandings and reveals Dylan to be both traditional and radical in the way he expresses his spiritual quest for purpose and meaning.

What does stick is his music, in part because his songs contain a deep, abiding spirituality that moves listeners more than the songs of any other artist. A Spiritual Life bridges the gap between purpose and meaning in grand fashion.

It offers readers an informative, entertaining, and nuanced look into Bob Dylan's spiritual odyssey. Today, there is not a Dylan book in existence that exclusively focuses on his spiritual odyssey through years of research and interviews. In , Mel and Janet Stevens took a step of faith and went to Australia with their month old baby boy, Tim, along with four other couples from a gospel music group to start Teen Ranch Australia.

Mel and Janet directed the camp there, drawing no wage for six years before returning to start Teen Ranch Canada in The first summer camp started in with 6 kids and has now grown to per week. So basically, Teen Ranch is to blame for everything you hear on the show! Bring your families and celebrate 50 years of Teen Ranch Canada by catching up with some friends from the past!.

A few recent highlights for Catherine have been: The project is a collection of hymns and spirituals. Catherine participated in several local concerts and events in her native city, Edmonton. Catherine participated in the Franz Schubert Institute. There she worked with master teachers: The FSI, run by Dr. Deen Larsen is an annual masterclass aimed at the perfection of German Lied taking place in Baden, Austria. There she studied voice with Coloratura soprano Tracy Dahl.

With a cast of characters including Winston, the Impersonating Turtle; Emma Taylor, the little girl with the big voice; Maynard Thompkins, the Elvis Impersonator; Duggie Scott Walker, the annoying neighbour and many others, Fator has been raking in awards, accolades, and industry admiration ever since.

Listen to our interview with Terry Fator on March 13, In , Pat was named as one of the 50 most influential people in NBA history. In , he received the John W. Pat was diagnosed in February of with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable form of cancer.

However, after several rounds of chemo, his doctors have told him that they are unable to detect any myeloma in his body and have given him a clean bill of health. Pat and his wife, Ruth, are the parents of 19 children, including 14 adopted from four nations. Additionally, Pat has been blessed with 17 grandchildren. We are made for freedom and adventure, friendship and romance.

Yet too much of life is spent unfulfilled at work, restless at home, and bored. All the while knowing there is something more. The language of our hearts reflects that of creation because in both are fingerprints of God. That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent! By mid-afternoon, the fire was almost under control when the Municipality of Grey Highlands under-sized water tower ran dry.

Canada's own " dynamic country duo ", this brother and sister act from Cambridge, ON have travelled to Nashville to write with some prestigious songwriters, and hit radio waves across Canada with their new single "Kiss Kiss"! Disgraced runner, Ben Johnson, still has his.

Media mogul Conrad Black and hockey icon Alan Eagleson, both had theirs taken away. Will this July 1st just be another summer holiday for you or will it actually mean more? Do these sorts of things make you curious, or bored? Which one would you actually watch: Evel Knievel crashing into the side of the Grand Canyon after failing to fly over it in a rocket?

Houdini escaping from a straight jacket while hanging far above the city sidewalk? Wallenda hanging by her teeth? Donald Trump hanging by his small hands from the balcony of The Kremlin?

Is this a good thing? Or has society been chickified too much? June 10, LIVE! Tal was also featured in Bill Maher's mocumentary, Religulous , as an ex-Mormon. In support of the record, Bachman toured as an opening act for Bryan Adams and the Barenaked Ladies, and also toured in his own right.

A few years ago, Taylor Swift invited Tal to perform at her concert in Vancouver! As creator and frontman of the highest selling band in Canadian country music history, The Road Hammers , Jason took on the country-rock genre and guided the band to unprecedented success throughout Canada and the United States, picking up a platinum album, gold single, CCMA Band of the Year Award 2 years in a row , and a Juno Award.

Ever engaging and entertaining, Jason has become a popular host on many fronts. Continuing to write and record music, Jason prizes the time he spends with his wife and two children at their home farm, just two miles from the small town of Minesing where it all began. Listen to our interview with Jason McCoy on May 21, A recognized worldwide authority on religion and spirituality, Asian history, world philosophy, Buddhist science, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Robert is an eloquent advocate of the relevance of Buddhist ideas to our daily lives.

In doing so, he has become a leading voice of the value of reason, peace and compassion. Thurman travels internationally lecturing to universities, companies, conferences and think tanks. He is a gifted communicator who can make complex concepts understandable, introducing challenging ideas with intelligence and humor in a down to earth and comprehensible way. He reasons passionately that H. When these are widely implemented, we cannot fail to have a world renaissance of an amazing peace, beauty, compassionate justice, and shared joy.

Listen to our interview with Robert Thurman on February 20, Is it possible that over the centuries the church has altered the message of Christ? Has modern Christianity wrapped itself so tightly in a fragmented, inactive version of the gospel that the life-changing message of God has been smothered?

Bruxy Cavey thinks the answer is yes. He speaks to a new generation interested in Jesus but embarrassed by Christians in his latest book, re union: This book is inspired by them, and it is an invitation to join their ranks.

He encourages readers to discover their true citizenship in the Jesus nation, where they might be ready to die for a cause but never willing to kill for one. Jordan B Peterson has been a dishwasher, gas jockey, bartender, short-order cook, beekeeper, oil derrick bit re-tipper, plywood mill labourer and railway line worker.

With his students and colleagues, Dr. Peterson has published more than a hundred scientific papers, transforming the modern understanding of personality, and revolutionized the psychology of religion with his now-classic book, Maps of Meaning: As a Harvard professor, he was nominated for the prestigious Levinson Teaching Prize , and is regarded by his current University of Toronto students as one of three truly life-changing teachers.

His YouTube channel has over videos, , subscribers, and 12,, views and his classroom lectures on mythology were turned into a popular part TV series on TVO.

Peterson will be lecturing throughout the summer on the psychological significance of the Bible. June 3, LIVE! Toronto based americana husband and wife duo The Young Novelists are known for their beautiful harmonies and songs culled from their small-town roots. Jim Jones, the man responsible for the deaths of more than nine hundred people at Jonestown in Guyana.

Drawing on a host of new, often exclusive interviews and sources, Guinn delivers the most authoritative and comprehensive account yet of one of the most notorious figures in American history and answers the question, how could this tragedy have happened?

Before the public knew him as a monster, Jim Jones had made a name for himself as a young minister in Indianapolis, preaching a curious blend of the gospel and Marxism to a racially integrated congregation.

Gaining recognition as a progressive leader in the civil rights movement, Jones created his own church, the Peoples Temple , and moved his followers to northern California, where his gospel drew hundreds of new followers. But Jones was using drugs, engaging in extramarital affairs with women in his congregation, and becoming ever more erratic in his behavior. Increasingly paranoid, Jones decided to move the Peoples Temple to a location far from the eyes of the U.

This was Jonestown, deep in the jungles of Guyana. After being contacted by worried relatives of Peoples Temple congregants, California Congressman Leo Ryan decided to travel to Jonestown to investigate for himself. Communities like Peoples Temple have always captivated the American public, even as they have cast a dark shadow over our history.

From the day they met, John and Elizabeth were destined to fall in love. Their whirlwind romance started when they were young college students and lasted many years … Journey back to the breathless first moments, secret heartbreak, and the love that brought John and Elizabeth together. Available everywhere June 6!

There are more than 25 million copies of her award-winning books in print, including several million copies sold in the past year. She lives in Tennessee with her husband Don and their five sons, three of whom are adopted from Haiti. Their actress daughter Kelsey lives nearby and is married to recording artist Kyle Kupecky. The couple recently welcomed their first child, Hudson, making Karen and Don grandparents for the first time.

The widely read author and philosopher Peter Kreeft presents a unique book that focuses on the important beliefs that Catholics and Protestants share in common. He says this book is inspired by Christ's high priestly prayer in the Gospel of John "that they may be one," and by St.

While there are still significant differences, Kreeft says that there has been a radical step of agreement on the single most important issue, justification. Kreeft says the style of the book is that of Pascal, Nietzsche, Solomon, and Jesus: It is direct, simple, and confrontational, but vertically rather than horizontally, "directing arrows not against each other Protestant or Catholic but against our own hearts and minds and wills.

John Paul II said, this next millennium is destined to be the millennium of Christian reunification as the first millennium was that of Christian unity, and the second one of Christian disunity. Above all, Kreeft says that this work is simple, not easy, or obvious, but condensed. It like all of reality is Christocentric. Its purpose is to be "like an Australian sheep dog, herding and hectoring Christ's separated sheep back to His face.

For that is the only way they can ever return back to each other. His many bestselling books cover a vast array of topics in spirituality, theology, and philosophy. In this engaging memoir, Andrea speaks to all of us who wrestle with doubt and identity. It was her childhood. It provided more than happy moments. It provided an invitation to know Jesus. When Andrea arrived in Oxford the year after she graduated from college, she expected to meet God there.

Nights turned restless with questions. Here she explores the journey of a changing faith and an unchanging God—and why growing up starts with realizing just how small we are. Would you be okay with Karla supervising your kids?

And do you think that there were supernatural forces at work she said that God or Satan had compelled her to murder or was it just mental illness?

Do you support the MLB punishment? Should it have been more? What words hurt your feelings the most? Everywhere she goes and every video she posts has one basic message: Her passion for music and entertainment began at the age of She grew up in South Florida and now happily resides in Southern California with her family. Tony Campolo and his son Bart, an avowed Humanist, debate their spiritual differences and explore similarities involving faith, belief, and hope that they share.

Over a Thanksgiving dinner, fifty-year-old Bart Campolo announced to his Evangelical pastor father, Tony Campolo, that after a lifetime immersed in the Christian faith, he no longer believed in God.

The revelation shook the Campolo family dynamic and forced father and son to each reconsider his own personal journey of faith—dual spiritual investigations into theology, faith, and Humanism that eventually led Bart and Tony back to one another. In Why I Left, Why I Stayed , the Campolos reflect on their individual spiritual odysseys and how they evolved when their paths diverged.

Bart, an author and Humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California, considers his faith journey from Progressive Christianity to Humanism, revealing how it affected his outlook and transformed his relationship with his father. As Why I Left, Why I Stayed makes clear, a painful schism between father and son that could have divided them irreparably became instead an opening that offered each an invaluable look not only at what separated them, but more importantly, what they shared.

Tune in to see how Round 2 turns out! In Sacred Privilege , Kay Warren confirms that being a pastor's wife does not mean being perfect. More vulnerable than ever, Warren reveals the brokenness that resulted from childhood molestation - the allure of pornography, intense marital conflict and temptation, as well as depression and a distorted view of her worth. Losing a child to suicide could easily have been the catalyst for leaving ministry, but Kay's resilient faith and confidence in God's redemptive plan for her life has kept her feet firmly planted.

The road has not been easy, but she has learned much along the way and can now confidently say that being a pastor's wife is truly a "sacred privilege. But it is also about the real challenges inherent along the way. The challenges of living in the spotlight, the sleepless nights filled with anxiety over my son with mental illness, the shame over choices I made early in my life and in my marriage.

Christianity could be defined as a " cold case ". It makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity , J Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs.

Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses artistic illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity. A unique apologetic that speaks to readers' intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity. He continues to consult on cold-case investigations while serving as an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University.

She has the same rare type of Cancer that the former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford had - leimyosarcoma - a death sentence from the first day of diagnosis. Is she being healed or is this just a brief respite before the end?

Is false hope better than no hope? The album emerged out of a deep depression following a romantic breakup and a shift in her artistic path; but brought about a hugely positive metamorphosis, personally and creatively.

Cool, dark, understated and melancholy, the alternative-folk album produced by Michael Timmins — a man who knows about melancholy and understated in his own band Cowboy Junkies — has a companion version of the same songs without a full band.

Stripped down to its barest form, Da Sola meaning by myself , was produced by her pal Faye Blais and features Andrea singing and playing either baritone or acoustic guitar. She has been working for Happy Science for the past 9 years, after graduating from International Christian University in Tokyo. Eri is currently working at the Toronto branch to spread the message of Master Ryuho Okawa. His first book, The Laws of the Sun has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and is translated into more than 8 languages.

Okawa started receiving spiritual messages from Heaven in Through these conversations with divine beings and profound spiritual contemplation, Okawa developed the philosophy that would become the core of his teachings. One of the greatest teachers that has ever walked this earth has to be Mahatma Gandhi. When we look in the world of personal growth, he was a leader because he wasn't engaged in the nonsense of wishful thinking, or affirmations for success.

He did the hard work every day. I try to emulate his work as a best-selling author, counselor and coach and international speaker, but I will tell you it's a lot to live up to… it's hard to do on a daily basis. But there is one of his teachings that I have fallen in love with and I am currently practicing every minute, of every day, in my professional life. And what is that one special teaching?

The ability to call yourself out, to be vulnerable and honest, when your teachings in the past have been wrong. This is a trait that very few people know about Gandhi. Before he went into his complete non-violence stance, he actually encouraged his brothers in India to take up guns, and the stand side-by-side with the British government, and defend the British rule against Indian dissenters. He said I was wrong! I told you 30 days ago to pick up arms, but now I am saying don't.

Peaceful resolution, nonviolence, is the only way we will reclaim our country India. In my own professional practice, I have done the same thing. I used to teach the ridiculous statements like "the universe is conspiring to meet all of your wishes, your thoughts become things so if you think about becoming a millionaire you will become a millionaire… Visualize the perfect soulmate and they must come into your life…"And on and on and on.

And I am sorry. For the past several years I have totally changed my approach to teaching the reality of success, not the wishful, fantastical thinking that is being promoted by such well-meaning books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. For misleading anyone in the first 20 years of my work. In the last 17 years I have made it quite clear on every radio interview, television interview, blog post, and most importantly in my number one best-selling book "Positive thinking will never change your life… But this book will!

The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success. Unless of course a miracle happens. So I try to live like Gandhi, apologizing for my earlier errors, and working harder than I've ever worked in my entire life to get the correct message out there. And I pray, that the end result in my professional career will be just like Ghandi's.

That my reversal of my earlier teachings, will have the most profound effect on this world. When Gandhi started teaching his new truth, and apologized for his earlier beliefs, India then found her own independence from the British rule.

I hope, every person that I come in contact with in anyway, will learn from my error, pick up my new teachings, and get the hope they desire, to create the life of their dreams. With their money, relationships, body, career drive and more. This is my new destiny. My new purpose for living. And I'm giving it all I got. This true story chronicles Natalie's mental health journey after attending a high profile double murder at a Barrie motel in Treating her patient, the accused and now convicted Mark Dobson, caused Natalie to experience what experts call a " moral injury.

This is a story of reclamation that candidly reveals some of the challenges and stigma many people with PTSD, depression and addiction face. What happens when your body doesn't look how it's supposed to look, or feel how it's supposed to feel, or do what it's supposed to do?

Who or what defines the ideals behind these expectations? How can we challenge them and live more peacefully in our bodies? Religion and the Culture of Physical Improvement explores these questions by examining how traditional religious narratives and modern philosophical assumptions come together in the construction and pursuit of a better body in contemporary western societies.

Drawing on examples from popular culture such as self-help books, magazines, and advertisements, Michelle Mary Lelwica shows how these narratives and assumptions encourage us to go to war against our bodies-to fight fat, triumph over disability, conquer chronic pain and illness, and defy aging.

Through an ethic of conquest and conformity, the culture of physical improvement trains us not only to believe that all bodily processes are under our control, but to feel ashamed about those parts of our flesh that refuse to comply with the cultural ideal.

Lelwica argues that such shame is not a natural response to being fat, physically impaired, chronically sick, or old. Rather, body shame is a religiously and culturally conditioned reaction to a commercially-fabricated fantasy of physical perfection. One year after graduating college, Vahen received an engagement ring from the love of her life Vaughan. She was overjoyed and filled with so much love and excitement; her life seemed perfect!

Then things took a drastic turn and exactly one week after Vaughan put the ring on her finger, she was rushed to hospital. After a week of tests, Vahen was finally diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a condition that left her physically disabled and dependent on the use of a wheelchair.

However, her biggest question was, "Did she still have a fiance? Vahen currently lives with her husband Vaughan in Alberta, Canada and has devoted her life to sharing her journey with others, in the hope that people will be challenged and inspired to Go Farther. Parent, aka Brother Neil , is dropping by to announce his soon-to-be released second album called Away Avenue Away. Brother Neil recruited a bunch of professional musicians, many he had performed with in the past, to help record the album in an old dance hall that longtime friend Mike Whaling who was also featured on his last album purchased and turned into a recording studio.

The two musicians have toured together in the past and spent the last two-plus years working on the album. Listen to our interview with Brother Neil on November 7, Listen to our interview with Carla Collins on February 4, The road has not been easy, but she has learned much along the way and can now confidently say that being a pastor's wife is truly a " sacred privilege.

She was also awarded the Floyd S. At its very core, for colored girls Listen to our interview with Dawn Bennett on February 13, Imagine being told that your baby would be born without a brain? Imagine deciding that your baby girl would continue to live and be born, only to die shortly after coming into this world so that other babies could live?

There I was, crestfallen and heartbroken, but I momentarily got lifted out of the moment and just stood in awe of her. I was a spectator to my own life, watching a superhero find her superpowers.

In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It's one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced…". An accomplished fingerstyle player, Tommy Emmanuel frequently threads three different parts simultaneously into his material, operating as a one-man band who handles the melody, the supporting chords and the bass all at once.

That expert layering is exemplified during his latest album, LIVE! Given his first guitar at age four, he started working professionally just two years later in a family band, the Emmanuel Quartet. The Women of Brewster Place. Doing Time on Maple Drive. Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story. And the Band Played On. The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story. The Good Old Boys.

The Boys Next Door. Bastard out of Carolina. What the Deaf Man Heard. Deep in My Heart. A Lesson Before Dying. The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn. If These Walls Could Talk 2. Death of a Salesman. Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows. The Matthew Shepard Story. The Mists of Avalon. The Roman Spring of Mrs. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. The Girl in the Café. The Water Is Wide. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Lindi Jane from Snap's Kakadu Club will be conducting boot scooting sessions "for the little ones" and there will be guided line dancing and rock 'n' roll dancing sessions for older patrons. Pictured at right clockwise from top left: Topping the prize pool is "a once in a lifetime trip" to Nashville.

The old industry is dead. The following blog article was written by Sammy Andrews at blog. We are including this article as a reference mainly for music industry participants as an on-going dialogue on future trends The future looks brilliant for the music industry. Gone are the years of doom and gloom and in are the innovators, the dreamers, the creators and the streamers.

Tech and software plays a huge part in all of these developments, as does hardware. But as we see rights management, licensing and payment procedures shift into new and efficient infrastructures this will change further. That will of course present its own set of challenges, but I suspect on the whole it will be a welcomed new addition to the business and our related sectors, like film and gaming.

The biggest wins for the industry I believe are rooted in innovation and the ability to move with the times. For far too long our industry hid from the future and it has catastrophic implications that led to the global decline of the music industry for a decade.

The old guard are slowing leaving and smart, creative and inventive new blood is rising to the top. But removing the connotations of the majors, I kind of feel it applied then, and still applies now top a much broader scale to the industry as a whole. Some of us have known for years that the archaic rule books needed burning. Hailing from the NSW Shellharbour region, Kora has been creating quite a stir in country music over the past 18 months.

The talented teenager is also sought after as a live performer. I feel incredibly lucky to have them standing beside me and believing in what I do.

Leading Australian guitar player Phil Emmanuel has died. He died in Parkes NSW late last night after a sudden asthma attack. Phil was staying with his brother Darcy at the time. Darcy said he has been in contact with his brothers Chris and Tommy, who is in London touring at the moment, and sister Veronica better known as Skeeta. Philip and Virginia were virtually joined at the hip and I don't think either one would have been able to live without the other. Also the founder and operator, with wife Hilary, of Country Music Capital's Hadley Studios until closure in , Eric pictured at right with his award has been actively involved as a volunteer in maintaining the history of Australian country music since the early s.

He was head of Australia's Heritage Hall group when it merged with the Australian Country Music Foundation in , becoming the Foundation's Archivist and, in , President, a role he has held continuously ever since. As well as the enormous amount of time he has dedicated to Australian country music archiving, Eric is also fully involved in the day to day operation of the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame.

Indigenous blues musician and educator Buddy Knox pictured at right with Mayor Col Murray also won an award on the day. The Mayor praised the efforts of not only the award finalists, but all the volunteers that "keep Tamworth ticking".

Part 1- Ruin will be available for pre order this Friday May The celebrated Aussie country artists have much in common, according to a spokesman, "above all it is their love of Australia and the many characters who inhabit it that has been the inspiration for many of the songs they have written and recorded.

Although Sara, Celeste and Sophie have collaborated in the past, they have never toured together, something that will be rectified when they hit the road in June and July for the tour which will see them appearing in cities and towns in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. All three live in the country — Sophie calls Gunnedah home, younger sister Celeste has recently made the trek back west to Western Australia and Sara, with her husband and brood of four boys, recently moved from Darwin to the NSW border city of Albury.

Sara has earned high praise from media and audiences alike for her ability to capture the essence of Australian life, its characters and distinctive landscape.

John Williamson summed it up best when he said "Sara has a unique way of seeing and expressing her observations of love and life in the bush. She is a songwriter who will be remembered beyond her lifetime. The Big Picture, History and Today on the evening of the first day. The following day, Andrew Smith will be a panel member of a discussion of Country Music and the Vietnam War , bringing an Australian perspective to the topic. Andrew is well know for his many articles about Tex Morton and other early Australian country artists.

He is currently researching a book about Tex. The conference is an annual event attracting scholars from all over the world. Australian country music and its history are gaining traction in the United States. One of the conference's organisers, Dr James Akenson, regularly uses Australian country music to teach Australian history and geography to school students in Tennessee. John wins at WAM.

Homegrown — the country trio from Queensland — has made it to the top 12 of The Voice Kasey 15 , Liam 18 and Katelyn 20 O'Donoghue grew up on a cattle station in Far North Queensland where they developed their love of music, and their country sound. Now the show's blind auditions, knockouts and battles are over, the live shows kick off this coming Sunday from 7pm on the Nine Network. With an "atmosphere of a large family gathering and in true outback style" everyone is made to feel welcome, according to a spokesman for the organisers..

Walk Up concerts to share your talents, evening concerts, main concert Saturday, charity auction and yabby races with fashions of the field and much more. She is widely respected as a senior manager in the business and we look forward to having her on the leadership team. It has been my privilege to work with him over the last 10 plus years and achieve the results we have achieved together. In recent years, his records have included a number of honky tonk tracks — "just so we remember where country music came from," he said.

When the marriage dissolved, so did the band, and Bill moved to Sydney, set up Reckless Records and began producing records. Julz and Leesa pictured prior to the awards presentation with their multi finalist nomination citations. Produced by Matt Fell, the album is self-titled and contains 12 songs, all but one totally self-penned the 12th — Towels — is a co-write with Joe Mungovan. When selected as a finalist for Toyota Star Maker, Brad refined his set list to showcase those songs that would deliver "a knock-out blow" to the audience and, most importantly, the judges, of the prestigious talent search.

Manager Steve White said: He has a great voice and is writing good songs. I think he is the real deal and I look forward to watching him develop. His southern rock sound sets him apart. Brad Cox is a standout. I thought that was pretty incredible. Another inspiring event was a fire at a cattle station next to the one Emma was working on.

As a nurse in her day job, Emma has seen the best and worst of life, but said the world would be a better place if people took some advice from Pay It Forward. The video can be viewed here. Coal Seam Gas threatens one of the greatest water storage systems on our planet — the great artesian basin.

The Bushwackers are well known for taking a stand. Catherine Britt has released the lead single — Red Dirt — from her upcoming new album. Red Dirt is the opening track on the album and is described as "an ode to driving toward the outback skies, leaving the city in the rearview mirror. It was filmed in Silverton Hotel, Western Australia with many scenes taken inside the Silverton Hotel which Catherine and her husband ran for a month each year, together with the associted Silverton Sunset Music Festival.

I thought about who would get that and pull it off and these guys were perfect. Life has a way of throwing curveballs, both good and bad, and the last three years have seen Catherine fight and win a battle with breast cancer, marry her husband James and most recently, give birth to their first child.

Another winner of "country note" was Darren Carr pictured who took top honours in the Sight Act category. Melinda was a standout nominee on the night featuring also in the Female Vocal and Club Performer of the Year categories. The Music Network reported the new deal covered Kirsty's next two album releases, her fifth and sixth major works. Critically acclaimed, Kirsty is the only artist to have three major new talent events under her belt Tickets can be obtained here.

Wholesale revenue for the Australian music industry grew for a third consecutive year in , largely fuelled by paid streaming subscriptions, according to figures released by ARIA the Australian Recording Industry Association. The streaming category now includes income from subscription services such as Apple Music, Deezer, GooglePlay, Tidal and Spotify and other non-subscription on-demand streaming services such as YouTube and Vevo.

Streaming is counted as part of digital figures, up Digital albums fell Physical product CD and vinyl still make up 25 percent of the Australian market.

The vinyl renaissance continues in this country, growing for the seventh consecutive year, increasing by 19 percent in In comparison, in the United States last year, streaming made up 62 percent of the market in the first half. CDs were downthree percent and vinyl up three percent. Vinyl albums comprised 29 percent of total physical shipments at retail value — their highest share since the mids.

The growth of the local music industry depends on how successfully streaming services can draw in more paid subscribers. The Gympie Music Muster has announced the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia as its major charity beneficiary from this year's event. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia PCFA is a charity dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, by funding research, raising awareness and providing support to sufferers and their loved ones.

Tim and John will be guest speakers and will also perform. An auction, with all proceeds going direct to PCFA. Malcolm Freame, Chief Operating Officer of PCFA, said he was excited to be part of a major national event and looked forward to using the platform to generate awareness and fundraising. It is time for men in rural areas to take the issue more seriously.

It is also important to understand that in the early stages of prostate cancer, when it can be treated and cured, there are often no symptoms. Awareness is just so important — a large part of the reason that country men are doing worse with prostate cancer is that they are presenting to doctors with later, less-treatable cases. So, this is very much about influencing attitudes. The Foundation holds a special place in the heart of the Muster family as performer Tim Gaze has been affected by the disease himself and credits Angry Anderson for virtually saving his life.

A valued part of the Muster line-up over many years, Tim is a fixture at the festival's Guitar Jam, which brings together some of Australia's best guitarists to collaborate and perform together. Even since my experience with prostate cancer in , diagnosis and treatments have improved radically. The medical procedure I experienced then radical prostatectomy required a four-day stay in hospital, but that stay now has been shortened to one or two days max, and the treatments have become even more precise and less invasive.

This year's dates are Thursday August 23 to Sunday August Kylie pictured , who has been songwriting professionally in Nashville for almost 20 years, won the Toyota Star Maker quest in Tamworth in She was recognised last night for her songwriting work overseas with artists including LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill. I enjoy word puzzles, making melodies, and the mathematics of what people find to be a catchy song.

Anna took a photo of Warren and then asked a friend to take a photo of them together. One in particular intrigued Jauczius, a technical officer with the Australian Weather Bureau who has documented his life in acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolour. They met the next day at his studio and it just went from there. Jauczius travelled with Williams to his home town of Hermannsburg in Central Australia. I saw a quiet, proud man. A man who has a deep connection with his family, his culture and the land.

Then he took me to the mission, the place he grew up in. He constantly told stories which resonated with me, and a complete picture was formed. All of these things are Warren. This is home, and home is where you can truly be yourself. His passion for music is similar, too, to the way I feel about painting. It is a simple white-washed sandstone building dating back to In it attracted more than entries.

Warren has released 10 albums to date and is a radio broadcaster in Alice Springs. Tracks on the album include songs that have only been "B" sides on singles or never been commercially available anywhere. Included in the 25 tracks is Troy's very first single Proud Young Man which, up until now, has only ever been available on seven inch vinyl.

It has been two years since the release of Keith's most recent album, the chart topping Ripcord. Graffiti U — his ninth studio album — will feature 13 tracks, including his current single Parallel Line.

The "intimate" image on the Graffiti U album cover was taken by world-renowned photographer Mark Seliger. Meanwhile, Keith will return to Australia in early May for a short promo trip to talk about the new album. Keith has consistently topped charts in Australia and the US over the last decade, amassing more than 22 million album sales worldwide with combined sales of 1.

It was chosen as the theme song for Commonwealth Games mascot Borobi. Kasey explained her special inspiration for the album The campfire was the heart of our existence: We hunted all our own food and then cooked it on the campfire.

My brother and I did all our schooling via correspondence around the campfire. We gathered around the campfire at night to play songs together as a family. Our connection to music and the land has developed through and around the campfire since I was born, so it has always stayed with me as a special part of my life.

Campfire is an album Kasey says she has wanted to make her whole life. From my early years of my family drawing from the Aboriginal way of life in the outback of Australia to experiencing the African culture and immediately connecting with it, living the seaside lifestyle in Southend, South Australia and later on, my time living on Norfolk Island to then many years of touring throughout America and being inspired by their musical culture, I have taken all of those experiences and put them into the songs and sounds for Campfire…".

The full list of tour dates and ticketing information can be found on Kasey's website www. Comparisons could be drawn with the Australian music industry. Similar to , these increases came primarily from growth in paid music subscriptions to services like Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, AppleMusic, Pandora and others, which grew by more than 50 percent.

This is the first time since that US music revenues grew materially for two years in a row. Streaming music platforms accounted for almost to thirds of total US music industry revenues in , and contributed nearly all of the growth.

The streaming category includes revenues from premium subscription services, streaming radio services including those revenues distributed by SoundExchange like Pandora, SiriusXM, and other Internet radio , and ad-supported on-demand streaming services such as YouTube, Vevo, and ad-supported Spotify.

Paid subscriptions were the biggest growth driver for the music industry in The Queensland outback town of Winton — renowned as the birthplace of Banjo Paterson's Waltzing Matilda — will stage its inaugural Way Out West Fest next month to celebrate the grand re-opening of The Waltzing Matilda Centre which was destroyed by fire in Described as "a unique four-day music and cultural experience" the Festival will feature a big line-up of entertainers from Thursday April 19 through to and including Sunday April Entertainment will commence at various in-town venues from midday on Thursday and continue through until 1am.

A "relaxed and open format will allow patrons to curate their own musical adventure from the wide range of options available to suit their own itinerary and taste while they enjoy the country hospitality that is unique to Winton," according to a Festival spokesman.

The official opening of the new Waltzing Matilda Centre is scheduled for 11am on Friday in Elderslie Street — the street will be closed for the four days of the Festival. Entertainment will resume in various venues from The official Waltzing Matilda Centre luncheon will be held at the Winton Shire Hall from 1pm until 3pm for invited guests. Gates will open at 4pm at the Eric Lenton Recreational Reserve for the Friday night main stage concert which kicks off at 5pm and runs through till 2am.

On Saturday, in-town entertainment at various venues will commence at 10am and run through through until 4. Gates will open at 4pm at the Eric Lenton Recreational Reserve for the Saturday night main stage concert which kicks off at 5pm and runs through untill 2am.

An adjunct to the festival will be a Busby Marou conert at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Recovery attraction — 26 minutes drive from Winton — from 11am till 2pm.

The pair will play Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Tamworth between April 21 and April 29 at shows that have sold out or almost sold out. As various media have reported, including noise You work hard to write a song. I tour most of the year and visit some of the littlest towns throughout Australia, but we have to have these venues to play in. Key issues addressed during the visit to Parliament House were Some figures, detailing how the Australian music industry impacts on the economy, were central to discussions Country music is definitely in the air at Easter time in Australia.

We have a comprensive listing of festivals here , but let's take a closer look at a couple of the more significant events coming up this weekend. The National Folk Festival is on in Canberra. Undoubtedly there are other smaller events, but plenty of option for fans wanting to get out and enjoy their favourite music. New Zealand country artist Peter Caulton died suddenly and unexpectedly at home on Tuesday, March Dubbed an "outlaw country singer" Peter's career extended to 26 countries, including Australia where he had his own radio show and the United States where he recorded an album in for Austin, Texas-based BSW Records.

He has played on live shows, on tlevision and in concert with many well-known performers. Born in New Zealand, Peter grew up in small country towns and spent time in Europe as well as Australia. Finnian Johnson — a rising country star, as evidenced by a number of wins at Tamworth in January — was presented with the Junior MO award. Darren Carr — another country aligned artist — was named Comedy Act of the Year. A full listing of winners can be found at www.

The Manning River Times reported that the venue is a special place for Dianne. Back in the s, two young country music entertainers hit the road with their first music tour, along with a five-week-old daughter. Their first show on the tour was in the hall at the Nabiac Showground. In honour of her parents and Australian country music pioneers, Saturday night's concert is held back where it all began for her family so many years ago.

The show will be conducted in "fine old country style entertainment" with a light supper provided at interval and time for the audience to meet and speak with the entertainers. For further details and bookings, phone Peter Simpson on A former deputy Prime Minister of Australia and current member for Grayndler in Sydney, Anthony Albanese was a huge supporter of the Australian music industry and fan of Australian music.

The musical development of just about all professional musicians in this country would have been very much influenced by their patronage of independent stores. The Global Country Artist Award recognises outstanding achievements by a country music artist signed outside of the United States. The artist must have furthered the popularity of country music as well as brought attention to the country music format in their foreign-based territory.

Previous winners have included a number of well known Australian acts The Wesley Rose International Media Achievement Award — recognising outstanding achievements in the media as they relate to country music outside of the United States — was presented to Mark Hagen, a year television and radio veteran producer, currently working for BBC Radio 2 in the United Kingdom.

The International Artist Achievement Award — recognising outstanding achievement by a U S based artist who has demonstrated the most significant growth, development and promotion of the country music industry outside of the United States — went to Little Big Town.

The International Country Broadcaster Award — recognising outstanding achievement by a radio broadcaster or syndicated radio reporter outside the United States who has made important contributions for the development of country music in their country — went to Chris Stevens, a well-known United Kingdom country music broadcaster.

And the winners are For Country Work of the Year, they are Pictured above from left: Busby Marou, Bernard and Tash. Held at the East Cessnock Bowling Club, the day started with the 10 years and under section with Sam Thompson who took out the honours. Instrumental was won by Brayden Rowland of Parkville. Brayden's father Troy Rowland was udged runner-up.

Bill Rowland was second with his song Growing Old. In the Grand Final Showdown, all section winners sang another song — different to what they performed during the day.

Louis Burt was judged Overall Winner on the day. Finalists have been announced for the International Songwriting Competition ISC and the list includes a good number of Australians. Established in , the ISC is recognised as the world's largest songwriting competition and is open to all professional and amateur songwriters. More than 16, entries were received for the current Awards from countries.

In country music and related categories, the following writers are listed among the finalists In the Country category Australian artists are being invited by the music industry benevolent fund Support Act to join EveryOneBand: You can record as much or as little as you want! Anything, from a flute to a triangle part is welcomed. But we want more! Maleny Muster in September.

A week-long celebration "of country and old-time music" includes guitar jams and blackboard sessions, production of the Family Concert of invited artists, Ukulele Friday and an Old Time Dance. The Muster brings together musicians and audience from all corners of South East Queensland and further afield and will give local country musicians the opportunity to perform and interact with visiting players and professional performers, according to Muster organisers.

New Zealand's Taranaki Country Music Festival last month was deemed so successful, it will be held again next year, according to organisers. Hundreds of people attended the three day event held at the Waitara Memorial Hall. Country music enthusiasts and performers Jocelyn and George Tuahine — who run the Riverside Country Music Group — organised the festival which featured a line up including world champion yodeller Laura Downing from Australia.

Jocelyn says around people attended on the Saturday night when Laura performed. The hall was just packed. More than 50 motorhomes and caravans parked up for the weekend and many singers were first time visitors to Taranaki.

Jocelyn says the festival goers were mostly from Taranaki and across the North Island. Festival supporter and country music fan George Worsley says the weekend was a great success and the music was of a high quality. Line dancers from Hawke's Bay attended and gave a display with Taranaki line dancers which was great to watch. Foxtel and CMC noted: For Male Artist of the Year For Australian Video of the Year For Group or Duo of the Year For International Artist of the Year For International Video of the Year Winners will be announced Thursday March 15 at 8: Award winners pictured were announced earlier this month during the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival.

The names of a few more winners from the annual country music bash in Tamworth have come to light, from the talent quest activity run in the famous Tamworth Town Hall by Tamworth Regional Council. Australia's longest-running such activity. Board members meeting this week elected artist manager Dan Biddle pictured as Chairman taking over from Dobe Newton who will remain as Association President.

Roger Corbett, who has been Vice Chairman for some time now, remains in the position of Academy of Country Music General Manager and will "expand his focus on the growth of the Academy". Meryl Davis continues in the role of Secretary and Ross Johnson as Treasurer, "rounding out an executive team which is focused on increasing the profile of Australian and New Zealand country music of all genres globally," according to a statement from the Association.

Dan, who has 20 years experience working within record labels and music management, said: Back for its 31st year, the Penrith Working Truck Show will be another big day of non-stop entertainment next month. A crowd of more than 20, are expected for the event which will have hundreds of vehicles on display from huge B doubles to custom trucks "plastered with chrome detailing and spectacular airbrushing" together with "the outstanding collection of fire engines owned by the Museum of Fire.

Children will be kept busy with 22 free rides, free fairy floss, free face painting, free airbrush tattooing and other activities. For this cost, all rides, entertainment, activities and exhibits inside the show are free. As a registered charity event, all funds raised from the Show will be used to educate families in fire safety and to "preserve the history of our bravest".

The event is supported by local fire fighters, who are helping to run the event. Entry forms are available from www. The celebration of Australian Indigenous culture features music, dance, film, fashion, food and sport and will include a special focus on Indigenous art and a performance by Australian country music favourite Troy Cassar-Daley. Highlights of the four day festival include an Indigenous fashion parade featuring top Indigenous model Samantha Harris, and celebrity chef Mark Olive will return to present the "Tastes of Tjungu Desert Dining Experience under the stars" featuring a contemporary bush foods-inspired menu.