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So in this case, I step on the scale and it broadcasts it. The data is also broadcast to Fitbit partners, such as MyFitnessPal. Along with tons more partners. Heck, you can even send it to Garmin Connect via some tricks.

Ultimately, I continue to use it as a scale that I often use myself I have one Fitbit and one Withings, in different locations. Now a few will be curious on how the Fitbit Aria scale competes with Withings Wifi scale. My advice here has always been to chose whichever scale you have a device on. So, if you have a Fitbit device — get the Fitbit scale.

And if you have the Withings device, go that way. Failing anything else…just get whatever is cheaper that week. This means you can easily mix and match and compare it to other devices.

The Surge falls into two different product categories: Fear not, you can easily customize which watches to compare it against by building your own chart here. The above tables update dynamically based on the newest features. So if Fitbit or someone else updates something, I usually update it within a few days at most. Go forth and compare! There is one little tool you can use to somewhat export out your runs, but only the GPS portion and not the HR portion.

While Fitbit might have been able to get away with the walled garden approach in past years, the market is simply too competitive these days for that plan of action. Then, expect about I used the Charge for about weeks ahead of starting my Surge, so that piece is already done Spoiler: Speaking of other reviews, I know a handful of you have asked about the Epson Pulsense In general I prioritize reviews based on interest level from you readers , hence why the Surge got fast tracked a bit.

Just waiting for my order to ship like everyone else. The Fitbit Surge has actually grown on me more than I expected. We had a bit of a rocky start to things, mostly because my first few runs were in more challenging conditions with it — so it suffered a bit. On top of that, the clean and simple user interface of the app has also been appealing.

For example the way it tracks my resting heart rate over time is super easy to understand. Which, btw, generally seems quite accurate for just day to day activities.

For me, this watch comes down to expectations. It simply has far too many shortcomings there. Hopefully you found this review useful. By doing so, you not only support the site and all the work I do here — but you also get a sweet discount. Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the unit all colors shown after clicking through to the left or accessories though, no discount on Amazon.

Or, anything else you pickup on Amazon helps support the site as well socks, laundry detergent, cowbells. And lastly, if you felt this review was useful — I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Your email address will not be published.

Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar , which works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Thanks for the review Ray.

I was originally planning to get the Garmin FR15, but once I heard about the Surge with the optical heart rate monitor, held off until your review. Also am disappointed in the HR monitor for training.

Any thoughts on the FR15 vs Surge? Have you considered the Polar M? From what I understand Ray has said previously to people with similar questions that might be an option it is also his choice as a mid range runners watch.

I have it and have been very happy. I second that too. Have the M now and generally happy with it, much better watch all around. Maybe Ray can send over a few programmers over to help out…. Boy do they need it. Nice to hear that someone Fitbit folks has that part of their act together….

What about the size of the Surge vs the M; are they similar? And while we are on the M subject; does it finally have smartphone notifications ie, text and calls? A large portion of the run was on paved bike trails which do not run parallel to most streets. Gabriel, have you read the review s? And what the M can do is described in the review for that. Are there any new and better swim-centric watches or bands available now or in the pipeline?

Orthopedist says my running days are over, so I need to learn how to swim for fitness. Most of the tri-watches are swim centric. Great review as always Ray. Thanks for putting in the time and energy to bring us this information. Having tested the Surge against a Polar chest strap and the Mio Link, I was really curious what your heart rate data would show. I do mostly p crossfire style workouts at the gym, spin classes, and runs much shorter than yours. The Surge HRM failed miserably for me at high intensity.

Your detailed data pretty much confirmed the inevitable truth. Shame too because I enjoy wearing it. Thanks for the thorough review. Can I ask if you think the day-to-day calorie tracking is any more accurate than non-hr activity trackers? From what you say it sounds like that would be the major benifit of the HR element over the more basic fitbit offerings. Hi, thanks for another great review. Have you tested how long it lasts in GPS mode from full charge?

Wondering if it would last out a four hour or so marathon. For HRV, sorry I meant in general. Not for this device. I do it with a Polar strap but use the TomTom when training. And thanks for looking at duration when running GPS. I experinced the same HRM inconsistencies that you have. Meanwhile I love the application. As always your reviews are right on, Thank you for your hard work. The fact that you know the watch emails you when the battery is low means that you found the marble in the pit.

Now you just need to go have a very hot shower to disinfect yourself from climbing around in the ball pit looking for that marble. I so far used to own a xt, a and most recently I am using a paired with a mio link.

When choosing a GPS watch I always heavily relied on rays reviews. The said watches perfomed exactly as reviewed and suited my needs perfectly. This combo should work for me until we see the next generation of trackers. What do you guys use it for? Is it possible to connect a heart rate strap to the Fitbit to get the HR more accurate for training?

I think you can do it,… with some limitations you will just override calories, not HR data , using a strap and some app like Digifit… but at least you have better accuracy on calories burned on fitbit, and proper HR data from the workout on another platform…. I was thinking the other way. I think it looks as something I can use all day, including office time. I would also say having your data locked into the fitbit platform also sucks.

It has to be easy to merge all of your activities into one application. What does the unit do when you are lying on the couch at night watching a movie? Does it think you are sleeping? If so, how can it be pretty good at tracking sleep automatically? Some people who have swam or showered in it have reported condensation under the screen afterwards. Swimming is still considered no-go. Is there a better option out there for cyclists? I too can confirm the condensation under the screen.

I have not swam or showered with it, just done several very sweaty treadmill runs with it and have seen it fog up considerably, clear away, then return. I sent a Tweet to FitbitSupport for some kind of response from them. I contacted Fitbit about the condensation under my screen. They determined that based on my use that it was a faulty device. They confirmed my order and are replacing the device under warranty. It will take a few weeks due to back orders.

Not sure if all condensation problems are results of defects, but it appears Fitbit is acknowledging it on a case to case basis. Thanks for the review. Still hoping they can fix the issues though!

But maybe I was wrong. Two watches that have taken my quoriosity for the last six months was the Surge and Runsense sf The latter is more directed to serious athletes, but im not sure if I could go for a watch made by a printer company?

Eagerly awaits the Jawbone review! Yes, I am also looking forward to the review of the jawbone Up3. Ray, I am interested in all sports non running, ping pong, weights and such.

Hoping for something more accurate on non traditional activities. Thank you so much for the review. I am pretty sad to hear that the HR functionality is so bad while exercising. I currently have a Polar Loop which works very well for what I used to do Marathons with HR strap apart from me missing the GPS functionality but I have gotten injured in the last few months which means that I am now restricted to 5km runs and doing weights instead of long runs.

This meant that steps are less important but now it is rather HR during sessions and with the strap being uncomfortable this would have solved all of my problems.

I do want to replace my Polar Loop as I feel like I am really not utilising it well anymore and this was the one that would have been able to solve all the problems.

Would it be worth it to wait for them to realise that their HRM is shocking and fix it or wait for the next company who attempts to integrate all features into one device? Also, did you have a chance to play with microsoft band by any chance? I just added a small snippet into the review about the , here: I was hoping this could replace them both, but I guess not!

In any case, the Basis Peak seems to be the best overall activity tracker. This was a sure bet for me until I saw your preview of the Vivoactive. Were you able to get any accuracy out of the HR zones that Fitbit had defined? This is the biggest limitation that I am seeing with the Charge HR right now. Have they said anything about providing the ability to create custom zones like Garmin and others do?

You can set one custom zone right now, which is pretty awful. Only work around right now is to totally mess with your age to try and get the zones to fall into what we may see on our other devices. Thanks for all you do. After the run, the avg and max hr are within beats, and the calories burned is spot on. During a weight workout, the hr did not keep up with the chest strap and gave me — a few times. One thing I forgot to try was changing the setting from auto to on which I will do tomorrow and see if there is a difference.

The calories burned is a little less than the Bodymedia but the steps and stairs are much higher. One issue I found is that it reports my run as stairs climbed, even when not on a hilly route.

During a 4 mile run I climbed 42 flights. The resting heart rate is interesting. On the app it just shows the hr it measured right when you wake up. If you look on the graph, you can scroll over it and see what your lowest hr was during the day, mine was 53 vs the 65 the app recorded for the day. I did not buy this with the intention of replacing the Garmin but for a more accurate calorie burn the rest of the day, supposedly with the HR. However, the description for the UP3 says that initially it too will only grab your resting heart rate when you first wake up and a later software update will do all day tracking.

Thanks for the review Ray! The moderators on the Fitbit forum seemed to suggest the integration would work for all of their devices. Can you point me to post? It seems like a real winner. The review read like it tried to keep a positive tone but was just dismal.

Long time to acquire and semi-inaccuate GPS, unfinished software, inaccurate heartrate. I really wanted this product to do well. Quick questoin on the sleep tracking: I have the device, and it seems it tracks sleep just like the other devices, in that it focuses on your movement. You can still see your heart rate while asleep, but efficiency is all about when you move.

I see a lot of your complaints echoed on the Fitbit help forum for the surge, specifically with HR accuracy. I hope they fix that in a firmware update. But I think Fitbit may actually be able to resolve your problems in that arena. To address this, Fitbit has tried to correct using algorithms and smoothing. The algorithms rely too heavily on step count. In all, I agree that this is almost definitely NOT the device for someone who would consider themselves a high-performance athlete or super-athlete.

I can think of no better device on the market right now. And it wants to do all that while plugging into an interface with a lot of users and increasing social presence. But once I looked at the numbers it became clear just how often it was off. Additionally, I can think of better products on the market, such as the TomTom Cardio Runner which is cheaper.

There are good ones out there Mio, Scosche, Valencell products. Here is a chart of me running on the treadmill. I walked for 3 minutes, 45 seconds, then went straight into 8 mph, upped to 8. This has been true for all my treadmill runs. And here I am running outside. After all, I only have about a half dozen under my belt since I got the device.

Variability between people should not be surprising. In that case the optical sensor will pick up HR much better for you than others. Thanks for the as usual great review. As with you I found the accuracy to be a little off on a few of my runs. In one case it cut out completely about half a mile from the finish dense forest in the pacific northwest.

I have had the exact opposite experience with acquiring a signal though. The difference has been one of the most pleasant surprises with the surge and as someone who is most often running in cold Iowa winters may be the biggest reason I choose to stick with it.

Oh one other note — interestingly even though the GPS stopped tracking the final distance was pretty accurate as the watch continued to count steps and used that to get the full distance. Thanks Ray for another thorough review. DId your Surge have the latest update when you were reviewing it? I read that GPS accuracy was one of the improvements in the update. Yes, the Surge had the latest updates on it, and all runs were post following that initial GPS fix update.

However, if the sensor is bad there is not much they can do. I have GPS from my phone anyway, so paying extra for a combo does not make much sense to me. The only place where a handful of people have issues with the Scosche is depending on where they wear it, during certain gym exercises that have sharp reps with them. Not all, but some. For running, riding, etc…. It is spot on with my garmin strap, but without the smoothing of the Garmin strap. I wear it on my wrist.

Only issue I had with wearing it on my wrist, is biking in very cold weather. As soon as my hands get really cold had no gloves , the heart rate drops on the scosche. No idea if this is because the blood flow to my hands gets less. With gloves no issue. Till now I never had a drop or spike with it, apart from the drop with cold hands and on the wrist, and I used it many hours. Hi, I would like to buy a GPS watch solely for tracking long walks. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ray another great review. Straight up a — looking for something to start looking at how much to eat and calories brunt with work.

So take rides with a Garmin Would someone have an idea? Or some other solution? From my personal experience MyFitnessPal is best. It was actually amazing to see how exact the calorie burn of the combination above was — I set my weight loss goal based on calorie deficit and hit exactly the intended weight loss figures week after week.

Of course that assumed meticulous food logging. I suppose it comes down to the question, what are you after? For me the Charge HR accuracy seems a little off. The sensor is constantly playing catch up. I had a Garmin whose battery life was nearing less than an hour so I took a chance on the Surge and got it just before Christmas.

I have been delighted many times by the watch. I like having HR data for my runs but I was never consistent about using my chest strap, the Surge solved that. The watch has passed my expectations. Great review as always!

I think from your review the fitbit Surge is off the table as it seems too limited in its running functionality. We almost bought s but then we saw the Surge and now the Garmin Vivoactive.

Now we are seriously considering the Garmin Vivoactive. The daily wear-ability and smart watch functions with the GPS is a strong pull. My biggest concern is it wont be robust enough in running functionality. I am curious to hear what you think.

What are your recommendations? It sounds like a foot-race between the Garmin Vívoactive and the Polar M for you both. Also, the M will give you a bit more custom training capabilities over the Vívoactive for example, interval training, custom workouts, etc. But the M lacks vibration alerts. A huge negative to many. Also, the Connect IQ may address that robustness. I agree with you on the vibration alerts, while it is important I would tend to define that as a nice-to-have.

I was just going off the feedback the OP provided. Thanks for the input, My M should show up today. Amazon had the white for without the hrm. Thanks for a great in-depth review as usual. There is so much information here compared to what you could find anywhere else. Thanks so much for the review. Thanks again for all the time you put in and info! I really do enjoy reading your reviews, especially on activity trackers.

I think this made it pretty enjoyable, anyway, please let me know it you want it removed for whatever reasons. Does it measure stairs climbed indoors? Got to thank you for the review. It actually seems this is a good product? I know recent things like the Microsoft band, Gear 2 etc etc have had terrible heart rate monitors to go with, so good to see a Product that isnt a Mio sensor that actually works.

I can some times spend months without an internet connection shocking right. So without the ability to save Data as a tcx file of some kind sadly as much as I like this product, for those periods its slightly useless. I noticed above you mentioned the Polar M What is the viability of using this indoors with a heart rate monitor? As I can not see anywhere if the polar allows it.

Have seen in places where you can download the data from the watch itself and not upload it to the Polar website. When Ive tracked my heart rate all day vs tracking my heart rate with a Mio Alpha synced to my phone, in a normal day there is maybe 50 calories or so different. For me, it would seem heart rate monitoring is only important during aerobic exercise where the difference in calories burned between my fitbit flex and heart rate monitor is several hundred calories out. Hi Ray, Thanks for another great in-depth review.

I had seen some of the same things on a couple of youtube reviews but wanted to see what you had to say. I am a bit confused and would appreciate if you would weigh in.

As a part of the wellness program for the firm I work at, I need to get a fitbit device to participate in the program. I can either get a Charge HR at no cost or pay 70 bucks more to get a Surge. My initial thoughts were to get the Surge as it is a lot of technology for 70 bucks.

I wont be using either one for tracking my workouts I have an FR for that. But the dismal performance of the GPS, a lack of the ability to export HR data and limited smart watch features have put me on the fence. Is it worth spending the extra cash for the Surge over the Charge HR.

Your thoughts are much appreciated. There are a lot of things I actually like about the Fitbit Surge. I guess my question is how much of the HR aspects you plan to use.

I am interested in the resting HR bit though that can be done using Charge as well. I am a little bummed out by the faulty HR data during workouts but more so due to the limited smartwatch functionality. Though 70 bucks still seems like a great price. I had great results using a Chrome app called WebPlotDigitizer to accurately create a csv file from the fitbit heart rate graph. If you think this is useful I can digitize one of your graphs and send you the file, it will take me two or three minutes, or you can play with this Chrome extension yourself.

This is one of the charts I created: Very much appreciate it! Poking at this a bit, just to clarify your workflow. Are you saving the values as a JSON file from the site and then importing in — or are you saving the charts as a image file and then reading it in that way?

Or some other method? I did save it as an image and then load it in the app. To get more points I changed a couple of default settings dx and dy both to 2. After I got the csv, I randomly cross checked a couple of points between the Fitbit website and the csv to make sure there were no issue with scaling, but so far the results I had were pretty much perfect.

Hey Ray, another user of the fitbit forum Michael , made me notice that you if you just look at the html source of the page that has the details of the activity, the data of heart rate versus time is there available and ready to be copied in excel. It seems a much better method than the one I used…. Thanks for the review; is there any chance of a comparison review between the Surge and the Band? Leave a comment just to talk as I am impressed with the level of detail and perfection of reviews on this site.

If you look at the Scosche, it uses a sensor from Valencell. That company — all they do — is work on optical HR sensors for other companies such as Scosche. Though there are some bigger players, for example Texas Instruments. Basis is reduced as well. I theorize that it is all about power. The ones that work only do so for 8 hours or less. I just purchased a Surge on Sunday. It missed the ramp in HR during a 5 minute warmup. During a intervals at the end of the workout, the Surge showed the peaks of HR relatively well, but did not show the recovery during rest nearly as well.

Details can be seen at: Ray — Any idea if the Surge is performing low pass filtering of the HR data that can be changed with a firmware update, particularly when in workout mode? I really appreciate the in-depth review on the Surge. Thank you for the review. I was also one of the people who received a Surge in early December. The Surge is a gadget; it is not a sports watch. It is occasionally accurate but in the majority of cases misses the mark.

I usually get up in the middle of the night for tea. It typically logs one but not both sleep sessions. I surf the Internet in the mornings. As you state, none of the Surge data is downloadable. It tracks three heart parameters and then does no more that display lines on cartoonish graphs. It often throws my starting point out in the middle of a nearby lake.

The Surge will often declare a HR of when walking in the middle of winter. I cycle in the spring, summer, and fall.

I get on a hot summer day cycling up hill. If you can accept the inaccuracies, the lock outs, and the lack of access to data, then the Surge might work for you. However, I expect more from a sports watch.

I like the form factor. Were they racing to beat Apple to market? I noticed you can change sleep times in the iPhone app. That might explain why some commentators mention that they adjust the sleep times.

You are locked out on a PC. If you can do that via the iPhone, why not on a PC? Fitbit, are you listening to anyone?

You can edit it via the website. Click that and you can edit the sleep. I find that the sleep tracking is very accurate.

Yesterday I slept 3 different times and it registered this perfectly. Do you travel a lot to different climates that you have been able to verify this on a device that has only been out for a month? I am a first time poster, but have been reading your blog since I got into running 9 weeks ago. I had been thinking of loosing some weight and as I had a nice gadget now, I thought I could get into running because i just wanted to test out all the features of my ambit.

Now 9 weeks later I jog about 2 times a week for 6k and swimm once a week for k. Who thought these kind of gadget would get me excersising! It does what it is advertised for. Now here come my question. I am would like to get an activity tracker with hr sensor that does not need a strap but can accuratelly track my workout hr.

Which Tracker should i get to go with the ambit 3? I started out with the Force. I returned it due to recall, and waited for the Charge to come out. I now have the Charge. So when I go grocery shopping I take it off and place it on my shoe laces or in my pocket so I can getting my steps in. Does it track distance all day? Manufacturer states 5 hours in GPS mode from full charge, looking forward to hearing what people are actually getting in practice.

So I have to push the stroller with one arm and let the arm with the watch on it hang so steps get recorded. Kind of annoying, but not a huge deal. I play an hour of guitar every night with the Fitbit on my strumming hand to make up for stroller and shopping cart pushing;.

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