Benefits of Being Caffeine Free And How to Beat The Hellish Withdrawals

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I never really had a problem with cocoa before. Please let me know if you have any information or guidance on this. Whats funny is you even promoted eating dark chocolate in another thread. They are extremely healthy and contain somethings that are known to reduce blood sugar amino acids? So happy I found this article and these comments. I was looking for something more reliable on the subject because honestly, I was ready to find some of this raspberry miracle for myself.

Because knowledge is healthy

Controlling the Dawn Phenomenon

This is combined with multiple diet cokes with lunch and dinner. Probably anywhere from mg daily. Until I tried to quit caffeine.. Just the usual ups and down in life. But very happy-go-lucky and appreciative of life in general no matter the circumstancel. I had some unfortunate family issues and was have some weird mid-life worries and anxiety and wanted to make some changes.

So I tried to quit caffeine. At first I was just having a single cup in the morning and nothing after that… Then I thought I was cheating myself and went down to just two cups of green tea. Nothing close even with tragic events. I feel no joy in anything anymore.. Uncontrollable rumination of negative thoughts and emotions.

The most important thing about caffeine is adrenal fatigue. Over the years, over months drinking enough caffeine and skipping sleep on a daily basis will wear your adrenal glands out. Your adrenal glands are responsible for balancing all of the energy and focus inside of your body.

It takes weeks to months to heal from this condition. Also your body builds up a natural defense system against caffeine. The most I have from coffee is a cup to half a cup, if I do any more than that then I stress creating adrenal fatigue all over again. Though it can make you feel like you have cancer. Hints of natural energy returning keep coming back.

Noticed on the other hand that I was totally dehydrated and my lips were very dry. Social skills somewhat better. Coughing up slime all the way and it feels like my voice got lower.

Also had a moment of almost throwing up yesterday, acid reached my throat and it was so sour that it felt like it burnt a hole in my throat. Overall still great lack of energy but I feel hints of progress. Hello folks, for me it is day 3 of no caffeine.

I have also quitted other bad habits like smoking cigarettes and smoking pot for a longer period, but the emphasis in this case is on caffeine ofcourse. Hell is getting over me. Felt like total shit. Severe headaches, irritability lvl: Small hints of natural energy coming back and i decided to be a few minutes outside because it was a very shiny day.

It all felt extremely pleasant because it was so HD. The mainstream claims withdrawal from caffeine should be over in days. This scared me into thinking I had something else seriously wrong with me. My story involves pre-workout powders that I have used for ten years with hardly any time off from them.

A trainer at my gym started me on these in early I started out only taking one scoop per day approx. This past January I realized my addiction and that I was craving my preworkout drink. I was having it in the evening too.

I was having at least two drinks one scoop per drink per day sometimes three. On March 12th I cut back to only one scoop per day. I had no idea this reduction would send me into withdrawal. This coincided with my son leaving for a 3 month trip abroad which left me crying uncontrollably. He has been on a half dozen or so trips before which never affected me like this. I found myself in deep depression and high anxiety.

I could not shake negative thoughts; it seemed like everything reminded me of something that would make me sad. I wake up with an anxious nervous feeling in my stomach and dread getting up.

I have not had many physical affects. Minor headaches and runny nose. I am still taking one scoop per day. I plan to continue this until my withdrawl symptoms subside.

Once I do recover I will begin a slow taper to having absolutely zero caffeine. Is my logic correct? I read several posts that say cold turkey is the best way to go. I will say this, it made me realize how depression feels. I have not been able to enjoy things I used to love and everything causes me to have memories of my children when they were young which makes me want to cry.

Depression and anxiety have been so bad. I keep hoping this will end soon. I do have a question.. Did u also Feel Some pain in your body or aching after during your withdrawl process.. Thanks for Such An information.. I am expereincing the same currently. I got High BP during withdrawl of higher Dosage of Caffeine and other gym prework out stimulants that i was consuming since past 2 years… I feel Laziness, Headaches ,Lack of focus and concentration….

I do have a question for You.. Did you also feel some kind of pain or litle pain in throat area During your This withdrawl Process…. Just wondering about back pain. I had a little increase in back pain on day 3 or 4 which has persisted however, in the last 4 days it has increased to near unbareable. Thr thing is i have a very bad back 2 surgeries but it hasnt been this painful in a LONG time. And i dont think i fid anything to aggravate it. Anyone else have back pain this long after quitting?

It is honestly all caffeine withdrawal. I was a caffeine addict for three years, when I have too much nowadays instead of just the right amount my body tends to punish me. So that is completely normal to not be able to get back on it as well. All the pain will go away completely before a five month period. Though never being able to kick the stuff entirely.

Though the problem is that coffee makes my brain and body feel irritated, never truly feeling that calm and blissful feeling of maximum focus and energy. Though once a person gets past two cups of coffee a day, they are done for. The addiction has already settled in. Then they are only doomed to having four to even six cups a day. Coffee creates irritation, it makes you unfocused from either too much energy or not enough.

Perhaps only having tea. Now that my adrenal fatigue is over, I no longer have coffee for the energetic benefits but my body misses the focus and the concentration it used to feel. The first weeks where quite bad and around christmas I had 2 weeks with very little sleep. My sleep has improved but not that much, I also stopped drinking alcohol a month ago. I read it helps too with sleep and overall health. Was not a heavy drinking only low to moderate drinker.

Is it possible to feel better like you Sean if I only had milligram caffeine days a week for 10 years? Hello all, I started lifting weights when I was 17 and soon after started taking pre workout supplements massive caffein.

Last month I had a health scare and went to the doctor and was off of caffein for a few days when I started developing all kinds of awful symptoms. My anxiety went through the roof, I had severe sleep problems, depression, my whole body was tense and I thought I was actually dying.

I believe that the caffein withdrawal and adrenal burnout are my problem…. I have since stopped all caffein and tried to clean up my diet…I am currently around week 6 of all this torture and hope this is coming to an end soon. Anyways, please reply if this sounds like anything that you are going through…thanks.

As a little kid drank a lot of Surges and Mountain Dews. From 18 onward I took a ton of pre-workouts. I decided to quit 5 weeks ago because no matter how much coffee I drank I felt tired.

I got maybe hours of productive work done per day. Some days I feel great. Other days I am super lethargic and unmotivated. Here I am at week 5 and I just spent the whole day sleeping. Going to keep sticking it out. Each week it gets a little better. Yesterday I ate like an absolute maniac, taking in over calories like it was nothing!

Avoiding sugar is going to be the hardest part. Congratulations to all the people who have taken this step in their lives. One thing that I would urge those of you trying to quit to do is give up TV at the same time that you quit caffeine.

TV is stimulating to your brain and though it may mask some of the initial withdrawal symptoms it may be more disruptive to your overall health and well being. I used to take caffeine pills from morning to night. Maybe — mg daily. I did this for 12 years or so. I had anxiety issues the entire time I did this. I was still able to function well enough to advance in my job, but it was a crazy amount of anxiety when there was any new stress.

On June 18th I quit cold turkey and it was a nightmare. I was really just fatigued for the first week, the next three weeks were the worst. I felt like I was going crazy. Two months later my focus is just starting to come back. Hey Jeremy how are you progressing? Your story is pretty similar to mine, I did coffee pre workout for almost 15 years nonstop and had anxiety depression as well….

I am on day 18 of no caffeine. I have been researching the subject nonstop and your article is the only one that has been truly helpful.

I keep coming back to read it to remind myself that it will get better. Caffeine is one of the last harmful things that I have stopped putting into my body, and the withdrawals have not been pretty, even for a relatively healthy person like me. My stress level has been high without any specific cause; my hair has been shedding; my neck and shoulder muscles have been stiff; I have been irritable, foggy, disinterested in nurturing relationships, and lose energy quickly when exercising.

Luckily, though, I have already noticed an improvement in my sleep, which has become deeper. One thing that might help others suffering from withdrawal symptoms for an extended period of time is researching adrenal fatigue and ways to overcome it more easily.

There is a very good book by James L. Wilson on this topic. Anyone still suffering from fatigue and brain fog in month 10? Leading to a spike in depression, energy loss, loss of motivation, and complete lack of motivation. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that our brain produces to nudge us into doing stuff. But what you can do is increase dopamine in your system to help you stay focused, productive and motivated.

Discover New Things Dopamine production is actually triggered when we find something new and exciting in front of us. Our ancestors would experience it when discovering new herds to hunt or new plants to harvest.

But we do have the internet. The internet is a treasure trove for discovering new music to new videos. A simple dopamine booster is browsing Pinterest or even Amazon for new products and items. A word of caution: So it follows that To get more hits, break down those big jobs into smaller ones. And as I said above, you need to list down those tasks. Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off something as done.

Listen To Music Studies have shown that if you listen to music you really enjoy, the brain releases dopamine as a response. Even the anticipation of hearing that music also increases dopamine levels, which is probably why you see all these crazy lines in front of music stores. Increase Your Tyrosine Tyrosine is the building block of dopamine, so make sure that you have enough of this protein in you.

Here are some common foods that have loads of tyrosine: Reduce Your Lipopolysaccharides Lipolypo, lipopopoly, lipoly-what again? These are also called endotoxins and yes, it is indeed a toxin. Basically, if you have too much of these, your immune system will go haywire. More importantly, it inhibits the production of dopamine. The best way to combat this is by having more good bacteria than bad in your gut.

How do you do that? Eat lots of probiotic foods, mostly fermented foods like yogurt, kefir and kimchi. Get enough sleep so your gut can keep up with you. To make it fun for you, your brain actually releases fun chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and yes, dopamine. The great thing is even non-strenuous exercise can help increase dopamine levels. Try taking the dog out for a walk, climbing some stairs, or busting out the Wii Fit. Establish A Streak A streak is just a visual reminder of how many consecutive times you achieved something.

The easiest way to do this is to take a calendar and put an X in the box everyday you do something, like cleaning your desk or eating a healthy lunch.

Having a streak increases dopamine production in the same way completing a task does. Curcumin, the active ingredient in our favorite curry spice turmeric, helps increase levels of dopamine. L-theanine increases neurotransmitter production in your brain, one of which is dopamine.

Green tea has lots of this, though it can also be taken as a theanine supplement. Acetyl-l-tyrosine is a production-ready version of tyrosine which will make it easier for your brain to create dopamine. Increasing dopamine can be as simple as taking up a creative hobby like photography, crafting, auto repair or drawing.

Meditate Sometimes the best way to do something is by doing nothing. Whether you meditate, pray or do simple self-reflection, all these activities are linked to increased dopamine levels. Dopamine is an addictive chemical but in a good way.

And have you noticed something? Its a destructive drug that i never thought it will be like this…. I thought it was safe to consume and i never thought that there is withdrawal and to take that darn long…. Seems all sites that claim its 9 days have an agenda to hide the fact that its an addictive drug like other drugs so they keep selling there caffeine…. Hope you get better bro because it seems it will take us more than a year. I am on day 74 of being caffeine free. Is this normal after so much time?

Good days where you feel near perfect, bad days where you feel awful. Take it in stride, rest a lot, eat healthy, and practice meditation. Time is the only thing that really takes it away, and no caffeine.

The smallest doses can just build up in your system, mostly because your body could have an intolerance now. Along with you could likely have adrenal fatigue, I know I had all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Update; I started taking mcg of Selenium each morning, which is one tablet. Along with Vitamin B complex, for two days now and drinking at least a cup of iced tea every morning.

Although Selenium can build up in the body as well, so I have to remember to take breaks from it. Hopefully one day I can get all my energy back and be able to go a month from caffeine and not feel a thing.

I hope this solution lasts, if not then I have to give up caffeine or I have a medical problem. I just meant it took away the symptoms temporarily. It also works on the thyroid to produce energy. Oh I understand, I tapered off too. By the way,3 brazil nuts per day provides you with your daily requirement of selenium in a far more absorbable form than a chemical supplement which can be dangerous in overdose. While it is being advised to take adequate levels of the essential trace mineral selenium either through food or through supplements, there is a lurking danger of overdose and side effects by taking too much of it.

In fact the adult requirement is only mcg. Causes of selenium overdose Normally we get sufficient of this mineral from our diet. The situation of excess can occur in the following circumstances. Excess presence in soil and food. Soils in different regions of the world contain varying levels of selenium. Foods grown in very high selenium bearing soils have too much of it and cause selenosis. Self medication and excess and unregulated use of supplements Use of selenium supplements without proper analysis of the requirement can lead to excess consumption and overdose.

Frequent use of Brazil nuts and other foods very rich in the mineral can lead too much accumulation of it in the body causing the health problems. Selenium side effects on consuming too much of it Side effects of consumption of too much of this mineral include garlic odor in breath, lung problems, breathlessness gastrointestinal irritation, stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, muscle cramps, restlessness, listlessness, dementia, behavioral problems, metallic taste in the mouth, hair loss, skin inflammation, tooth decay, and fingernail discoloration.

Other problems on too much of this mineral are damage to nervous system, impairment of liver, impairment of kidney, thyroid malfunction, jaundice, dermatitis, birth defects, and stunting of growth.

In extreme cases fever and damage to lung and heart occur and may result in mortality. Relief, treatment and cure from selenium side effects Treating selenosis starts with removing the causative factor. The patient is made to drink sufficient water to flush out the excess reducing the problems. There is no antidote for this mineral.

In severe overdose cases hospitalization is necessary for the convalescence of the patient and for the treatment. You are right, I cold be suffering from selenium overdose as of now, with intestinal problems to feeling lightheaded.

I was always unsure whether caffeine withdrawal was causing the lightheaded feeling and the stomach upset, even though it is month The feeling of fatigue is only now just going away again. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups.

One group ate two Brazil nuts each day estimated to provide approx. A second group took a supplement providing micrograms of selenium as selenomethionine per day, and the third group, who served as controls, were given a placebo pill. Blood levels of selenium and glutathione peroxidase GPx — a selenium containing enzyme that is one of the body's most important antioxidants activities were measured at the beginning of the study and at 2, 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

By week 12, blood levels of selenium had increased by Plasma levels of GPx increased by 8. Not only was consumption of two Brazil nuts each day as effective for increasing selenium status and enhancing GPx activity as micrograms of selenomethionine per day, but just one Brazil nut per day would have been sufficient to raise dietary selenium intake to within recommended intake levels for the mineral.

The researchers pointed out that food sources are always preferable to supplementation for improving the nutritional status of a population because they are sustainable, less expensive and have a lower risk of toxicity. The authors did, however, warn that Brazil nuts are not uniform in their selenium content and may contain much more or much less than the estimated 50 micrograms per nut.

No more than one or two Brail nuts should be consumed daily to avoid excessive accumulation of selenium in tissues. Enjoy just one Brazil nut each day and help ensure that you get your daily requirement for selenium. Am J Clin Nutr. I went to his last weekend workshop in London, it was great, thank you so much for recommending his programme to me. I posted here about a month ago. Two months ago I gave up caffeine.

Overall, I feel much better without it, but my mind is still very, very dull. Depression and anxiety are for the most part gone. I think people sometimes start speaking to me, and then they stop… because all I can do is stare blankly at them. So for now, the dull brain and fatigue are consuming me. Hopefully nobody notices too much.

I am a bit more motivated than in the first two months. I have been weaning myself off of caffeine for the past 5 months. It took about a month to adjust to the change in brand while consuming the same amount — about ounces of double strength brew.

All stated before but this time I started becoming extremely paranoid abut my personal life as well. The worst part is the strain it put on my relationship with my girlfriend.

We live together and I was convinced it was over — basically I felt like total shit. After about three months I started having a day or two a week where I felt fine — just like my regular old self.

The crazy part was that any time I changed my regular consumption of caffeine, however small, it led to a new wave of withdrawal. I have been drinking green tea daily, as many as cups a day for the last 12 years or so. In the past, I would occasionally go through coffee phases where I was drinking about 2 pots a day. Every time I decided to switch back to tea — depression. I tried the astragalus root and l-theanine and that seemed to help a little. I now plan to start up a jogging habit 3x a week so hopefully that helps as well.

Anyways, just wanted to drop in — thanks everyone for sharing your stories. Worst symptoms are the back ache, muscle spasms and the fatigue. The rash around my nose and mouth has completely cleared up, thank goodness. Eyes still sore and still get blocked sinuses. Still get the dry cough on occasions, Sleep is good.

Worst mistake of my life. It led to a traumatic experience in the ER and sever panic attacks. Some days are okay, I feel like I can get by, but others are just awful. All I can say is I hope this passes soon because it has literally been hell.

Month 8 of caffeine withdrawal. The fatigue has lifted gradually, unfortunately I spent all last month trying to reintroduce caffeine into my system from the struggles of withdrawal.

Which has kicked me back about 30 days, the stress has eroded away mostly. Perhaps the stress will return when I get my full energy back, though I fully expect to be better around month The less caffeine you have the better, even if you think it will lessen the symptoms.

There comes a time when the body just gets tired of having it, and every intake of it can cause problems. Keeping stress down and sleeping all the time is important, it will always keep you at a balance along with just doing anything to not think about caffeine that is possible. B vitamin complex is what I recommend for energy. Five months of physical symptoms the only one being fatigue, and five months of mental symptoms is what I seem to experience.

People are crazy they are programed that caffeine is safe and not like other drugs…I also used caffeine for energy and to help in the gym thinking its safe to use.. I did not use coffee but only pre-workouts before hitting the gym for years…Like many others who are in to bodybuilding using that stuff all of them suffered withdrawals and severe panic attacks and hell on earth like junkies going throu heroin withdrawals…..

For sleep you can use melatonin sleep aid its natural and helps with deep sleep…I recommend 1 mg before bed and used for short term 1 month until the body can sleep on its own naturally and then stop using it for a while…I am myself in 10 month withdrawal anxiety mentally and I am seriously going to get treated in drug rehab center as i am fed up and cant take it anymore…Try ginseng for energy and melatonin for sleep.

I wonder if caffeine use creates a severe thyroid problem, which explains the severe loss of energy. Over consumption and the thyroid takes months upon months to heal, which also disturbs sleep process. No, I seem to become more allergic to caffeine each and every single time I have it no matter how small the ammount.

In my humble opinion i think you should stay away from caffeine…i know many bodybuilders who are in rehab because of this drug and personally i know a friend who suffered withdrawals that lasted 2 years….. Putting a drug in healthy sport like bodybuilding that has withdrawals like heroin is shameful and also it raises blood pressure and also causes your adrenal gland to be exhausted…. Caffeine withdrawal is tough, but heroin withdrawal is like nothing you can fathom.

Drinking coffee is not like taking ultra concentrated caffeine from powders which is taking me over year of withdrawals and my other friend who used the same stuff and took him 2 years of withdrawals. I run through phases of emotional numbness to phases of emotional over reaction. Still to this day I have to watch myself.

Opiates use will cause long term serotonin level problems. You kind of have to feel it for yourself after a very long period of abstinence to understand it. Caffeine exacerbates these emotional problems 10 fold. Once I gave it up I really got a handle on everything else. With that said I was referring to the withdrawal and the withdrawal alone. I think both are addictive and dangerous…. Caffeine does effect adenosine receptors. It takes about 5 months until I feel better, no more anxiety, depression still present percents.

Yes, it takes months like Sean said until the body recover from caffeine. Due to acute gastritis a week ago I was forced to go cold turkey on my 10 year approx. What struck me as most surprising, is that my cravings for caffeine are actually much stronger than my cravings for alcohol.

All in all, this process is going much easier than I was expecting, considering my previous withdrawal experiences. I think, with any withdrawal, it needs to be considered as an illness. Which means calling in sick, not working for a week, and just lying in bed and sleeping it out. This is how I got through nicotine and a previous withdrawal.

Hopefully it will work for caffeine too. Best of luck to anyone quitting this surprisingly strong, socially acceptable addiction! I really think sleeping as much as possible is key. I am on day 3 of no caffeine. Typing a coherent message seems to be a challenge! I have experienced much of what has already been said. I will add that I have been fortunate enough to deal with this in a natural setting.

If you have the opportunity to be in nature, especially taking part of activities in nature hiking, for example , take it! You will appreciate the opportunity to have a meditative, peaceful mind. I have relocated to a seaside town temporarily, and upon arriving, I still felt so frazzled.

All the elements were there for peace of mind, but I could never settle down since I had a near-constant flow of caffeine in my system. Since giving it up, I have been able to embrace the natural beauty around me and am feeling more in the moment.

Good luck to everyone on the journey. Things are looking up a little. Had a good 3 days of minimal to no depression. Unfortunately this could go south at any point. If I had to guess — this is part of the healing process. I reckon the good days will be few and far between, then get closer……and closer until they are so close ALL the days are good days. I think the caffeine was also triggering my cardiophobia Yes ridiculously this is a real thing look it up. A condition where you focus too much on your heartbeat.

I believe the caffeine was causing my heartbeat to be ever present. Which it absolutely should be!! Although It was causing it to beat hard and It would often govern my state of mind. I also tried camomile tea to help ease my anxiety. I have mixed feelings about this. Sometimes it worked to calm me down. You might get away with it like I did a couple times — but is it worth the risk? Thanks Sean Russell and thanks all my fellow sufferers. I thought that I could turn to it as an answer for everything, though eventually it wore me down to the core.

Leaving me sick and helpless all the time, it was only when I went through six months of withdrawal that I finally began to feel as though I could do anything again. Also practicing meditation or taking a nap when stress occurs. My body can still become sick for no reason, bad stomach ache, and sinus pain. Along with random fatigue. Though some days I almost do feel percent.

You are right man, the healing process is not linear at all. And yeah the good days will continue to get close and closer man. Thanks for your insights! I posted a while back. I have been off caffeine twice in the past year. First time for 11 days.

Second time for 30 days. The first 11 were the worst 11 days of my life. Bottom of the pit depression. The second 30 were better, but still horrible. I was very depressed and tired. I eventually succumbed to caffeine again. Now, I have tried a third time. I feel better than the first two times around. My brain is foggy; I might be slightly depressed but mostly just fatigued. I have noticed each time I give up caffeine, it gets a little easier to break free of.

I thought the Pure Raspberry Ketone people had a money back guarantee but after calling and then reading the fine print there is absolutely NO Guarantee that this stuff will work. They agreed to take back any unopened bottles for a refund of a pittance if I shipped it back, but no guarantee standing behind the claims they make as to weight loss.

Perhaps the Raspberry Ketone thing might have an initial placebo effect, as long as folks believe it will work, then for a while, they will believe the lie and they will temporarily lose weight. I was thinking about buying these miraculous pills but fortunatelly I found your article. Thank you for being honest I think the weight-loss business is one of the biggest ones and one of the most tricky ones.

They also have a testimonial by Rachel Ray along with a video of Dr Oz on one of the websites. She not only promotes the raspberry ketones but a colon cleanse as well! I do NOT trust this woman, because she would sell her mother to make a buck.

If this stuff truly worked, then Dr Oz would have used his good friend Oprah as a great example. Why wouldn't he give it to her and parade her out there? Because it doesn't work. I'm glad someone finally said something about this. None of it is true and I'm appalled they are goading people into buying into their lies using a TV doctor. I wonder daily how much they had to pay him to put on that show. My roommate uses those pills granted I fear constantly for her chances of annorexia, seeing as she's only lbs and losing more and more and got the cheapest she could find in a buy one get one free package.

It's absurd people would actually believe this. You're reputation precedes you. You're products have lived up to your words. Thank you for the factual information on this product. Thank you for the warning and research. Before falling victim to my raspberry ketone purchase, I knew the person to check with would be you, Andrew. I have never tried any diet pills because I didn't believe any of them would work, but since Dr. Oz is touting raspberry ketones as a miracle diet pill, how could it not be true?

He must be getting paid to advertise them is all I can think of. Thank you again, Andrew from saving me from wasting my money on a "miracle". I knew I could count on you! In the mean time, for me, it's back to eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise to drop my 10 pounds! HI…I was interested in trying this product, but i see here you say is not real…well I was wondering if you had any REAL suggestions for people like me who truly wans to burn fat?

Is there anything you can tell me that might work? Oz would make a good snake oil salesman. He's gone over the top in his claims. Either he believes everything that he touts on his show, or he's just enjoying the feeling of guru to the masses. Thank you for saving my hard earned money.. Was just about to go to for Raspberry Ketone and now I'm not. I like you Andrew but I think it needs to be made clear that Dr. From what I have seen and heard, he is simply making people aware of what alternatives are out there, especially the ones that are less well known.

He also has a team of researchers check out any product claims. Oz openly states that it makes him furious when people think that he is promoting any particular product or brand. In fact, so much so, that he even had a show about all the products that were falsely being promoted online by placing his picture or name next to the product. With that said, just put yourself in his position. What if every time you get on TV and talk about your vitamins, you find your face next a similar product or Dr.

Oz took the time to put bash you all ove the internet. I know that you are not a doctor, yet I have always respected you and your opinion. In fact, one of the reasons I have purchased your products is because you are such a likable and mellow mannered person.

However, hitting Dr, OZ below the belt is not only out of character for you unless you are just acting but it can hurt your overall business. I hope you were just having a bad day when you wrote this. I have been taking raspberry ketone slim for 1 month now, and was very skeptical at 1st, but Andrew, Im 56 yrs. Other than that I have not changed my eating habits but find i feel not hungry as much and have more energy.

I am not sure where anybody is getting their information from there is information all over the place about this product, don't feed into someone who wants you to buy only their products Andrew. There is a dietitian from Kent State University who says this product works so well that they are afraid of people abusing it. So do research for yourself people, don't just follow what one person has to say. I feel sorry for the people who believe it is a hoax and don't try it. It works…when nothing else did…IT did!

Well I have tired them and I lost 5lbs in a week so just like anything else I am sure they work for some and not for others and it was a 5. I have never heard of Andrew until tonight when I stumbled upon your website.

I have been investigating Raspberry Ketones for a week now and I am so confused its unreal. My brother is a personal trainer and I am his sidekick, working out and eating properly is VERY imprtant but I feel if somebody tried Raspberry Ketone and It works they should not be bashed for it.

Good luck everyone no matter what you decide!! When I first watched the video, I immediately know that it was good to be true. I am a Food Scientist and I know how research in these areas conducted. Studies with test animals can't always reflect same outcome for human subjects. Also as you mentioned in your article, they fed in such high doses compare to their body weight that trying to bring the same results for human subjects it will be hard to reach to same concentrations through supplementation with mg pills etc.

Even if, studies conducted on humans can not always reflect true results for millions of people around world. It is good to know that there are people like you puts information for consumers to make them more aware. I never trust products that claim to be "weight loss miracles", however I have read this to be healthy regardless of it's weight loss benefits.

The last sentence says "In fact, I would strongly caution against it's use. Well my son has been taking this pill for 2 months. He was and now is no diet change at all this DOES Work I have just started taking it and no diet change have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I am amazed at some of the comments on this site I stumbled across. There are quite a few of you who seem to be just gushing over Andrew like he's some kind of human God. I don't even see an MD behind his name. Oz never once endorsed a specific company or brand of the Raspberry Keytones to try, so he's not getting paid to tout a particular brand.

As a medical person his demonstration with balloons as cells seemed very plausible in conjunction with his description of what was happening to them. I have muscular dystrophy and don't have the option to do "normal" types of exercise, but I do go to physical therapy, and I will start using the Raspberry Keytones I bought today, as directed.

If they work for me that'll be great. If they don't I'm not going to bad mouth Dr. Oz for introducing this product to me. I'll just chalk it up to an experience that didn't work for me. I have been taking the raspberry ketone capsule for about four days, so far I do feel better and I used to have very swollen ankles and feet, the swelling disappeared after the first day and is still gone.

So I for one am grateful to Dr. Oz for mentioning this on his show!! I think dr oz has promoted some senseless products on his show. His audience believes his every word. He is misleading and im surprised he still gets an audience.

Go to weight watchers. I saw the show and jumped on the band wagon. I didn't lose any weight instead the pills made me anemic. I stopped using them and my cell count returned to normal. I spent over an hour on the internet trying to get a straight answer or even something consistant on whether or not there were any side effects associated with raspberry keytones, does it really work for weight loss, is there a difference between snythetic vs natural raspberries, and am now more confused then when I started researching.

It's so amazing to me that there are so many different opinions on one product. I called them to inquire whether or not they were snythetically manufactured or natural and was told that all Rasberry Ketone Products being sold are snythetic. After researching clinical studies found out that the only results found were based on rodents, nothing on humans.

The more I read online the more frustrating I got. How can anyone sell a product making claims that are false just to make money…. Misleading for a profit…. I wasn't even able to obtain side affects.. I have lost over ten pounds in two weeks without changing the way I have eaten in the past?

I have not been able to lose weight dieting and with this product the weight is literally falling off me. I'm not as hungry. For whatever reason Rasberry Keytones with Green Tea is working for me.

I just purchased the RK Diet for my whole family. We are all different weights and could stand to shed some pounds. As many of you, I am skeptical on if this will truly work, so I starting reading more on the internet, which led me to this site.

As a mother with 1 young adult who i have watched for over 10yrs. I am not looking for a miracle drug, just something that could give a kick start.

I am not a follower of AL or Dr. But was amazed at how many people commented on this article and were willing to bash something they have not even tried?

I am in my mid 40's and my husband was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor over 12 yrs. One of my best friends was diagnosed at 33 yrs. She removed one breast, and over the past 17 yrs. She was an avid exerciser and ate all natural foods, took vitamins and was a mere lbs. I have lost over 12 very close family members to other types of cancer and ailments who were once healthy prior to my husbands' diagnosis. We are all going to die when our number is called. If we want to spend our hard earned money on a so called miracle diet, so be it!

Everyone in life needs to do what you feel is best at that given time and stop reading and believing what everyone else has to say. If you believe something is going to help you lose weight then go for it! If it doesn't work, then try something else. YES, we all know the best thing is diet, portion control and exercise.

Why burst someone's bubble before they even give it a try? What works for some, may not work for others. There is a higher power then all of us that comes to take us when our number is called. Not AL's vitamins or Dr. OZ's promotion of Diet programs are going to save us. If one of my family members can lose some of the lbs. Then I am willing to give it a try.

Get a life of your own and stop criticizing on the internet! I dont mean to disappoint everyone but i have been taking the raspberry ketone for more than two months. I was not trying to lose weight however i honestly lost 22 pounds the first month. I did not change my eating haits or go on a diet. And to top it off i recently quit smoking after 32 years of doing so.

Not saying the raspberry ketone had anything to do with it i just needes to quit. Also my wife takes the green coffee bean supplement and that seems to work for her. So U all think what u will the raspberry ketone actually does work. The trick is take two mid-morning then two mid-afternoon doesnt matter if u eat or dont.

This is the way it works for me U. File the rasphberry ketone pills in the same container as the acai berry, green coffee bean extract and who knows how many other weight loss pills! I am amazed that a respected man such as Dr. Oz continues to fall into the trap. One would begin to wonder if he is actually doing research before touting the benefits of these pills.

I know there is no miracle pill, I know that what we all need to do to lose weight is proper diet and excerise, however, I Have tried the ketones and green coffee bean ON top of my regimen and I can promise you, there is no miracle loss, but I have noticed a difference!! Funny everyone on these posts are praising Andrew. Andrew is a Competitor so of course he's against Oz selling large Amounts of any supplement.

For every doubter there is someone who believes in every supplement. Andrew could be just a sore loser. I say try what you want it may work for you. At some point we just need to do the right thing, take ownership of the habits that do not lend to desireable body weight.

Eat foods as grown, get off the processed, refined, high fat, salt and sugar, move more, and get healthy the way our bodies are designed to do.

Beck Powers Wellness Coach. I just wish I could find something safe to take for me I have highblood pressure and I'm a pre diabetic. I've lost 43 pounds eating healthy and exercising.. Still eating healthy and exercising. I believe u and agree with u on all your findings, i have done research myself and we r all looking for the EASY! You know what they say about opinions… everybody has one. I've been using the raspberry ketones for about 3 weeks now and have lost 14 pounds.

Much less hungry than before and definitely more energy. Are you not touting it because you don't SELL it? I'm sure you don't agree but then again there is no money if you don't sell and tout your products is there. Unfortunantly I have been using the Rasberry Ketone pills for a little over a month. The pills actually made me very tired and sleepy. I thought that maybe those side effects would wear off but they didn't. I waisted a lot of money on this product.

Taking pure rasberry ketone mg twice a day lost 32 lb in 8months with no change in diet or execise i love dr oz i have never been able to lose weight like this before from to im under lb for the first time in over 20years.

I'm glad i read this before I ordered raspberry ketones.. What's funny is I saw this article online and clicked on it not knowing it was Andrew Lessman who wrote it. As soon as i saw that, the article meant so much more. I have been taking Andrews vitamins for a few years now. I love that they are made in America and are the highest quality i have found and he seems to really care about the products he makes.. What's also funny is the moment i heard about the supplement i thought of Andrew Lessman and if i could order them from him because i trust his products so the fact i stumbled into this article if his is line fate..

So he saved me a lot of money.. But im trying to do it the right way.. Well I'm telling you It does work! I lost 35 pounds and did nothing different then before I started the raspberry ketones.. I had diabetes and now I don't.. I'm not one for believing everything I hear so I try things for myself and It really does work like Dr oz said…I'm living proof,all of my co-workers were like what are you doing to loose waight and I show them the bottle but now it's hard too find in the stores..

I took as directed along with the green coffee extract with a full meal and two full glasses of water and felt very sick and dizzy afterwards. I'm somewhat sensitive to strong meds, but thought I'd warn anyone with similar problems to be careful. Not sure if I'll loose weight, but the side effects I had are not worth it.

Judging from most comments I've read on various sites, people actually using the ketones find it works. While the writer of this article makes some good points, I find it troubling he says something doesn't work without conducting his own research.

PErsonally speaking, i've been using the ketones for a few weeks and have lost both weight and inches, though to be honest I have no idea if this is due to the change in diet and exercise, the ktones, or a combination of both. By the way, i don't know if Dr. I was just going to order theraspberry key tone pills but when I read the warningsigns iknew it was a fake Andrew I need som oills to make me loose at lease 60 pounds please help me my weight is out of controll??

I tried Raspberry Ketone sold as Sams and while I did not expect it to work I still lost ten pounds in two weeks. So I will have to say that hell yes it did work for me. You say that there is no research to prove it works. There is also no research to prove it does not work. So my conclusion is that you are another fool that is dumb enought to make statements about something that you have not tried and have no personal knowledge about.

I think ur just attacking dr. Oz for the simple fact u didn't come up with it first. I did order some and without changing any habits I dropped 30 lbs over two months. So it worked for me idk what ur talking about. I was looking for something more reliable on the subject because honestly, I was ready to find some of this raspberry miracle for myself. Everything I found on it sounded so ridiculous but its allure was still powerful. Your testimony brought me back to my senses.

If there were a miracle pill to lose weight there would not be so many obese people! What works is making better choices protein, fruit, veggies, whole grains portion size and exercise! Weight Watchers is where it is at. I think this is the biggest bs. Oz testimony that say it is good for you AND can help you lose stubborn fat. However, it was never intended to be weight loss cure. I have also lost weight from using it but I combined it with other vitamins. I do cardio workouts and eat better.

No matter what it is you have to work for it. Anyone who believes that they are going to pop a pill and lose weight while sitting on the couch eatting chips and oreos is delusional anyway.

Anything claiming to be a "miracle" by someone is only conducting the "miracle" of inflating the promoter's pocketbook! Oz really had found a miracle weight loss pill, don't you think he would have shared it with his buddy Oprah and she would be a bit on the thinner side? The only true fix is getting up off your duff and working out and watching what crap you put in your mouth. Go back to eating your veggies without dousing in butter and eating fresh foods not things with a bunch of preservatives and additives that we still don't know the health implications of and you'll notice the changes!

I love the physicians and other health care providers I work with, but lets face it folks, while a surgeon's strength is the use of their hands, their prescribing abilities could use a bit of work in most cases! Oz was offering an opinion on a coronary bypass surgery, I'd take his expertise, but not in this case! Thank you Andrew for being the voice of "honest" and care for those of us looking for the truth.

I found the article surfing the web and found Rachel Ray had lost weigt so as always I am skeptical and start researching and or course all you can find is swindlers selling snake oil.

Just so happens I ran across your site. I am so happy I did. Shame on Doctor Oz for using is good name and his rise to power so to speak through Oprah. I respected him at one time. But I started to notice his promotion of all of these supplememts and such. I realized at that point there is not way any one person could consume all of the crap he was endorsing.

I think you should do the millions of people a favor and save them multi millions in their hard earned money and make it your mission to expose these people that have sold their souls to the devil for money and have lost site of their true profession and the oath they took to be a healer.

My friend bought it, and she lost 25 55 pounds kg in about months. So stop lying because you did not came up with it first. Please, you can use marketing for your products, but don't badmouth others. It was written in the article that by using this new supplement you can lose pounds daily.

I laughed loudly and immediately responded to all recipients of the e-mail that there are only two situations, in which you can lose pounds daily: You can of course lose that amount of body weight by simple dehydration, but this would be only temporary, thus not considered weight loss. I am so glad that there are people like Andrew — highly logical, moral and not afraid to criticize nonsense commercial add, hosted by acknowledged TV host a combination of personal traits that became extinct.

I can read in his profile that he attended medical school for number of years. His comment is not based on personal unsupported beliefs, as in the case of Dr. Oz, but rather on careful review of available literature on raspberry ketones.

Hi states that the effect of raspberry ketones on fat metabolism was investigated only in one animal mice study, which in addition lacked sound scientific design. I would say that the likely reason of it was that the mice forced to eat unnaturally large amounts of ketones, when compared to their body weights, naturally ate less of high fat food. It always strikes me how easy people even professionals like Dr. Oz make dogmatic statements that are completely unsupported, or based on anecdotal stories.

These are factors that are different than the researched compound e. Confounding factors are a nightmare of researchers. Unfortunately many people use denial if it comes to their beliefs. I took the suggestion and checked out the National Institutes of Health website at http: Couldnt find any research on rk???

I dont know where the other website is but there is an acronym nih buried in the address. Perhaps the rk are just another "gimmick" in the positive sense in that if you use them you will also diet and exercise and not too astonishingly lose weight. If they help, go for it. One one of Dr Oz programs Dr Oz asked anyone that saw ads in magazines or anything where else to let him know. He wanted to prosecute anyone that was using his name for advertising. He said the only endorsements he made for products would be on his website.

I have already purchased the 5 bottles that are well on their way from Purtian Pride hopefully delivered today. I'm a a 55 year old woman who has exercised doing aerobics and weight training for the past 30 years. With menopause, the last 7 — 10 pounds that come along are difficult to lose. I cannot possibilly put in anymore time at the gym, that I already am doing. A lunchtime workout at our onsite gym, and then after work at my regular gym. The old joints just can't do it anymore.

I see so many people commenting on the positives just as much as the negatives. I will give the product an honest try. For 20 bucks, if it really takes off the 10 pounds for me, hell…. If not, than no biggy….. I'll still look great and be quite healthy for a woman of my age. Oz or anyone else. No you say theres no miracle fat burner well tottaly not true I have use it and trust me it works of course pills dont work by itself you have to exercise and eat well now days people that take pills think that just by sitting down theyre going to lose weight and if they dont they say its the pill that doesnt work for all my friends out there you dont need a pill to lose weight if you eat correctly and exercise but it surely can give you a little help but always make a research on whatever youre taking.

So for now if you ask me I would say it does work. Now, just because it did or did not work for you it doesn't mean it will or will not work for others. Andrew, the first thing I did when someone sent me an email with a clip from Dr. Oz show is head straight to your website to buy the miracle in a bottle. I was disappointed when you didn't have it and ordered it elsewhere. However, I was suspicious on some level.

I'm glad I found this article! I use your products and I'm glad to see that you aren't interested in making a quick buck off those of us that continue to believe there is a miracle pill out there. So let me get this right u coming out against Dr Oz for pushing cheap worthless diet pills and u r selling stuff to? That is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Be careful taking these for a prolonged period of time, They made my lymph nodes under my arms swell. As soon as I stopped taking them , the swelling went away. I also began to feel discomfort in my kidneys. When this happened I got scared.

So listen to the signal your body sends you. I just purchased a supplement that I take one pill twice a day. I have been taking twice a day for four days. Last week I had to lay down to put on, struggling to close the zipper. I have changed nothing but the supplement and stood up, then zippered with no problem at all.

But it's totally sad when it takes someone like you to state what should be obvious to anyone with a brain. I lost ALL respect for Dr. Oz when he pulled this crap. Very disturbing how money can cause even good people to become bad apples!

I feel that what is being said on the sight is false. I know several people who have been taking raspberry ketones for a little while. The one lady that i know has been taking them for 6 months now. She has been on pills for her diabeties. With in the first 2 months of taking the raspberry ketones she had lost 20 lbs.

She was also taken off her metforeman for her diabeties. After a couple of appointments with her doctor and regularly checking her sugar levels to be safe, she not only has lost weight but she is also no longer diabetic! I am 34 and have a few extra pounds on me. I am a mother of 4 and we spend 5 days out of 7 at an arena.

I also work full time. I do not have time to exercise as i have a very busy schedule. I am going to try the respberry ketones and when i start losing my weight i will be back to confirm that what is being said on here is untrue.

I have been using your product along with your diet and exercise program and have already lost 30 pounds! Thank you, Raspberry Ketone Max! Thank you so much, Raspberry Ketone Max. All those stubborn areas of fat have just seemed to melt away since I started taking. The raspberry ketones does work!!! I bought a fairly inexpensive brand at Wal-Mart and thought I would give it a shot. I bought only the ketones with nothing added.

I am hypothyroid and nothing ever helps. I feel great and it seems like my fat is rearranging if that makes since. I will certainly keep taking it. With no change to way I eat and hardly exercise, I have lost 5 pounds so far. Dont know u but it seems ur bitter for not getting the raspberry ketones account. Maybe u'll get the next miracle pill next time brah. It works thats all I can say I've been takin it for 2 weeks give or take and I lost 14 lbs without changing my eating habits and NO exercises so those who say dr.

Does anyone have a phone for this company. This company has hacked my email and sent a website line to all my contacts. That is all the email has…just the link.

And then it was signed by me. Thanks for giving us a "mine is better than yours" advertisement couched in "I have to speak the truth" claims.

You are merely acting in the public's self-interest and in no way your own. You sound like one of those ads that are always on Fox News website. They don't know what they are talking about. Plus I have the product that really works. If anything, you, like I, have a law degree. But I know You exhaustive research and personal trial and error experimentation qualifies you to give "expert" opinions.

I don't think so. I seriously doubt you could be qualified as an expert witness in a court of law. If you were, opposing counsel would shred you on cross-examination. Of that you can be sure. So I would caution folks against taking to heart all those allegedly objective "thank you comments" for "setting the record straight" by those Lessman acolytes out there.

Run your own scientific study before you denigrate a product and Dr. You wish you had his credentials. Thanks, Andrew for being honest with the public, even though some may not appreciate it.

For all of those who states that "it works", Andrew is not saying that it doesn't work, he is stating that it is synthetic! If you want to put something synthetic in your body, instead of eating healthy and excersizing, so be it.

My prayers are with you down the line! Oz pushing all kinds of 'stuff', such as the rasberry junk and the coffee bean junk as well. I tried the coffee bean extract and it did absolutely nothing at all. Friends of mine say the same thing. It did become a frenzy. I just wonder if he has money vested in any of these products. He also has prostate cancer and is on al lot of medication. He also has a pacemaker. His blood sugar goes up and down all the time and confuses his.

This morning is was 75 and he therefore did not take his byetta. Sometimes he will wake up and it is or maybe and he takes the byetta then. Why is it so up and down. It never goes over If you husband would contact me directly, I would be glad to advise him.

My email address is mendosa mendosa. Dear Reedee I guess we have all been busy mopping up after Christmas. My name is Gerry and it is good to have you on our site. For the past month I have been battling 7 gout flareups, plus my prediabetes. Learned some new things along the way.

I learned that aloe vera juice, buy it at the grocery store, is not only good for gout but also for diabetes. You only need about ounces per day and I mix it in with a small amount of some other fruit juice to make it easier to take.

My daughter, who is healthy but eats this diet with me, and I have been showing weight loss just in the one month we have been using this diet. So what is a low purine diet? It is little to no animal flesh, but generous use of dairy products and soy products. Also, if you are prone to gout hereditary , this diet will lessen the amount of gout flare ups that you have, but it also is an anti-infammatory diet, which means you body can do repair work from the diabetes. It also protects your heart.

Also I learned about a medication for gout that is wonderful but dangerous. It is called colchicine. It can be used as a pain manager or a gout preventative, but while I was on it, a lot of my other aches and pains disappeared.

It is very dangerous and is easy to abuse it, only take it under a doctors supervision. So these are all the new things I have learned in this past month and thought I would share it with all of you. The low purine diet is like what they ate in the Garden of Eden, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and grains that have color to them. It is a very tasty diet. If you want to learn how to cook tasty food with this diet, check with the following site http: I know, I know, I am not 7th Day Adventist either, but their diet is wonderful for us.

Get brave, you will be pleasantly surprised. There are no new postings here… is this site still active? My waking level was this morning. I was found to be type two 25 years ago when my sugar was and colestrol was as well as trg,,were ,,,I was to change my life style or die.

I lost 80 pounds and took only one pill a day,,,,My sugar has never been below in the mornings for 25 years,,,I now since they have been approved take Glucophage mg aday and glucotrol xl 20 mg a day and sugar still to maybe in mornings,,,I am religious on what i eat and have counted carbs,sugar and fat for 25 years,,,I am 76 now and still no problems with heart ,,legs or eye sight and or kidneys,,,My doctors tell me am the healthest dibeatic he has met. I do have one problem and will correct and that is my doctor swithed me to glpizide instead of named brand and my sugar has spiked 60 points and almost feel like a heart attack when just a short walk,,,I never had this problem with named brand,,,How ever i am by nature to research everything and I know that all the drug companies and the FDA claim there is no differance in generic and name brand,,But i also from experiance with my job with the government and dealing with big corps.

You could try a Bayer A1CNow. But the A1CNow might help you determine whether to pick that battle, or not. I agree with you! It was a lab test, but still. He had a chart in his office with those numbers, and when I questioned him about it, he referred to the chart. I think the lab scewed up the test, but hard to believe. Also… did he do a lab A1C, or one of those A1Cs at the office? I just got back an A1C of 7. My doctor averaged them all out to and said that was the correct A1C.

He has put me on mg of Januvia. I was just doing diet and exercise before. Right now I am going through some really serious financial stress and am finding that it is a job to keep the blood sugar down through this time.

So I am going to try what Prevention Magazine recommends, with everything you eat, add some protein with it. I did that at one time, and it worked very well. I truly believe that stress is the 1 cause of diabetes. The stress hormones can really play havoc with your blood glucose system. Drink a LOT of water, if you are bloated. Since I follow a mostly low carb diet… My bp went from to about My numbers get not only much higher but also unpredictable.

I make sure I am very well hydrated, every day. Via lots of water, powerade zero, etc. I have an early dinner, every day… No later than 7 pm.

I always have a light evening snack, lower on the carbs no more than 15 , at around 7: I go for a mild, casual stroll right before bed minutes , usually at I go for a mild, casual stroll first thing in the morning before I eat anything at all minutes.

This has been keeping my morning numbers in the 80s and lower 90s most days of the month, except for period ovulation days when I get to higher 90s, and lower s. I spike too much then, for eating carbs. Hi All I have learned a few things since I last wrote. I figure it sets up an acidic stomach so that you will digest your food instead of storing someplace in the body, only to be found later as poundage.

When I woke up, my bg was I was fasting for a blood test. Later when I felt really hungry, I tested it again, thinking it should be down to the s, but to my surprise it was at ! So I figured that because I was fasting, my liver decided to clean house and dump yesterdays liver glucose now! So I figure that is how it works, the liver is cleaning house. The blood test revealed that my a1c was 6. I am seriously thinking about eating vegetarian more than meat. An all raw diet does wonders, if you can live with it.

It is a hard diet to live with. Metformin up to strength in blood only shuts this off. I go to bed at In am BS is to usally. I have not seen plus and up — a pail of glucose since this regimene. Reason for spreading pill charges throughout day is to cut off liver sugar production and crtc2 switch in fasting not make sugar.

Ack, moderator, please combine the previous 2 posts and this one. Also set the alarm for 3: Frankly I can see how that might be, given times I would have overeaten late, and double dosed on metformin in an attempt to counteract it.

I was prescribed 1 MG pill at meals, but after a couple years got lazy about dietary intake and doubled up as a countermeasure. Lisinopril in the morning, and metformin with meals.

It has a habit of feeling like it is ripping up my insides, lots of gastric bubbling a couple hours after meals and repeated bathroom trips with watery discharges. However, I am finding the right balance in term of eating when taking it or having some milk and that really helps. Also, I was doubling up the Metformin because of overeating. Last night readings of after bed. Dinner was some salad. I wake up this morning horrified at morning reading of I do have some organic vinegar, I will start trying that at morning and night to see if that helps also for weight loss.

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I still go to work daily as an RN. Thanks so very much for your kind concern.

Thank you Jean, you about summed it up correctly. I think the most important hurdle we have is attitude adjustment. Those people that make that hurdle successfully seem to prosper better than those that kick at the traces over it.

I am one of the kickers but am working on my attitude. This is NOT what I had planned for a retirement, thank you. LOL I laugh but the attitude will make or break you. I was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago now with type 2. My only saving grace is a high HDL, which gives me a good ratio. It is a slow process.

They Byetta did not bring my readings down low enough and now I am on Victoza for the past month. I still have about 20 pounds to go to be in the normal high weight range for my body. The biggest difference with the Victoza has been the lower morning numbers, which are because my dinners have been very small and light due to the nausea.

The medications help, but you have to make the life change adjustments. You also have to experiement with the various medications through your physician to see which ones work best for you and experiment with eating to see what works best for you. My favorite hobby cooking has been overhauled from what it was, to cooking in a way that incorporates a diabetic life style.

Not doing anything is not an option. Trying everything is the only option. Best of health to all of you. I put a tablespoon in a cup of warm water, with some Splenda and cinammon.

It tastes like Apple Cider warm, it is good tasting. For some it works, others not. Vinegar does work for some people to reduce or control the dawn phenomenon.

I am new to this site. Is it really true this will get better? Does VERY low carb improve this problem? I think I read that somewhere. Also, why not just any ole vinegar for DP? Thanks for any help. Yes, the side effects of metformin do disappear in just a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, your doctor should have started you on a VERY low dose to get your body used to it. You need to discuss that with your doctor pronto. If you are vitamin D deficient, ask your doctor about the type of vitamin D and how much you need to take.

When they found out I was deficient, I had to take a prescription D for a couple of weeks and then switch over to OTC. It also helps if you can take in about 10 minutes of the morning sun or the afternoon sun everyday.

Most of us work in an office, under flourescent lights, and that does not help us, but robs us of our vitamin D. You could get a 10 minute walk at that time and kill 2 chores with one act. Take a walk with friends. We are where we are due to neglect of our bodies for a long period of time. So I figure that if I spent the next 62 years working on my good health, that is pay back.

I just came across some wonderful receipes for diabetics. This is a 7th Day Adventist channel on t. They are some of the healthiest people in the world, along with the Jews. They have a cooking class everyday. You can take out the receipes and put them under the cover to keep them clean while cooking and the binder keeps them from flying all over. They give you lots of information of what each food will do to your body, and then if it is negative, they will give you an alternative.

The receipes are the kind of food that we all eat, nothing strange. You might want to take a look at both websites. They are filled with all sorts of info that will help diabetics. To I hate my life: If you know that your liver is libel to dump into your blood stream in the middle of the night, then be careful what you feed your liver the night before. Eat veggies, and protein after 6 p. Wake up hungry in the middle of the night? Also, try to get 8 hours of sleep per night.

I sleep in bed until my breathing wakes me up. Then I sleep in a recliner, but I do try to get 8 hours of sleep. So far I am up 6 hours, normal used to be 3 hours. For every hour you deprive yourself of sleep, it is every hour you are giving diabetes a helping hand to destroy you. When I was working, I would have given my eye teeth for permission to sleep that long and now I struggle to get all 8 hours of sleep at once. I get 8 hours, but it is broken sleep, 6 at night and small naps during the day.

I also learned I am extremely vitamin D deficient. I guess I got to get a prescription for that. Perhaps that will help with my morning numbers. Thanks for the positive feedback. Well that has to be the most humbling experience of my life. You are actually lucky to discover your diabetes so soon. I was in denial for years and now have numb feet, retinophathy, and kidney disease. When I finally got tested, my blood sugar was in the range. I finally got everything on track and began to realize how grateful I am for diabetes.

If not for diabetes, I probably would not be the healthy, active and somewhat muscular old lady that I am. Dear I hatemy life I agree with David. Your old life is over, but you have a brilliant future ahead of you.

Begin by leaving all white foods alone. You can add them back later if your body can handle them. This is a good time to start learning about what insulin is and is not, and then start working with your body.

In fact, Prevention magazine says that the best weight loss diet is to eat protein with every carb that goes into your mouth. It causes you to fill full faster and takes longer to empty out, so you feel satisfied longer. I began my journey with a journal, however; not being the kind of person that can stay with that for very long, that ended quickly.

I did learn about some of my foibles and weaknesses from it, and some of my strengths. Read some of Marys blogs on this site. Mary, I have shown a 3 lb weight loss. First one in 2 years. I have been doing that and my weak leg is now stronger. You are young, so I am assuming that you work. If you have a sit down job, set a timer I use my cell phones timer to remind yourself to get up and walk around every 15 minutes. Keep your filters clean.

That would be your bowels, kidneys, skin, and lungs. They help our body to throw off the sugar. The cleaner the filters are, the lower the blood glucose is. At first it all seems confusing, and time consuming, but if you make your changes a little at a time, you eventually do not even want to go back to the old way you used to live. Your reward will be a healthy blood glucose, weight loss if you need it , toned muscles, a happier outlook on life, and no amputations.

You will make lots of new friends along the way that will greatly appreciate you. Stick with David also, he is a great Mentor. Read his articles, they remove the fear and give you courage. Shine the light of education on this monster under the bed. So i went to the doc for a yeast infection and noticed i lost 14 pounds. I was pounds. I am now pound.

Doctor tells me it was a yeast infection and proceeds to say everything is fine. I asked the doctor for a pee test and a glucose test.. The doctor tells me to come back for another test this coming Monday. I went Friday and asked to see another doctor and they prescribed metformin. My question i started taking the medicine Friday night and did not test till yesterday evening. My test came back so i was hopeful i was getting it down. I took metformin and food at around 9pm last night and i wake up with bg Actually, the best part of your life just started!

You now have the opportunity to be in the best health that you ever had. You simply got a wake-up call to start respecting your body by getting down to your optimum weight with good food and great exercise. Then, at around 8: The, right before bed, which is around Ok, it is clear to me now that it definitely was carbs in the form of starch and sugar even the small amount I was eating that was driving my Dawn Phenomenon. I can say that again today, it was 99 this morning!

Now, it has been staying low all day too not just the morning readings so, for me, the answer is not low carb but NO carb other than low carb veg Maybe once my weight is back to normal range I can add a little back but for now it is NO CARBS except what comes in low carb veg such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc. I am even staying away from tomatoes, onions, etc.

This is not forever, but only till my weight comes down a little. Once my weight is down, the ratio of normal hormones to body weight insulin, etc. Oh I forgot to mention, the Mexican peoples roast them in the oven with a little oil and spices and eat them just like we do peanuts.

Very tasty like that too! I always eat mine like beans or soup though because they really do taste a lot like a snack food such as peanuts or potato chips when roasted and like any salty snack it is too easy to eat too many of them! I am sure they are not using Olive oil when they roast them either and I try to avoid the other oils.

Garbanzo Beans are another name for chickpeas. They are extremely healthy and contain somethings that are known to reduce blood sugar amino acids? They are about the same as all other dried beans as far as carbs go. If you are eating any form of starchy carbs, they are a good choice and they are also high fiber! I soak and cook mine much longer than normal beans.

They look a little bit like peanuts in that they contain a double bean in each bean.. They are in fact touted as a health food by many.

But it was still too much carb for my body. Perhaps when I lose enough weight I can add them back into my diet because they are very tasty once you get hooked on them. They are also used to make dip called Hummus where they are mashed up. Below is a site about Hummus which is made of Chickpeas Garbanzo is the Spanish word for Chickpeas They taste a bit like a navy bean but not exactly at all…LOL you simply have to try them to see if you like them.

I cook mine in a rich smoked chicken broth with celery, onion, carrot and a dash of garlic in it as seasonings. I did not like them the first time I tried them, then I tried them again because of the health thing… finally I was hooked on them! If your body can tolerate healthy carbohydrates, it is worth developing a taste for these little beans.

I am very happy this morning. In my last note I said I was going to try a day with zero carbs to find out if it is the carbs driving the DP. So I ate only protein and low carb veg yesterday and today my FBG is !

That is so much difference I am usually happy if it is only I am convinced that, at least in myself, it is the carbs driving the Dawn Phenomenon. I have eaten low carb before with only 20 carbs a day in starchy type carbs without this big difference. I also showed a nice weight loss. I know it was probably partly water, but it is finally low enough I will count it as a loss and not simply water weight.

I will not get too excited until this works for more than one day. I will continue without starchy or fructose carbs today and see what happens tomorrow morning. You are so right that we tend to program ourselves for failure. That being said, have you thought of the type of carbs? I also take a 24 hour basal insulin to help with this. Now onto tastier topics!

The darker and more robust the chocolate the better. Mary I know but we all have a sweet tooth and sometimes it hits us at night. You should read Davids article on chocolate. There are some really delicious tasting sugar free chocolates out there these days.

However, I also like my chocolate with nuts. There are 3 places that I know of that makes delicious, sugar free chocolates that diabetics can have. Atkins peanut butter cups. The dark chocolate is really delicious on these and the taste far surpasses Reeses Peanut Butter cups.

It is located on highway Pacheco Pass in California. They have all kinds of sugar free chocolates. A very wide variety for diabetics. We do not go there often, but when we do, I stock up on them.

Some with nuts, some with fruit, haystacks, chocolate and coconut, and none of them leave a bitter taste. The next one I do not know the name of the store, I can only say it is located near the food court at Valley Plaza Mall. They have a small selection of sugar free chocolates. I agree with you William on most everything you said above with the exception of the almost impossible time shedding pounds.

It simply is more difficult for us to lose weight but each pound we lose counts more because each pound makes such a drastic change in our health. Metabolic Syndrome people are NOT lazy but they are often very tired. And even at that many of us can and do work regular folks into the ground! Because we have struggled with this all our lives, we are very hard working determined people with more will power than most. Will power is like making a rope.

Every time you resist a craving or urge you are adding another string to that rope and making it stronger and everytime you give in you are cutting a string and making it weaker.

One of the reasons people with Metabolic Syndrome have such a difficult time losing weight is they are carbohydrate sensitive and really only 2 things work for this. Either starvation diet not healthy or a extremely low carb diet such as David keeps recommending And of course, exercise is an even more important addition to our diet because it helps with insulin resistance and processing the insulin better helps us to lose weight easier by keeping our BG in a more normal range.

Personally I believe they have it reversed. Now having said that, I want to state that does not give us an excuse to not lose weight. A person with an illness needs to do whatever they can to get well or as close to not sick as possible In our case that means Diet and Exercise with meds as needed. I said something about my 80 year old Diabetic mother losing 40 pounds and getting off meds the other day and she quickly corrected me.

She said that was last years news! Her weight loss is now 60 pounds! She lost her weight the hard way. They sometimes refer to this as portion control, but as the portions at the seniors center are actually on the small size of normal, that means she is actually eating a starvation diet.

Not an easy or healthy way to lose weight, but it worked for her and she is off meds now. Could it be possible my DP is actually caused in part by my dietary intake of carbs? I am going to go without any starch or sugar carbs other than low carb veg for a day or two and see what happens to the DP. Diabetes is a spectrum disease. Essentially, HFS is only broken down in the liver, unlike normal sugars which are broken down and absorbed in the digestive system.

I disgree with the author on one point — people who are type II are type two because they are lazy and eat too much. Some people have a condition called pre diabetic metabolic syndrome. That syndrome is a collection of defects with the way the body handles food.

Generally, people who have it will gain weight at the drop of hat and have an almost impossible time shedding the pounds. The fiber slows down the rate at which the sugar is absorbed and metabolized. It also helps you eat less since it gives you a sense of saity.

Ron, do you have the ability and inclination to consult a different MD? If you have been taking metformin, then it seems as if your MD believes you have type 2.

Is the history you describe above been with metformin? With any other medication? What supplements are you taking? Have you heard of Lipoic Acid alpha or R- lipoic, either one?

Helps prevent complications of diabetes. I say that having been controlling my diabetes type 2 with diet, exercise, and supplements for 20 years and am still — knock on wood — in good shape.

But I have had more ups and downs than you seem to have. So anyway — if I were you I would go consult an MD who does specialize in diabetes at least for a series of tests and consultation.

But you do sound as if you have been doing well for a long time, so congratulations. Hi Mary Thanks for your advise. My Doctor knows nothing about Diabetes. My biggest worry has been my eyes, no problems with anything as yet, knock on wood. For 20 years I have had the high am bs, but it goes down to about around noon, then I have my carrot juice then it drops to normal, and at bedtime it is normal or very near it. My A1c has gone back and forth for the last 20 years between 6.

About 8 years ago the American Diabetes asso. I did not take the metformin last night and not going to any more. Got up this AM and thought it was going to be sky high, and it was go figure. You might try switching to protein for your evening snack.

There are only 3 types of foods. Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates. The digestion rate is slowest for Fats, next slowest for Proteins and fastest for Carbs. So if you want to defeat Dawn Phenomenon you need something that will stay in your system as long as possible, but not necessarily raise your Blood Glucose a lot like carbs.

Also it helps to have something Acidic with your protein snack. A shot of apple cider vinegar and low fat cheese works well for me, but some people take vinegar pills I have heard. I used to eat pickles with my cheese, but that was just too much salt for me, so I switched to cider vinegar both cheese and pickles are high sodium foods.

A type 1 usually has stopped making insulin. Most but not all type 2 diabetics are overweight. If you are diabetic and overweight the chances are you are type 2 but the best way to tell is to ask your Doctor!

I have been reading the comments about what has worked for others and am going to do the vinegar before bedtime. Tried for the first time last night—at 7AM was Not great but better than some. I plan to test very morning for a week and chart the results. Best to all, Anne. Does that mean that a type 2 could drink a pint of a high fructose drink and without any meds there bs would be normal 3 to 4 hours later, if so I have been reading the wrong things, or not understanding what I did read.

Would you mind giving me an indicator of a type 1 or a type 2. Thank you David If thats the case then I can forget Victoza. I have always thought that if my body can take care of the carrot juice, that I was a type 1. But would really like to know your opinion. And I thank you very much. Mary I did a little investigating about magnesium. I belong to Kaiser and they allow you to go back on your test results and study them. I found out that I have traditionally low on magnesium! I am hoping you have solved one more piece of my leg pain puzzle.

I will get a jar of magnesium today and start taking it. In the blood test 1. I am praying that this is the last piece to the leg pain puzzle!

Yes, the dawn phenomenon is something that both type 1s and 2s have. And no, Victoza is just for type 2s. Hello again David I really appreciate this site and all your help, my Doctor has never even heard of the Dawn P And I am really confused about all this!