Janet Jackson at concert party in LA following weight loss


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Dewan said on Instagram: Zara Tindall leaps fence on her horse Class Affair in show-jumping event at Blenheim Horse Trials The Queen's granddaughter Sofia Vergara flaunts her famous curves in form-fitting ensemble on Modern Family set Showing off her curves back on the set Hilaria Baldwin shares snap on Instagram of family celebrating son's second birthday with vegan cake Vegan birthday celebrations Kristen Stewart says the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot will be more 'woke' with a global spin Star set for new Charlie's Angels flick 'Let's talk about why it's lazy': She lights up as she talks up some of her favorite vegan restaurants. Don't forget to vote! How long were you a vegetarian because it sounds like your body was cleansing out all the toxins, which happens and is different for everybody? Janet's ensemble was cinched with a glam black belt to reveal her tiny waist.


Samuel L. Jackson Goes Vegan “To Live Forever”

Balance is the key! February on my 48th Birthday I decided to experiment with eliminating meat from my diet, I was pretty much eating poultry and turkey only, but decided I needed a break.

In March I began introducing fish into my diet no shell fish, as I am allergic! Well it seems like two of the ten people listed here are not really vegetarians anymore, Brandi and Common. I am a vegan myself, and have always felt great about it. I eliminated animal products from my diet out of compassion for the animals and not wanting to be a part of their suffering.

Pescatarians are really not vegetarians, since by eating fish or other sea creatures, you are still eating the flesh of an animal.

Fish is not a vegetarian food even by ovo-lacto vegetarian standards. Other than that, though, I am happy that more and more people are looking to eliminate animal products from their diet. I became vegan once I learned to doubt…the news on TV, my past behaviors, my past beliefs, pretty much the whole eleven yards. Perhaps a Black Woman…which led me to research whether there are any Black vegans. What else is new?

I started the vegetarian life style 6 months ago. Best thing I ever done. Good for my spirit and soul since I now respect the temple — my body and have respect for animal life. LOL if you really think being a vegetarian is any healthier than eating meat. Rainwater is also tainted due to pollutants.

Yes but guess what you can grow your own fruits and veggies! I hear you Truth Hurts. Meat, Fish are tainted with much more chemicals than soil or rainwater it seems. Plus, I generally wonder what is the deal with grass-fed meat, beef or milk as they seem like oxymorons?

I agree with Common, that you have to find the right balance. I have titter-totter with being a lacto-ovo vegetarian and pescatarian for more than 8 years. I am aspiring to become a vegan sometime this year. I have enjoyed being a lacto-ovo vegetarian more so than the pescatarian lifestyle.

I feel it is a travesty if you have not decided to become a vegetarian because as human beings I believe that we do not posses the digestive system to digest meat. I love being a pescatarian but I realize that I love animals more and being healthy is definitely a lifestyle. I am an ethical vegan first because I love animals. Eating a vegan diet that is whole foods plant based is the best thing you can do for your health. All animals want to live and all animals deserve to live.

Veganism is the no bullshit reality that everyone on Earth should be treated with compassion. Most people want to compartmentamentalize their compassion and there is no room for rationalizations when there are suffering beings. It makes a mockery of all humanity when you dismiss the suffering of others as long as its not yourself or your family member.

That mentality sets a very bad example for children and it conditions generations of people towards hatred, denial, diseased ethics and a divided mind. Jada Pinkett-Smith Birthday Revelations: Terrance August 23, at 8: Marty March 4, at Freedom April 2, at Ashley Ford August 24, at Deborah August 24, at Tracie August 24, at 1: Shawn September 2, at 7: Monzi August 24, at 4: Acc September 28, at 1: Simone August 24, at Z August 26, at 3: Jazz August 26, at Diva August 30, at 4: Vicky September 9, at 3: Monique September 12, at 7: Ivan Cohen June 26, at Leesa August 30, at 1: Nancy Hey October 11, at 5: OasisMike December 23, at 5: Jeanine DeOya April 10, at 1: Truth Hurts January 29, at 9: Vegans make a cameo in pop culture once again!

The ambiguously vague vegan Janet Jackson speaks about her diet. She was on Jay Leno last night and Jay started in with questions about her eating habits. Then she says she bounces back and forth. She does the same in this interview a bit. Clearly we cannot put a label on Miss Jackson. I would infer from this interview that she, for the most part, eats a vegan diet. She explains to Jay that its all soy and tastes just like chicken.

She also mentions their butter pecan ice cream Yum! Vegan Glory is where she loves to go in LA for vegan tacos and un-chicken nuggets.

This interview raises some questions. Should we be so strict about labels? I think maybe not in some regards but in other ways I think we need to be clear because the messages can get a bit blurry.

Why did Janet Jackson gain weight?