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I did however make some Money. I thought, if just drinking this makes me drop six pounds, what would happen if I also ate better? And that there are over 60 ingredients? Please note that we may maintain information about an individual sales transaction in order to service that transaction and for record keeping. You are upset because no one is moved by your vapid self-serving statements.

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Shakeology Challenge Meal Plan & Recipes

This is great news because Canadians had to wait a long time to get access to Shakeology. Due to Shakeology having over 70 different super food ingredients, Canadian Customs took a while to review these ingredients before it could be shipped into your country.

Now that Customs have approved the Shakeology ingredients, you can now easily order Shakeology…. So, where can you buy Shakeology in Canada? You can only order Shakeology online and have it shipped to your address. At this time, Shakeology can only be shipped to Canadian addresses and United States addresses. Fitness business opportunity in …. The idea is to have people who use their products, to sell their products because these people will love the products and believe in them… And what are these people called… Beachbody Coaches!

Plus, Beachbody offers several perks:. This guarantees that you get the cheapest price possible for Shakeology! Learn more about becoming a Beachbody Coach here…. Are you ready to transform your health in Canada? Choose Your Flavor Option: Most people will simply place their order here. You can see the Shakeology Canada Price is: Check out the image below as a reference. To select your Shakeology flavor, simply click on the left and right arrows to get the Shakeology flavor that you desire.

In the case below, Chocolate is chosen. This is where you can save money on Shakeology! Yes, this will set you up to get Shakeology every month. You can even place one order and then call to cancel once you receive your Shakeology order. Once you picked what you wanted, simply Click on Add to Cart. If you have a Team Beachbody Account, you can log in here. Once you enter your information, press Continue.

Enter Your Credit Card information and then click on Continue. Verify your information and place your order! You will now be getting Shakeology in your mail in no time at all! Shakeology Café Latte Note: As of November 2, … Café Latte is now available in Canada! Most Canadians buy a Shakeology bag and sometimes a Shakeology Boost as well.

However, there are several more ways to buy Shakeology in Canada that you will see on the order form above. However, the order process is the same as what was described above. Alternate Your Favorite Flavors: You could order from Select Your Flavor above with monthly autoship and then call Beachbody to change your Shakeology flavors every month or you can choice from the following options below:.

Combine Your Favorite Flavors: Want more than one flavor per month? Another option to buy Shakeology in Canada is to combine different Shakeology flavors in combo boxes. You have the following combo deals:. Customize your Shakeology Experience: Have you ever felt like you just needed an extra boost in your day?

While Shakeology is helping people gain more energy, improve their digestion, and much more! Some people still wanted an extra, all-natural boost. Enhance your Shakeology Experience: These are a few extras that Canadians can order if they like. You can get the following:. Canada Shakeology Order Notes: Looking for a new challenge? I have some of the best Beachbody Hybrid workout schedules around. Get the best lifting, hardest cardio, and a perfect amount of recovery.

Nothing fires me up more than seeing amazing results. I touched on this in the weekend update, but it was a big hassle!

We were down for almost 2. I am just finishing up a week at family kamp and it has been just what the doctor ordered! Time to spend with my family, Making extra time always seems fitting on a Monday: We live busy lives, and at least for me, it never No team in all of Team Beachbody has produced more Beachbody Challenge winners with amazing results!

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