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Try our healthfully BMI and weight loss calculator! A single one-ounce serving of chia seeds contain 11 grams of fiber; that's 42 percent of the USDA daily recommended value, based on information found at Self Nutrition Data. Month 2 is the same pattern but the first two weeks you replace Sculpt 2 on Wednesdays and then the next two weeks you change Mondays and Fridays to the Melt 2 and Shred 2 but revert back to Sculpt 1 on Wednesdays, Then on Month 3 you continue with the M2, CS, Sc1, CS, Sh2 pattern until midway through the month when you change to Sculpt 2 as well. Her work experience includes all areas of small-business development, real-estate investments, home remodeling and Web development. Chia also may alter the way the liver breaks down medications, which can lead to ineffectiveness of the drug.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This is a great workout too bad half of the discs were scratched and will not play. I got this in the mail yesterday. I bought directly from advocare. The video is in a normal size movie case and has 2 dvds.

So far I have used the one disk, as the second disk seems to have the more advanced workouts. There are 7 total workouts between the 2 disks. I watched one of the workouts to see what I was in for and then used the calendar that advocare offered to start with the core stretch workout today. I cant say it was a hard workout, this is definely more for stretching but some planking etc.

So not exactly easy, but it was a good starting video. The advocare calendar advised me to start with Core Stretch, then Sculpt 1 tomorrow, Core Stretch the next day, then Shred 1, followed by 2 days of rest or optional workouts these fall onto the weekends which is really great for me as my schedule really changes during the weekend. The downside of roasting is it may alter the essential fatty acids and cause a loss in other nutrients.

Irradiation is a process that kills bacteria, fungus and insects, while also extending the shelf life. Irradiated chia seeds will also suffer the same ill effects as roasting.

The bottom line is roasting and irradiation kill the beneficial enzymes in chia seeds. You should buy chia seeds raw and eat them raw whenever possible for the best benefits. Only purchase chia seeds from trusted sources, as the seeds grow in Mexico and South America. There can be questionable farming sanitation practices, based on the increased reports of E. Growers cannot wash chia seeds; they shake them clean of debris.

It is imperative that the source uses natural fertilizers that won't contaminate the seeds. Certified organic is always a good option, but the costs and paperwork for farmers to receive certified organic classification is often prohibitive. A trusted distributor or farmer that produces crops to the same standards as organic can provide the same high quality at a lower price to the consumer. Cynthia Clark began writing professionally in Her work experience includes all areas of small-business development, real-estate investments, home remodeling and Web development.