14 Healthy Meatball Recipes

Orecchiette With Sausage Meatballs, Broccoli Rabe, and Garlic

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The other night, I used smaller ones and did two different sauces, but it gave me three nights worth of dinners where all we had to do was prepare a side veggie. But I prefer to clean and do the laundry while he manages all things culinary: Thank you so much for doing this. Kari March 14, , 4: Love, love, love these recipes and meal plans!

Do you want to cook healthier meals in an easy, efficient manner. The Air Fryer is your answer.

Low-Sodium Healthy-Aging Meal Plan: 1,500 Calories

I have purchased Broek pork from a lovely family. They raise and butcher at their own farm — regulary inspected and part of a Foodie natural food suppliers bus tour here in Alberta Canada. The hogs are roaming free and are treated with such great care. I would just like to know more about it. Thank you in advance for answering my curiosity. Pork was not allowed into the Jewish diet because it is considered unclean. I would assume this is where that came from.

I think lean pork loin is as healthy as chicken. The other white meat. I would also like to know why the author says this about pork. Pork and cooking with lard, is common in many Asiatic and tropical countries with healthy centenarians. Sometimes I see the Judeo-Christian-Muslim anti-pork sentiment on other popular sites including Weston A Price, Callanetics, and other JCM influenced health forums but no clear reason given for the bias.

You can see the origins here. When sites claim to be about science, such simplistic bias does not belong in their logical arguments. It is not ethnocentrism. Yes on salmon, beef, chicken, venison, etc. I hope this helps. I am a culinary school graduate, and I hope I can shed a little light on why people consider pork to be unhealthy. Often times farmers will feed their pigs anything they can get their hands on including damaged crops and left over parts of other animals.

As a result of this poor diet, pigs sometimes get worms or other diseases which would then be ingested by the pork eating consumer. Secondly, pigs wallow in their own filth most of the time, which for lack of a better word is pretty gross.

Not that it is wrong to eat it. But pigs are just gross and will eat anything. It just says that pork is the least healthy meat — without giving an explanation. I noticed that you had carrots listed as both starchy and non- starchy veggies. I have always heard that they are starchy. I have stayed away from pork for years. It is true that pigs will eat anything, even their own waste.

Ham has cancer causing nitrates as does most deli meats. In by a Dr. How did I not know this? Planning to give this week a try. Thank you so much for these meal plans! So nice to be able to see which recipes work to make one day and eat for a couple. I have used them regularly this fall and have lost 20 pounds — since Aug. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yes Please keep doing your weekly menus and grocery lists. Thank you for taking the time to do the weekly planning. It would be amazing if it was 0 points? What am I missing that has points? Love everything you make!! Sorry if I missed it, but are you planning to update older recipes to WW Freestyle? Love the meal plans! Please keep them coming. I look forward to getting your meal plans every week, they make it so easy for me to follow a meal plan I can stick to.

I also purchased your meal planner, and just wrote down my first week! Looking forward to having it keep me on track this next year. Thanks for all that you do! Please keep them coming! Thank you for taking the time to lay all of this out. It makes shopping and healthy cooking much easier! Yours is the only site I truly love!

Your graphics are clean and modern and your recipes clear, concise and delicious! Thank you so much! Yes, please keep doing the menu and the shopping list!! We appreciate all the handwork you put into it.

It is just me but I can scale. It takes the headache out of planning but allows me to try new recipes. Please continue to do the total day Meal plan. Thank you I will definitely use these suggestions, I love your recipes….

Great start to a healthy New Year. I love the Meal Plan. I plan on using your Meal Plans to help me plan and organize for the week. Thank you for doing it and please continue. Every one of your recipes I have tried are totally delicious.

We are huge fans! Thank you for the detailed shopping list — it is immensely helpful! These are awesome and so helpful. These are a lifesaver! I plan to get the new meal planner as well. I love that you did a full day! I live a very busy life and love your meal plans. What a great way to start the year!! They all say smart points still. I love your meal planning posts and use them!

They are very helpful. I also have bought the skinnytaste meal planner. I love the new spiral binding on it! Please continue to include a grocery list with the weekly plans. I love your meal plans. They are very family friendly, easy to use and delicious. I find when I follow your recommendations and recipes, I am much more organized, calm, and prepared. Plus everyone in the house knows what we are eating, so it works out great!

Your recipes are always a hit with my picky family. Your recipes keep me on track with Weight Watchers. This is exactly what I need to kick off my year. I have a tight food budget. That is my biggest hurdle to. I doubled the taco soup and ate that over the spaghetti squash. I love this SO much!! The grocery list addition is such a huge timesaver for me!

I love, love your site. I have used your dinner plans all year as an interagal part of my weight watchers journey—35 pounds later, whenever people ask how I did it, I credit the Instagram weight watchers community and YOU!

I like the inclusion of the breakfast and lunches this week. It was a great jump start to the year! I appreciate the wonderful recipes. I use your meal plans and they are so helpful!

The shopping list is also a great help, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Please keep doing these!! They are awesome and really help me with planning my lunches which are some of my most difficult meals to plan. Thank you so much for all your hard work!! Thanks for spending so much time creating these weekly meal plans. Please keep the plans coming! I have two kids and a husband who are picky eaters.

I cannot thank you enough! You have made my life so much easier since meals are usually very stressful for me. I am using your meal plain, thanks for doing this. I understand this,well done. I hope you continue this. Love, work is done! No guessing or counting you have done it all!! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Straight forward, healthy, achievable, customizable, delicious. What a fantastic kick start to You have a new fan. I struggle with getting creative and healthy meals, especially breakfast and lunch.

Thank you so much!!! This is just what i needed to get off to a good start. Thanks very much for doing this. My daughter and I wanted to get the year off to a healthy start, and this has been a big help! I use your cookbook or my own recipes for dinner the rest of the days of the week.

Please continue to do this breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan! So far so good. I also recommend your site and books to all my friends and family. Because of your recipes, my husband and I were able to lose over 80 pounds combined. I love that you make these lists and meal plans for every week of the year. I am new to your site and anxious to try your recipes as well as your meal plans. You give the smart points for the recipes. Are they the same as the new free style points or would the the free style points be different?

This is so wonderful, please keep posting weekly menus as I am following your meal plans. I love those omelettes, and just to add a little flair I wrapped them in a piece of bacon. Eating healthy is so much easier when someone else has done the leg work for you…especially when you are a busy mom of 3 that works full time like I am!

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