The 2-Hour Rule: Is a bottle safe when it’s been left out too long?

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I can pull my outer shirt up and the under shirt down. She not only goes to the farm co-op and picks up the raw milk for Kate, but she gets all the ingredients for the homemade formula and she makes it for Kate when we are there. Ok, has anyone experienced their baby not liking the formula? She nursed up until her son was two, but because to dental issues, they had to make the very difficult choice of weaning early, but she has been supportive of her younger sister who is still nursing her now 13 month old. All of these companies have a vested interest in commercially produced pasteurized milk made by large dairies. Give him his own spoon and a small bowl as you feed him. Hi I have a 2 yr old that refuses to eat with a spoon.

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The women on that list helped me sooo much when I was making my transition. Hello I recently switched my whole family to a more traditional diet but one thing remains…the formula. I see that you had given your daughter this formula until 2 years but I was wondering what you would recommend for me. But then I just saw here that you fed your daughter this formula after age one. He will be one on Sept. Should I switch him now to homemade just for one month?

Should I switch him now and feed him longer? Should I just wait and give raw milk at one? Should I just give raw milk now? And how to switch do you mix them together first little by little? I switched my daughter from commercial formula to raw milk formula cold turkey and had no issues.

The raw milk formula is designed to mimic breast milk. If I had been able to, I would have kept breastfeeding her well past age 1 — until 2 if I could have, even longer if she wanted it.

So why should I switch to raw milk at age 1, just because I technically can? I wanted her to get as much nutrition as possible — and since breast milk is best, I wanted to mimic that for as long as possible. I slowly tapered her off of it. Ok, well I just ordered the kit from radiant life. I wish it was here now! Would you tell me what you did when you went out.

We like to go to the zoo and different places a lot and wanted to know how you dealt with that. Did you say this formula keeps for 2 days? I think she may also be sensitive to the whey. I know how nutritious whey is supposed to be, but is there any substitute for this?

Try leaving out they whey and just use the probiotic powder. See if that helps. At that point, you might want to try a homemade formula of coconut milk and chicken stock plus the coconut oil, probiotic powder, etc. Many people with GAPS babies have had great success with that. Hi, I have a 2 month old baby who was born premature. I have been looking into making her formula. I was woundering if it would be ok to usegoats milk in the formula.

I herd some peoplee give their kids goats mik. Are you breastfeeding now or formula feeding? I would try to breastfeed if you can. I would also try modifying your own diet — try cutting out gluten, dairy and other allergens for a few weeks and see if that helps. Yes you can use goats milk. Although goat milk is rich in fat, it must be used with caution in infant feeding as it lacks folic acid and is low in vitamin B12, both of which are essential to the growth and development of the infant.

Inclusion of nutritional yeast to provide folic acid is essential. Be sure to begin egg-yolk feeding at four months. I could freeze enough breastmilk to make a batch of this formula once her demands again outpace my production. Are you saying you want to use breast milk in place of the raw milk in the formula?

This formula recipe, to my knowledge, is meant to replicate breast milk. My mother-in-law buys it from a local group on Long Island. They have it trucked in from the Amish in PA. I have read about farmers using iodine to feed their cattle to boost milk production. I also know that the Jersey cows who grazed on iodine-rich soils in the British isles next to the ocean produced more milk with a higher fat content. I also know that iodine is stored in the breasts.

I also know that pregnancy and breastfeeding does deplete the mother of iodine — all you have goes to the baby first.

And I have heard of people who started to supplement with iodine and had increases in their milk supply. Sadly, I did not learn about iodine and the possible connection to breast milk supply until after I stopped nursing my firstborn at 9 mos.

If I had known about it, I probably would have started taking Iodoral to see if it helped. I tried everything else More Milk Plus, etc. Do a search on my blog for iodine and you will find more articles and info about iodine deficiency. Jorge Flechas google him over the phone and by mail to have my iodine levels tested. It turned out I was deficient. I have a 18 month baby who is breastfed, but my supply is getting low day by day.

In her last well-check her ped recommended that we supplement her with a hypoallergenic formula she has eczema and food sensitivities. So i have been supplementing her now but everytime i give her the bottle my heart breaks she hates it too, it has a bad smell and taste. I was looking for alternatives and found this site. I have been shopping since sometime but not given much importance on making raw milk formula since she is allergic to milk.

Since past one month i have been adding raw milk. Could you please give me the recipe for coconut milk based formula. How about chicken stock? Please, please help me fet out of this hypoallergenic formula situation. Sorry for the long background, just thought it will help. Thank you so much for the great suggestions that you have posted in this website. So sorry you are going through this. I recently found out about MilkShare, which is a nonprofit that matches up moms whose babies need breast milk with those who have it to spare.

The milk is free, though recipients pay shipping costs if there are any. I think we all agree that breast milk is the optimal and I was just really happy to hear that such an organization existed. Hello, Could you tell me how long whey made from yogurt will keep? Do I need to take note of the expiration date on the yogurt and use the whey by that date?

Also, what is the best way to transport this formula if I am out of town for a day? Finally, how many days will it keep in the refrigerator once a batch is made? Hi, sorry to take so long to respond to your answer. Like, Should I shower or eat?

I took some and re-experienced a crash in breast milk output that took upwards of a week to regain, which I was only able to do with frequent pumping and many cups of Mothers Milk tea. In the meantime, I have — painfully, as some moms have experienced — had to go back to relying on dreaded formula for at least one or two feedings a day.

I noticed with it came cradle cap. Like I needed another reason to avoid formula! Is there something else that can be used in place of it to make garbage-free formula? Even the super organic, hormone free formula I found which she hates and refuses to eat, even when split with breast milk has soy oil in it!

And thank you so much for providing all of us with all your info and encouragement! My daughter is 9 months old and has been exclusively breastfed. I am having the most difficult time getting her to take this formula. I have tried mixing small amounts of it with pumped breastmilk to get her used to it, but as soon as she smells it, she wants nothing to do with it.

I have tried the flavored cod liver oils as well as the unflavored. Yes try it without the cod liver oil. You can always give it to her separately… Or, once she gets used to the formula without the cod liver oil, you can try adding it back in bit by bit until she adjusts.

We just adopted a newborn in October and because he was so spit uppy, we changed formulas a couple of times.

Then I ran across a couple of articles about the raw milk homemade formula. Our son has been on the homemade formula for about 4 weeks. I was reading some of the previous comments and questions and noticed a couple of questions I was also wondering about, but did not see your reply.

I think the new formula is going to work out, but our son still spits up a little more than I am comfortable with. Does this mean anything I should be concerned about? Jackson is 6 weeks old now. Estimating that he spits up 2 to 3 tablespoons about 2 to 4 times after most bottles, that counts the clear that comes twenty or thirty minutes later. Not all bottles, occasionally he just has a couple of pretty wet burps.

He cries and acts agitated around the spit-upping. Sometimes his stools are very mushy, sometimes more formed but still soft. It seems to be in the area where his head lays in our arms. It started over Thanksgiving when we had a lot of family here passing him around. He has had little bumps on his face when he was 2 and 3 weeks old, the new bumps look like those did, just more of them and in the other areas.

Thank you for taking time to answer me. At 6 weeks, they still spit up a lot. How about spit up a happy spitter, gaining, etc at 3 months? Hello, Do you know which ingredient s create the foam on top of the formula? Can they be left out? My daughter has a sensory integrative disorder and cannot tolerate certain textures. Our feeding specialist has suggested that this could be part of why she is rejecting this homemade formula.

That foamy stuff is quite different from the breastmilk she is used to. Could it be particles of oil coconut? What to do about this? Thanks for your help!

I will like to comment on the baby homemade formula. I noticed that you use Acerola powder. This powder unfortunately contains maltodextrin which is MSG monosodium glutamate. I had to supplement with formula too. And my boy seemed to be allergic to commercial formula. I wound up making my own formula from a much more simplistic recipe. The latter gave him really bad gas. My wife is extremely leery of feeding our son raw milk. I know all the arguments for it, but she has a tendency to dig in her heels and not listen when she has made up her mind about something.

There are hundreds if not thousands of differences between store bought milk and raw milk. Pasteurization is just one difference. Years ago, there was a large study that examined asthma and allergies, and how they relate to milk consumption.

The results concluded that asthma and allergies were dramatically higher among store bought milk drinkers. Basically, they pasteurized their milk in their own kitchens.

If my wife was scared of raw milk, I would simply boil the raw milk. I am deeply contemplating making this baby formula but am curious about the ingredient list. We are already raw milk drinkers so I know of the benefit. As far as how long it lasts — I would make a batch and it would last for days in the fridge. Dan — Thank you so much for responding. I have been crazy busy! I really appreciate you doing that. I have just started making my formula using the WAP recipe and I saw a previous poster asked about the cost and how long the ingredients last.

I too had wondered the same thing so my husband and I spent a great deal of time one night crunching numbers and seeing for ourselves. The cost will vary depending on the price of your raw milk, cream and yogurt for the whey but it is cheaper than Similac Organic!

Anyhow, it IS cheaper for a much better, healthier product!! I hope this helps! I need more sleep!!! The previous poster that asked about the cost was ME! Maybe someone else will be wondering as well! After only reading a few comments on this page I felt I wanted to make a comment. I wanted to correct a comment made by a previous person.

Maltodextrin is a starch and actually can be found in lots of organic foods. It is used as a flow agent, anticaking agent and for other purposes.

I also wanted to comment on feeding your child raw milk. This is a huge safety risk. Pasteruization is done under specific conditions specific heat and held for a specific amount of time. Without this treatment there are very dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella, e. Even in perfectly healthy adults raw milk can pose such a health risk that it is illegal in most developed countries for farmers to sell raw milk to anyone besides an actual milk processor, who can process and test the milk to be sure it is safe for human consumption.

When dealing with raw milk we are dealing with bacteria and viruses, not toxins. If you want to be sure not to give your baby toxins then that is what organic milk not raw organic milk is for. This milk has been pasteruized properly when purchased from a reputable supplier and not harmful to your child.

I have been making this formula for about a month now. The first couple of times, I did it in the blender and removed the frothy part on top. Then, my mom told me that was the cream whipped from the blender. Now, I blend everything and then add the cream and stir. It does not develop a frothy layer on top if you keep the cream out: I figure my baby needs all the fat she can get!! I have a question about the recipe.

I originally printed it from the Weston Price Foundation…I am noticing now that there are a few ingredients where the quantities differ from the recipe in the Nourishing Traditions book. The website says 1 tsp each of bifidobacterium infantis, cod liver oil, and acerola powder. This is a recipe that my grandmother used for my mom, uncle, and aunt.

Remember we are trying to replicate breast milk here… which is impossible to do but if we are going to try, we must do the best we can. Evaporated milk is pasteurized, homogenized, and sterilized. Breast milk is not pasteurized or homogenized, nor is it sterile. Babies need the good bacteria and enyzmes from a living food like raw milk. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can be dangerous for infants as honey is:.

Thanks for answering my question. I do have one other question. Is this formula recipe safe for preemies? The stuff stinks to begin with but when they would spit up, it smelled worse. The twins are a year old and are doing great, but I would just like to know in case this happens to her again or if, God forbid, it happens to me.

Does this recipe address this issue and does it address it in a form of iron that a baby can digest? Thank you for posting this! I was doing some research and stumbled across this post. I am very interested in doing this when I have another child. Plus, a big part of the diet consists of fruit and he gets a strange acidic rash from eating more than a piece of fruit at a time.

I wish I had known of this all before. Hi, We just brought home an adopted newborn and I am in the process of re-lactating. I have been giving her as much donated breastmilk as possible but due to supply I have to supplement with formula. She does not handle store bought formulas well and I hoped this recipe would work.

But within 20 min of feeding baby luv was miserable. Hoping it was just incidental I pushed on to the second feeding. I am concerned that the meat base formula from Nourishing Traditions will not work either because of the whey and lactose. ANy advice is welcome. I am on my second child who I am feeding homemade formula to. I then add several other ingredients to make it nutritionally adequate. I got the idea of the almond milk based formula from a study done in Italy. I make the coconut milk myself too.

My 2 year old did very well on it, and my 2 month old is thriving on it. I not going to have anymore children, but if I did I would do the same thing again. You can see my recipe at www. Hi Jayna, I would be very interested in your recipe as my family does not use cows milk and are lactose intolerant.

The link posted goes to wine clubs?? Could you please post the recipe I would be very grateful, thanks a ton!!! I think you would need to add some other ingredients to it like cod liver oil and coconut oil. I know this is an old post so I am hoping you still get this. My dght is 9 months and has been on the WAP milk formula for 2. I first started making the formula with yogurt whey and she did fine but then someone suggested I try whey from cheese.

I switched to whey from cheese and I did not have a curdle issue. I just got more whey from the farmer and now I have a curdling issue which I never had before.

I tried to go back to the whey from yogurt and my dght spits out the formula because she does not like the taste now. The whey from yogurt does taste more bitter. I am not sure what to do. I am so frustrated. Should I try making it without the whey and how will that impact the formula nutritionally? I could try making whey from the raw milk but it will take a few days and I do not have the time to wait because she will be hungry again in a few hours!!

I switched may baby from similac neosure to whole milk about two weeks ago. My boy is a preemie. I am adding only some oils extra virgin olive oil, calson fish oil for kids and coconut oil and some brown sugar. For the preemies that constipate I would suggest about 2 oz prune juice 3 times a day. Helped with my baby. I might buy raw milk and boil. Hope it is better than to use a pasteurized milk from the store. Currently I am using an organic pasteurized cream on top milk.

If anyone knows about more natural multivitamins than Enfamil Poli vi sol, please let me know. If you have not found a source for infant vitamins, may I suggest Shaklee. I was raised on it and both of my girls 5 years and 7. But my question is cost: How much does making this formula cost?

I have had 2 children and breastfed them both. Now we are getting ready to adopt an infant. I am going to attempt to breastfeed, but I know it is likely that I will have to supplement. Costs would be helpful, thanks!! If you are able to get your milk cheaper it would be even less!!! It is totally reasonable. We are also adopting a baby and planning to breastfeed and supplement with homemade formula!

He is a delight. The formula is working well it seems—but I am curious what others who have used it would say about the smell of bowel movements. When he is drinking donated breast milk it seems more normal, but when he is on the formula is smells very pungent. The stool looks yellow and well formed….

He is going a couple times a day. Everything seems normal about it but the smell, and he is not overly fussy as if he was in pain. Any thoughts on this fellow homemade-formula-making moms?? Hi, I find when I add the cod liver oil the entire formula smells and tastes like fish. Do your babies still drink it? Also, the recipe calls for nearly as much water as it does milk- what is the purpose of watering down the milk?

Instead of using the liver cod oil for DHA you can use Neuromins plant based so there is no fish taste or smell. Other brands are made from fish oil, and these can be contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury. How much does it cost to make this formula?

I have a 5 month old. I was unable to breastfeed and am looking for the next best thing….! Any thoughts on the hypoallergenic version from WAP? Did you try the liver formula? I just picked everything up but will be leaving the whey and lactose out — just hoping nothing will be lacing then. With the broth — do I have to roast the chicken first? Can I just put the raw chicken as is, in the stockpot? Replying quickly as my wee one is fussy today! Many mothers that do the hypoallergenic formula take the whey and lactose out but instead add a form of sucrose instead of lactose because the baby needs it as a carbohydrate.

If you go to this link Sarah pope a western price chapter leader has a video series on how to do the hypoallergenic formula http: We are having success for the most part with the liver formula! What about coconut sugar? Anyone ever use that? I would love to find a few who have used it! If she is constipated she is reacting to something in the formula. Most moms that I have talked to say the liver formula makes the babies poo watery. Have you gone on the yahoo group for wap parents, I have met many moms that use the liver formula there.

Hope all is well. We are almost there! Do you have a link? Interesting about the watery poo. Sometimes when she has too much sweet potato or squash, it tends to happen. More avocado, peas and asparagus loosen her up! I joined the yahoo group. I hope her tummy settles this weekend or at least in the coming days. We went from breastfeeding to the milk based version of the formula and it took our little man about a week to adjust.

He initially was spitting up a little more and had a runny BM every time he ate and sometimes in between. I was really concerned about him loosing weight or having a sensitivity to something in the formual but decided to give it a week. At about a week and a half things were back to normal. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope we have the same!

Basically just fussy and drawing up her legs a bit. I also asked the question but have not heard back yet. Should i reduce the amount i mix into my milk? Hello, I am very interested in a homemade formula for my son. He is 5 weeks old and mother has had surgery, can only feed off one breast, and running dry very fast with his growing appetite. We substitute goats milk mixed with nursery water and a dash of probiotics while mom cant feed.

Looking for a more permanent alternative and was curious to how much all these ingredients would cost to purchase first time around?? For simplicity sake, when I started making the formula I bought the kit from Radiant Life. Here is the link: I know it can be cheaper to get the ingredients separate but for me this was the easiest way to get started.

I would recommend getting extra lactose if you can. What comes in the kit will last about a month. All of the other ingredients last much longer, depending on how much you little one is eating.

I do give the cod liver oil separately. If you are going to continue to use goat milk, instead of cow milk check out the Weston A Price website for the goat milk formula. Goat milk typically is deficient in vitamin B and folic acid so they have you add liver to the formula.

Wow- thanks for all the great information! I never got much of a milk supply for either of my kids, and it was heartbreaking to be feeding them all the chemical rich processed formula. I really hope to make homemade baby formula for any future kids! This is the current location: Ive have started using this as a supplement for my 4 month old son. He seems good with it. How long can it stay stored in the fridge? I have an inquiry for you. If a client does not want to use dairy or soy of any kind, do you have any recommendations?

Could they replace the cod liver oil with a hemp oil? Just wondering any thoughts you may have. You absolutely should not replace the cod liver oil with hemp oil. Hemp oil is not safe for human consumption and contains very high levels of omega 6s. Cod liver oil is recommended as it has high levels of vitamin A, D, K2 and omega 3 fatty acids that the baby needs for brain development.

Soy milk is never recommended for babies. Is the baby allergic to dairy? If so, try the meat-based formula. Mary Enig was a nutritionist and not a Registered Dietitian. She was a bench scientist that worked in a lab and had no clinical experience.

Would you have a researcher perform surgery on you? Your formula is extremely dangerous for infants. In addition the solute load of the milk can cause dehydration and puts strain on the immature kidney of the infant. Sure, the infant may gain weigh properly, but you may be setting them up for kidney failure later on in life. Infants do not have a mature GI tract that is able to protect them from the bacterium in unpasteurized milk. Homemade infant formulas are avoided because they do not provide the nutrients that breast milk or commercial formulas provide.

Commercial formulas are the most regulated food item in the grocery store because a deficiency in one nutrient can cause death or severe illness in an infant. You have no idea how much fat, protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients your child is getting. You could be giving too much or not enough. Cooking is fine for adult bodies because they eat a variety of foods every day. Serious harm could be done. Here is a nutritional breakdown for those who care to see.

If you scroll down it shows the breakdown as compared to breastmilk. There is no reason to compare it to commercial formulas as that is most definitely NOT the ideal to which nutritionally-conscious people care to strive. If Eleanor could provide her source for the information she posted that would be great. I am open to reading this science that says that giving your baby milk will set the stage for them to have kidney failure later in life??

I am confused by this as almost every commercial baby formula, apart from the lactose free formulas, have milk in it. Also I have read that raw milk, as it is a live food has not been denatured has all the enzymes in tact necessary to digest itself. But when you approach the subject with true objectivity you realize that it is not even CLOSE to imitating breast milk…and it is actually not even healthy at all.

The main ingredient in most is CORN syrup. A genetically modified GMO food. There is soy in virtually every commercial formula, which also is a GMO and has a host of other issues it can lead to.

Things are not always what they seem…. Babies have been thriving on this homemade formula for over a decade since Nourishing Traditions was published in Breast milk is unpasteurized. Are you suggesting women should pasteurize their breast milk before feeding their babies? Here is a comparison chart of all the nutrients breast milk vs. Regulation does not equal safety, nor does it mean the food is healthful or nutritious.

Soy milk and soybean oil are not safe or healthy for any human to consume, and certainly not babies. If you would like references on that, I will provide them. Here is a link with some information about raw milk. Breast milk does not need to be pasteurised because it is either consumed immediately, or stored in a controlled environment E. I am an Environmental Health Officer aka health inspector with qualifications in food science, I am not just sharing my personal opinions.

Thank you so much for posting this. We gave her formula and within 2 days she started getting cradle cap! I made the connection but people just brushed it off as a coincidence. I am glad that I am not crazy. LOL I am going to try this. Thank you so much!!!! You can also supplement your babies separately. Just curious, why did you think you were having supply problems at 4 months? But in reality, the supply is just evening out, as your body begins to figure out how much milk it needs to make.

Good that you made homemade formula, though. Although the cod liver oil sounds disgusting, I must say. I would sooner go to a breastmilk bank for milk then feed my kid this crap or any commercial formula either. I cannot believe people would skimp out on their babies and feed them this crap! My doctor has some concerns with it saying that it might not have enough iron content. Can you please help me out with this and what to tell him?? To all parents considering a better option of formula than commercial brands, find articles written from a reputable source.

Hi, I have a question about the cod liver oil. Should I be using the plain Gp fermented cod liver oil? I used the Quantum brand which you can still buy from Radiant Life for a limited time — it has no flavor. I made this recipe for my daughter. The problem I had was the cream from the raw milk. What did I do wrong?? I do it use always a small glass container for the milk and a stainless steel container for the boiling water and it is a problem solved for me.

My baby never complained of that. She complains about the taste of the FCLO but that is another story: I have been doing this formula for over a week and can see some good results in my 5 month-old baby. The cradle cap is literally vanishing out of her head thanks to this formula: I only have 2 problems:. Has this ever happen to anyone here before? What did you do to solve this until more lactose arrived? Please, will anyone answer me and give me some good insight! That is what I gave Kate — you can see it in one of the pictures above.

It has no flavor. You can find it on my resources page from Radiant Life. My milk supply started to dry up around 10 months, so I started giving my daughter this formula and she was totally weaned off breastfeeding by 11 months. She is absolutely thriving with no evidence of digestion issues. She now eats tons of solids veggies, fruits, egg yolks, sprouted grains and beans, LOTS of healthy fats: Any thoughts on how to adjust the formula at 12 months to slowly get them ready for plain raw milk?

I kept giving my daughter the formula until she was almost 2. I figured I would still be breastfeeding until then.

It drives me crazy when people post such negative comments based on ignorance! I am a highly educated registered nurse and I do not trust the FDA for one second, they are making money off of allowing Americans to eat garbage because the pharmaceutical companies also regulated by FDA are getting rich off of our nation being chronically ill. Both of these are known and proven neurotoxins!

What a horrible thing to feed a developing baby! The fact that most parents who cant or wont breastfeed give their infant commercial formula without even blinking an eye is what is terrifying! I have a 3 month old daughter who I tried to breastfeed exclusively, but only was able to last about a month due to her projectile vomitting up my milk at every feeding. I kept altering my diet, trying to discover what might have been upsetting her stomach, but became frustrated and switched to Similac Advanced.

She has not projectile vomitted since then, but does have spit up with almost every feeding. Then she became extremely irregular and only has a bowel movement once every two days or so. I then switched her to Similac Fussiness and Gas, but I am trying to get myself and my kids on as organic and gluten free of a diet as possible and have been looking for a homemade baby formula.

My problem is that I have NO clue where to begin and what is correct and incorrect. I could really use advice as to the best recipe I could put her on for homemade formula that will help her become more regular and keep her healthy. Hi, I was wondering what the caloric content is for this formula? I am trying to beef my toddler off and get him off the commercial formula he is on. How long does whey stay good? We bought some raw whey and it is bright yellow.

Is it safe to give to my baby in the formula? Thank you for this! It really is a life saver. Thank you soooo much!! This recipe was a God-send. I needed something to supplement and was not using store formula.

I bought all the ingredients and used it for a short time and found out my son cannot handle dairy! I have the ingredients and could sell them cheap if anyone is interested. Send me an email Tanya. Do you still check here? I am interested in your supplies but dont know your email address.

Is there a homemade formula that only uses whey? My baby is allergic to casein but drinks whey based formula fine. I sure hope you get to read my comment, and I apologize in advance for its lengthiness. She is on soy formula yuck!! While she is making some progress, her dietician wants to transition her to a toddler soy formula for calories.

As of yesterday we have compromised on an organic soy toddler formula if soy can even be organic lol! Maybe we are not condemned to soy! But I know the questions her dietician will have are the nutrient values. Do you know where I can find any of this information? Thank you SO much in advance! What sort of info specifically are you seeking? I can send you some scientific papers if that would help, just let me know what you need.

Thank you for the feedback, I found the chart I needed with the nutrient values on the WAPF website; and now all I need to figure outis how to add more protein. There are only five hospitals in the US that offer this program and the wait list is about a year, if they even accept your child.

As much as I want to just charge in there and tell them this what you are going to transition my child to no matter what, I could end up bullying her right out of the program. Which again, is our only hope of getting her off the bottle. So yes, I am doing the research, constructing a portfolio, and practicing giving all my info in the least snobby way I can. I breastfed my daughter until she was almost 3 months. Since then, I have notice a fowl chemically-smell when she burps, which has made me very concerned.

My husband and I have decided to make her formula following the Nourishing Traditions recipe, Weston A. Do I need to wean my daughter off of her current store-bought formula or do I just abruptly switch to homemade formula?? Thanks for sharing this article so other moms know that there are other options for supplementing out there!

I made the formula when I went back to work full time. So, thankfully, my chiro. Once I was able to quit my job and be a full time mom, I still made the formula for a couple more months just because he really liked it.

Anyone have any idea how long homemade whey from separated raw milk will last in the refrigerator? I also skimmed the cream from the raw milk — how long will this last?

Whatever is left over I make butter with. Hi, been breastfeeding my son since day 1. I pumped the first week at work and almost over a weekend no longer needed to pump. I still bf him but only upon waking and before bedtime. He only has one mild discomfort and that is gas. Has anyone gone through the process of elimination to figure out which ingredient causes excess gas? I know I should not alter the recipe but thought I could at least find out which one causes excess gas.

Thanks in advance for reading my comment. Hi Suzanne — I found that the nutritional yeast caused Eli a lot of gas and spitting up…and somewhere in my research on this formula, that is one ingredient that babies are often sensitive to and can be left out if necessary.

Hope that helps and blessings to you! Eliminated the nutritional yeast 3 wks now and gas is gone!! We are good now. I have exclusively pumped for special needs son for eleven months and he is now on donate breastmilk for as long as I can find it.

I still feel a little lost until I try it out I am sure but he is just starting to eat some baby food so I am hoping to get to the point of using this formula as a supplement to food by the end of the year but that is a ways off on his feeding journey! You might want to get that sorted out as it kind of detracts from the blog and is annoying for people wanting to find out more.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic information. It would be great if you could get those links fixed up. Wondering what the receipe is for the whey? It looks like this recipe is good except for the gelatin because gelatin always contains MSG.

Thanks foe the recipe, I am definitely going to change to this! Thanks for sharing this story, who knew? When you said you felt like a complete failure, my heart went right out to you. Everyone has that moment I believe. Waaaayy too much work. I gave my babies goats milk mixed with Organic baby cereal and organic jar food or my own pureed fruits and vegies all mixed together in the bottle like a shake.

They ate it up and are super healthy to this day. Hi, I am about to start making this for my one year old who I have to stop breast feeding because of my own health unfortunately. I make a batch every 2. One recipe makes about 30 ounces. So, freezing works best for me. My son just tested pretty low in iron which is one reason why my doctor said I should do formula instead of just continue with food and giving him good quality milk.

Is there any ingredient in this recipe that adds iron to this formula? How does the cost of making formula measure up to buying it? With regards to homemade vs. You can do a quick google search on commercial formula prices. Its disgusting that it sells since its basic ingredient is high fructose corn syrup — just junk food for babies. I was referred to this recipe and I am excited to make it.

My 9 month old baby is currently on soy formula due to dairy allergy. How do I go about making the formula? Should I also skip whey and lactose? What are the instructions for mixing and using the dry formula? I cannot find anything online that says how long this safe to drink at room temp? But I gave no idea with this stuff.

Commercial formula is dangerous to give after one hour. Hi, My son is 8 months old. So far I breast fed him. However, due to low milk production, I have to give him formula. All the commercial products even the very organic ones did not pass my quality control. In addition, I am looking for a formula which is goat milk based. However, goat milk formula for infants are not avaliable in US but in Europe. I am a scientist so I do my reearch. I found out that I can make my homemade formula.

I work in the lab so I am pretty good at recepies, protocols, experiment etc. I have copule of questions: I was not able to find raw goat milk and also my scientist husband does not like the idea of giving raw milk to our kid, so I have to buy one from whole foods.

If you chose to prefer which one would you pick? What do you think about using goat milk powder in the formula and resuspending it with filtered water?

What are the sources of Vitamin B and D and minerals in this recepie? What would happen if I use infant multi vitamin drops instead of yeast? I was not able to find goat cream anywhere. Where do we find it? If we make it, is it OK to use goat milk from the store? If not, is there any other excipient that I can use to subsitute goat cream? I am so sorry if I bore you with my questions but these are very important to know for me and for other readers of your web page.

Please you could cause death and severe illness. For example, you could give ml before and after each feeding 4 times daily to pretty much meet the ml. In order to prevent any interaction between medication and formula, it is advised to stop the feeding and flush your tube with water before administering medication. After the medication, you should flush the tube again. Then you can resume feeding. A clogged tube can be related to medication and formula coming in contact with each other.

My 13yr old son has a g-tube since birth. We also have another mls we tube at night. He seems to get pretty tired after the tubings. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Hi Dana, thanks for your question! I wonder if the size of his meal his making him sleepy. You could try splitting his daily intake into 4 feedings and see if that helps. We feed our mother via bolus feeding through a g tube. We flush before and after, of course.

Would it be ok to mix the formula in the beginning with some water in a measuring cup to thin it a little to hasten the flow into the tube? We would still flush before and after. Thanks for any info. Hi Carol, thank you for your question! Some formulas are a little thicker than others, especially if they contain fiber or are concentrated in calories, such as those that are 1. You can also count the water you use toward your flushing water so you end up with the same amount of water each day.

My husband gets 6 cans of Jevity 1. We have him on 3 feedings of 2 cans a day but with our schedule we are wondering if we could go to 2 feedings of 3 cans each? Thank you for your help. Thanks for your question, Arlene! It all depends on his tolerance. You could increase each feeding gradually to test it, for example start out with 2. If you absolutely need to reduce the number of feeds to 2 per day, maybe you could still do the 3 feeds a day on some days, alternating between the 2 schedules.

My husband is age 77 , bedridden,has dementia from closed head trauma due to accident in Navy. I feed him via a PEG tube. For years we gave Jevity 1. A nurse suggested we switch to Two Cal HN twice a day. I believe he has lost weight on the Two Cal. When we feed and the amount of water given is in direct correlation to the suctionings due to phlegm in his throat.

Bolus is 60ml water before, 60ml feed, 60 ml after. We wait 1 to 2 hrs between feedings until the ml can of Two Cal is gone.

We give 2 cans a day. Is that enough feed and are we giving the feed and water too fast and too often? Hi Mary, thank you for your question! With the difference in treatment plans you mention, there is a deficit of calories daily. Over time this could have led to weight loss.

Was there a specific reason the change was made? He is also getting significantly less fiber. How are his bowel habits? For more calories, you could add an additional half-can of the Two Cal HN in another feeding or you could try going back back to the the 3 cans of Jevity 1. Another option would be to syringe in a liquid protein supplement, such as Promod, which would contribute an additional calories and 10 grams of protein.

I watch a 18 month old with a Mickey button. All his fluids are given through his tube, but he consumes most food orally. We give him 4ozs of pediasure at a time, every hours. I was taking my time pushing them, but his mom just pushes it all straight in, in a matter of about 2 minutes. I started doing this as well. Thank you in advance! Hi Heather, thanks for your question! Watch for signs of intolerance, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension or fussiness.

My mom 93 years old was order 40cc of g-tube feeding. The Kangaroo feeding machine was ordered. The machine arrived and the hospital expected the private CNA to assemble. The nurse cane out and gave my mom cc through via Bolus at one time. The next day cc although the doctor ordered 40cc per hour. A week before she had fluid removed from her lungs and scar tissue had developed. Rushed her hospital discovers fluid had build up again in her lungs.

I believe it was from the Bolus feedingof at on time which created more fluid. I am seeking answers as we speak. I am unclear what to do but I believe both times the Bolus created the problem. The additional fluid buildup in her lungs was probably more related to her medical condition than the feeding, but her pulmonary doctor should be able to explain the situation. Our thoughts are with you, I hope she gets better!

My husband has just been given a gtube still in hospital. Hi Charlotte, thank you for your question! Make sure they send you home with written instructions for the feeding plan, including water flushes.

Choose a medical supply company that has a registered dietitian. Read up before he comes home. Here are some articles to start with: In addition to support from your healthcare professionals and medical supply company, check out the Oley Foundation for information, tips and support from others who care for someone with a tube or who have a tube themselves.

My 37 year old daughter, Natalie, was born with severe cerebral palsy and is now a pounds nonverbal quadriplegic. She has had a gtube for 3 months and we are still trying to adjust her feedings so my husband and I can sleep through the night. Jevity upset her stomach in the hospital, so they changed her to Vital.

She was prescribed 5 Vital cartons along with ml water daily. We have tried 3 feedings of 1. Testing for residual dictates we must wait hours between feedings. Natalie requires miralax, dulcax, and fleet enemas for her bowel to act every other day.

Her abdomen remains distended.

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