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Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac
Already have an account? It's possible to update the information on Numi or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. One of my essential tools. In there you can freely add, edit and execute SpeedCrunch is a free, fast, high precision open source algebraic calculator with an intuitive interface and a extensive list of features, including:

Numi. Beautiful calculator app for Mac.

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This smart program can memorize a lot of information and is impressively flexible with its processing. Not only that, the results of your mathematical actions can be retained with the help of the iCloud! It is super useful to have that info available to you at any time, and this app understands how terrible it is for some of us to memorize a lot of numbers and keep everything on a lock on a cerebral level.

Some of us are not good in finding out the time difference, or possibly we are just lazy to think about it really, but this app is not and has a function of lining up time zones and giving you a definite answer on time in any particular area in the world. Amazingly handy feature for people who have interest in events that are taking place in the faraway part of the world! Sign and word symbols are clear to this app. Nothing can confuse this little gem. You can convert currency, measurements, metric systems, and you name it!

You can even find out how many teaspoons it would take to scoop milligrams. Same goes for counting bytes and converting them to the more relevant mega and gigabytes, for converting cm to inches, kg to pounds. What can be better than getting a clear understanding of a discount price for the product you are planning to buy or getting a converted sum of money according to the latest rates?

Variables Add a feature. Soulver helps you do quick calculations and work things out. Use Soulver to play around with numbers, do "back of the envelope" calculations, and solve Calculator provides simple and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app.

OpalCalc is a brand new type of calculator for the PC. As easy to use as Notepad or a word processor, OpalCalc allows natural language in the sum and multi-line support Its an app where you do maths like a normal person. It lets you type whatever you want and smartly figures out what is math and spits out an answer on the right pane A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing.

Freemium Android No features added Add a feature. CalcTape is a revolutionary new kind of pocket calculator. With CalcTape, also extensive calculations remain clearly structured. CalcTape makes the arithmetic process Freemium Windows No features added Add a feature. A simple math notebook that calculates as you type, with powerful features such as equation solver and functions. Calcbot is a simple and beautifully designed calculator for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Programmable scientific calculator which has more than mathematical functions and all of them return as many digits as you need. It can calculate with real numbers With MyScript Calculator, perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting. Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression on the Log In Sign up.

Alternative products to Itsycal. Itsycal A tiny calendar for your Mac's menu bar get it. Numi A beautiful calculator app for Mac get it. Nicholas Gurney - Product Manager. Next Meeting Quickly see your next meeting right in your menu bar. Cristian Moisei - Product Designer. Mike Bracco - Product at JibJab. Alfred 3 - The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better.

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