Weight Watchers (and Oprah) are winning the diet war

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Weight Watchers
Wall Street is celebrating the healthier outlook too. You have lost my business. Sincerely, Hazel Palache Reply. Weight Watchers has not provided official confirmation of the formulas for calculating nutrition points, and has aggressively sent cease and desist letters to websites and a number of third-party tools that claimed to provide Points, or PointsPlus, calculations. It took me 2 months to get this sorted out with my bank because they also had to work with WW to get it refunded. Sitting slim dipika type body fitness slim dipika type body fitness Snowboarding someting Sort out laundry SoulShinePhotography SoulShinePhotography spring cleaning spring cleaning ssasa start my Master's degree Stephanie's Dreams Stop procrastinating Streamline Life Stress Free Students will improve study skills. Just to work at Weight Watchers you have to be at goal.

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Weight Watchers Corporate Office

There are numerous situations of WW continuing to charge after a cancellation. Can you imagine a company staying in business with the rudest, most arrogant, most ignorant support staff in the world?

How do they get away with it? Well, not until Oprah! At the meeting today…. Can we just go and be healthy without being dragged through this muddy mess of the politicalworld! My girlfriends and I used to attend WW faithfully. I have been a Lifetime member since and always enjoyed attending meetings and getting tips from fellow members or just listening to a leader give some advice that could maybe help me avoid that greasy, cheese stuffed pizza slice.

I cancelled my monthly pass 3 times in that last year. I kept re-joining thinking it was the leader or the group, but it turned out it was your new philosophy on getting members involved in the weekly meetings, whether they wanted to be or not. You are losing members. I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight. I did not join to make friends or be a public speaker. You are asked to stand up and offer your findings to the group.

No more can you just sit quietly in the back and be a wallflower by choice. Most of us want to be wallflowers, by the way. We are mortified to be battling extra pounds and and would prefer to be invisible.

When I was a kid in school, I dreaded being asked by the teacher to pair off with someone in the class or join a group for some assignment.

I used to attend meetings in Los Angeles. Her meetings were standing room only. She was a rebel and we loved her for it. I have been to 3 different meetings with 3 different leaders in 3 different cities and they are all following the same damn script. These meetings are very small. Like 3 people small. There is a reason they are not well attended. My old friends have all left Weight Watchers.

I would love to re-join. I still need to lose that 20 pounds that crept back on me over that last 10 years, but I will have to lose it using another weight loss program. BTW, has anyone screened these leaders for personalities? I went to one meeting where the leader said that water was a good snack. I am a former TV producer and now I train people to be good on camera.

Thank you for reading my email. I cancelled after they introduced the new plan and they continued to bill me. I had to call my CC company and file it as fraudulent to get it removed. NOW there are 2 charges for WW magazine. No one has a clue.

I can never get a straight answer to any question I ask. If u ask 3 people u get 3 different answers with sarcasm attached. I was told that only corporate can help you …. This is unfair, because she informed WW prior to the exploration date of her card. Weight watcher is penalizing her and probably others just to raise their fees even if WW are wrong. Exact same problem and now I called for over a month and no one can help me cancel. I would like to make a complaint about the Arizona Weight Watchers Franchise.

I have been a member of weight watchers for 15 years. She would call me out in front of the whole group in the meeting for choosing a Vegan lifestyle because her husband is a butcher.

She is not knowledgeable about the most current information regarding healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Every meeting she would get up in front of the group and tell us about herself and her weight loss struggles. It was as if she used the meeting as a catharsis for herself. She would just talk endlessly about herself. No one else got a chance to speak because she would just stand up there and talk about herself for 30 minutes.

Colleen Kerridan has contacted Weight Watchers and informed us that these complaints were made by someone using her name. The customer reps have difficulty understanding the English language. I asked and confirmed 3 times about the on-line plan being an ongoing 3 month plan. I was reassured that this was the case similar too the monthly pass. Okay so today I am in chat room with another rep so i can submit my my rebate for for having lost 10 pounds and I am told my reference number is not available on-line and I notice that I am now going on a monthly plan because after the first 3 months that is how it works!!!

I feel like bait and switch. That is a scam. Oprah better get into corporate. The plan is working which is the only reason why I am trying to work through these issues. I will never ever recommend this program to anyone. I too am extremely frustrated with the whole WW Thing.. I am now trying to speak to someone in the corporate office; I have called 5 times and each time they automated voice tells me to hold and someone will be right with me Each time I hold for 10 to 20 minutes while it just keeps ringing and then I am disconnected.

I want my money back and I want it NOW. He talked to me like I was stupid, I had a horrible experience with WW customer service. I eventually got a hold of a supervisor who actually could speak and understand English, she was professional and handled the situation to my satisfaction.

Each time I see that commercial, it makes me laugh. You really got it wrong when you chose her as a spokesperson. Why would anyone choose WW just because you have Oprah gloat that she can eat bread? How many diet plans has she used? Who can relate to her? With your New spokesperson, Oprah telling the world how she Loves Bread and having it everyday. Well guess what, No WW bread. Really do you need a billionaire promoting WW, making even more money by buying stock. She can afford a trainer and chef.

How about an average person???? Put the Bread back where we average people can buy it. I was treated so rudely, requested a supervisor and was left on hold for almost an hour. I have had numerous problems with their app and also being on hold for over 45 mins to either be disconnected or to be rudely spoken too. Here is the number for the corporate office and their fax and their fax is the chief financial officer is Nicholasville P.

I ewould to get information regarding establishing operations of weight watchers in Nairobi Kenia. I admire many, many things about Oprah Winfrey, but I joined Weight Watchers to be part of a community of peers. Can Weight Watchers just be Weight Watchers? Watching the queen of arrogance sitting on her throne talking down to those below her is repulsive.

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with Weight Watchers and your new program. I joined Weight Watchers on December 31, for the 3-month online program. I was very unhappy with the new program, and the new website was never working properly. Frustrated, I called the number to Weight Watchers and finally was able to cancel my program on January 4, and I requested a refund.

Apparently the entire program was cancelled effective January 4, , because I have not been able to log into my account after that date. Since I only used the program for 4 days, and was not able to log into the program after January 4, , I feel that I am entitled to a refund of at least two months — not just the one month I have been refunded.

I am not very happy with Weight Watchers at this point. I have been a member off and on for several years. I was really looking forward to the new year and joining Weight Watchers and having success. However, I do not like the new program or the new website. It is very difficult to use. My reason for contacting you is Oprah Winfrey. We have watched Oprah yo-yo diet for years, bouncing from one diet to another, just to fail. Just to work at Weight Watchers you have to be at goal.

Yet there Oprah is in all her fatness and glory. Oprah has some kind of cult following, but not everybody follows her.

What is it going to do to Weight Watchers when the public watches her lose a few pounds on Weight Watchers just to gain them back? Weight Watchers might be good for the person that needs to lose a few pounds, but it fails miserably when it comes to the morbidly obese, and the people that suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. What you need to get into is the real meat and potatoes no pun intended and help the people that need it the most. We all know what to eat and how to exercise.

You also need new material because it is the same old stuff week after week, month after month, and year after year. I can almost set my watch to what week it is and what lecture that I will be listening to. One last thing before I go, you need to stop discriminating against the very people that you are supposed to be helping.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe people can get more from a person that is going through the program than somebody that has just lost a few pounds? I have over pounds to lose. For me listening to somebody talk about losing 15 pounds to get to goal is just plain disheartening!

One more thing, stop the advertising where Oprah is fat shaming people. Your ads with Oprah are not sincere, she is rich, she can buy what every she wants, I will not join WW due to your spokes person. Oprah tried everything best chef, trainers and now a miracle weight watchers.

Please this proves Oprah and weight watchers are phonies. I would like to know more about the Oprah campaign for WW; when will her ad launch? Will the public see her dieting experiences? Will there be TV ads? My brother went to weight watcher meeting in Scotts Bluff Nebraska at 6 PM on Wednesday night as your website listed there was a meeting. There is no way to contact the corporate office to escalate this issue up. And if the website lists it then there must be a meeting at that time.

In the last hour since my online chat and my call to the number I now see Scottsbluff meeting time has been updated to show on your website as Tuesday night at 6 PM. I just got back to the number and ask the support person who just updated that time and Sandy said she had no way of knowing. So what help is your number and your online chat if they never can answer questions. I will have to wait to try calling them tomorrow. I agree with you Joy. That person needs training on customer assistance.

I am having the same problem in trying to reach knowledgeable people who are responsible for decisions at weight watchers. This program has been screwed up for months! I have waited a long time for these online bugs to get worked out by weight watchers.

Finally I contacted their number, but could not get a simple answer to my question — what is the future of the online etools calculator? I am told by our meeting leader leader that the calculator online is not the way it is going to be when they finally get it fixed. She says there will be four numbers to type in to obtain a points value. The calculator now has seven numbers that have to be typed in.

I am going on three months without a proper set of etools after this program change, and yet I have been offered only two months in fee recompense. I am told the new version of this analog calculator requires that 4 numbers be typed in, not 7.

So from whom am I supposed to get a clear answer? I have no opinion of her presence in this program one way or the other. In March I had signed up for the WW magazine and sent a check for the payment. Someone in your checking dept. It took me 2 months to get this sorted out with my bank because they also had to work with WW to get it refunded.

What a pity that such a great program to help people with health issues is losing the reputation it had. I have no idea if you or anyone else ever reads these posts. Because it became a health challenge I decided I would join WW coaching plus program. I joined this week, on Monday to be precise and had my first call with the coach.

She was very nice however being a business coach myself and working with people in life and business coaching for over 20 years your training of these coaches is very lacking. When I joined I was told I would be able to email the coach with questions at any time.

The coach told me she only checks email on the WW site once daily and would get back to me within 24 hours. Questions about food or my plan should be addressed faster if I need information that day.

I also did not know I would have to email via WW website. Misleading by your customer service. Today I spent nearly an hour on the phone with customer service trying to get answers to simple questions. When I asked to speak with a supervisor the agent hung up on me. She put me on hold for so long I had to hang up. I finally contacted your online coach system where I received the answers I needed from a very nice, helpful intelligent person called Kim, who deserves to be a coach not online but working directly with people.

Certainly more helpful than the coach I was given. My problem is straightforward but appears to fall outside the WW organisation structure. I manage the staff wellbeing programme at the British school in the Netherlands.

So we are in the WeightWatchers Benelux territory, but have English staff. We run WeightWatchers groups and have been able to attract English speaking coaches, however a part of the support materials are in Dutch.

The country manager tells me this cannot be changed. Now I have 2 employees who want to join online. WeightWatchers Benelux can only give this to me in Dutch; a language our staff do not master.

My frustration is that your organisation appears unwilling to address the issue. Do you that it is difficult, if not impossible, to contact individuals. They are intensely insulated from their customers. Is it really so awful to communicate with the people who make your jobs possible? I have never in my life spoke to a company that does not know anything about billing.

BOA says that weight watchers is not finalizing the payment, therefore it is dropping off of my account. They cannot pay it if it is not finalized. I have tried to explain this to Weight Watchers. All they keep saying is. They do not have a financial institute.

All I am trying to do is make sure you weight watchers get paid on my due date instead of having to run the payment multiple times, My point is everyone i have spoken to in reference to this is very rude and incompetent and all they want to do is argue, scream and not even try to help.

Not everyone is trying to get out of making payments. I just wanted it to work correct the first time. I ask to change the date to see if that would fix the issue, but they really freaked out on me over that….. I need help getting started joined 3 weeks ago attend meetings in el cerrito california. Staff is not helpful. Im paying their salary. I received my copy then got billing statements and invoices for a subscription. I continue used to get invoiced.

Finally I threatened to contact consumer affairs. I feel as though I am being harassed. I now have the corporate headquarters address and will post on YELP. Also I am submitting a complaint to Consumer Affairs. If it continues I am prepared to contact the Attorney Generals Office. I have been trying to reach someone in the corporate office, all the phone does is ring. No one is answering, then the system says no one answers the operator option.

I have been a customer of WW off and on for over 20 years, I have a concern that needs to be addressed and should be corrected immediately. I have had a gift certificate purchased for me at our local office in Traverse City, MI.

What a wonderful surprise! I was overwhelmed with this gift and it seems to be that I cannot use it with any of the online options. I was told three different versions, but no one really knows.

But I have not, I have been working hard trying to keep on track and also find the right person to assist me with my gift certificate and keeping my already two month progress.

You cannot use your WW without having a credit card on file to be charged. So for this entire week, I have not been able to get a straight answer or even assistance. I want to be able to continue on with my WW system, why is it not available? I would like a call back and assistance with this as soon as possible, why should I keep being a a WW customer if you cannot assist me on the simplest thing.

I did not knowingly allow weight watchers. I was never told verbally that when I tried the etools that would given weight watchers permission to debit my account. I am a lifetime member who decided to try the new system. I went to a few meetings and tried a few etools and decided the new program was not for me. Also, I am 72, retired and was heading on an extended trip so would have great difficulty attending meetings or checking my credit card statements.

I did not want to spend the money if I could not find meetings;. I have waited an hour on line for someone to answer my call. What a way to run a business. I need infro about my membership.

I have been a member of WW off and on for many years. I love your program and it works. I have a question, has the Corporation of WW noticed the cancellations of members in my area? Which is Shippensburg and Chamberburgs, Pa. We had a wonderful place to meet in Ship. Now we need to attend a meeting at another location, in the basement of a 4 Star Hotel Sheraton, suppose to be handicap accessible, not so, also the room is so small, very uncomfortable!

Now meeting are only 2 days a week. If Corporate Headquarters are not checking this out why members are cancelling their memberships, I am suggesting there is a need to do so and I urge you to check out the current leaders in that area!

I have spoken to many members that have cancelled and some members suggest we go the local media about this problem. There are quite a few churches that I am sure would like to have us. Please give this issue some consideration and I certainly would like to hear from you regarding this matter.

I have been trying to contact your company for two days to no avail. I have tried three different phone numbers, , , and I am repeatedly put on hold for a total 60 minutes. Also, I have emailed your support team with no personal response. How do you run a business this way? I have spent over 3 hours total trying to contact your offices.

I am shocked that the number 1 rated company has such poor customer service. I would never recommend Weight Watchers to another person. I have received two emails telling me that my billing information needs to be updated. I have tried the website without success. It is an endless loop that does not allow any contact with billing. I decided to try the phone.

I have spent over two hours on hold with no response. It is impossible to believe that no one has answered the call. I am unsure what other avenue I should try. It seems that the company does not want any contact with the customer other than selling the product which I have and promoting the program.

You have lost my business. I have been a member since , and have been attending meetings at the center in Yorktown Heights, NY. The staff there has been exceptional, making the meetings a beneficial part of my weight loss effort.

My concern is regarding the upkeep of the meeting center itself. The rugs are dull, unattractive and have large, old stains, and the furniture is dated. In addition, the sign itself does not reflect the current Weight Watchers logo. I have been to other centers, and seen the color schemes and décor are more in keeping with the current WW philosophy. However, the Yorktown center seems to have been overlooked for an upgrade. I am hoping that this matter will be given the attention necessary, so that this center can continue attracting and assisting members as they pursue their weight loss journey.

Have monthly pass want to use etools Been holding for 33 minutes but it is after 6: I cancelled my membership in February and Weight Watchers never cancelled my membership. I have called the customer service number and I was told that someone would call me right back and no one ever did. I asked for the corporate headquarter number and the weight watcher representative told me that they did not know it, and that if they did it would be improper for them to give it to me.

The reason I cancelled in February was because no one could find my membership information and the Weight Watcher representative would have to call customer service to get the information and that was time consuming. I was there for approximately 40 minutes each time just to weigh in. It was frustrating and time consuming so I cancelled my membership. I have found through my experience that Weight Watchers is not very customer friendly.

Also, when calling in there is really long wait times to talk to a representative. Please hire more representatives. I called Weight Watchers customer service and was told I could cancel my account today but that I could not be refunded for any of the previous charges.

I need an address I have canceled my monthly pass. My name is Faye Lazear, , I am a weight watcher member in Long Island New York, I did not get to my goal as of yet, in the mean time, I found out I have breast cancer, and am under treatment, In life there are obstacles, and it is how we face these obstacles that gets us through any thing life may throw at us, this is just another obstacle which i am facing, at the same time going to weight watchers, I love my leader, her name is Fran Posner , Fran has been a leader for many years and as conquered, Fran helps me so, I look so forward to her meetings, As well as the three recept.

I am writting to you, for as I mentioned i am going through cancer treatments, I pay monthly , at this point I have to stop payment and continue to treat this cancer, which will my posisitve attitude and love and support from all from weight watchers and my family and friends, I will conquer, as I will conquer the weight as well.

Life has many obstacles which we go through it is how we deal with these obstacles, that gets us through anything. Please have some one in the corporate office, call me so I can speak to some one in charge regarding this matter. Hi my name is Jermaine Ridgway. I currently manage a rap artist by the name of Joell Ortiz. He currently has a broad reach via social networking etc.

Thanks to weight watchers Joell Ortiz has lost an excess of 80 pounds! Weight watchers has proven to be a powerful tool for weight loss. Somthing that we have noticed is the presence of weight watchers is not felt in the inner city as much as it should. We feel like Joell could be a great example of how effective weight watchers can be. And how as a kid from the inner city you do not have to be ashamed of addressing his weight issues head on!

I was laid off on March 5, and canceled my account online that day, after I waited over 15 min, but it did not take. After taking a couple of bites, I bit into a hair. It could be a rodent hair. After calling WW three times and emailing them, I was told today it could take two weeks to hear from the corporate office. The Advanced Manager I spoke to today even admitted this is a Heath issue. Not only will I never buy their snack food again, but I want WW to be concerned enough that they find out wha it is.

I believe the challenge you are having with the candy point value discrepancy was dealt with By sending it to the product departments attention. You are right This page is open to questions , tips , ideas , celebrations , non scale victories , challenges and recipes.

But I felt your post was negative towards me , so I encourage you to have a discussion with me , we can sit and chat in person anytime just let me know so much more positive. My email is jkokXXXX verizon. I now need to again lose weight, this time for health reason due to pulmonary fibrosis, a terminal lung disease.

In order to be evaluated for a lung transplant I must weigh a specific weight. I then went one step further and using the WW point calculator and the nutritional info on the candy box figured out the points for one pouch, surprisingly it came out to 4 WW pts not the 3 that the box states. This could be a huge issue when counting points. Weight Watchers Corporate Office. How would you rate your experience with Weight Watchers?

If we track our foods each day. Good day sorta good day Bad day I even thought of using the recipe builder area to do this now. I posted these notes on connect also Reply. To Whom It May Concern: This page is blank! Good afternoon, I am emailing in response to the lack of support I received from your Weight Watchers number.

Respectfully, Yvonne Chiarenza Reply. What is her extention? Chambers— What in the hell has happened to Weight Watchers? Your former Lifetime member, Karen Melamed Reply. Please fire Adrienne Dalaly the member services manager. They are incompetent and unprofessional. Weight Watchers will release its fourth quarter and full year results on Tuesday, February 27, and will host a conference call at 5: ET on which management will elaborate on the Company's strategic vision and three-year goals, in addition to discussing the financial results.

Webcast Information The Company is hosting a video webcast of today's A replay of the webcast will be available on the Company's corporate website, www. About Weight Watchers International, Inc. Weight Watchers provides commercial weight management services through a global network of Company-owned and franchise operations and offers innovative, digital products through its websites, mobile sites and apps.

These services and products help millions of people around the world adopt healthy habits and lose weight through sensible and sustainable food plans, activity, behavior modification and group support. Weight Watchers has an unparalleled network of service providers to assist members on their wellness journey and also offers a wide range of products, publications and programs for those interested in healthier living.

This press release includes "forward-looking statements," within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of , as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of , as amended, including, in particular, projected future performance and any statements about the Company's plans, strategies and prospects. The Company generally uses the words "may," "will," "could," "expect," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "plan," "intend," "aim," and similar expressions contained herein to identify forward-looking statements.

The Company bases these forward-looking statements on its current views with respect to future events and financial performance. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including, among other things: You should not put undue reliance on any forward-looking statements.

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