Leslie Sansone - Miracle Mile: Walk 1 Mile

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Resistance Band not included Total Running Time: I was heavy and my health was quite poor. I have searched the cover of this CD and cannot find any information about the timing. I mute her on the dvds too, once I know how the workout goes. What a shift for me!!!

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Burn Body Fat 2 Mile Leslie Sansone S Walk At Home Mp3 Download

Either way, just hold onto the handles and move those arms as you walk or dance. Now you're getting an upper body workout as well as a lower body and cardio one. The idea is to use the cords to work your upper body and abs while working your legs and lower body.

Most walk or step workouts neglect the upper body, especially the abdominal muscles. Even dance workouts focus on the cardio and lower body aspects and leave the arms flailing and abs unengaged. This belt helps somewhat in that you will have resistance every time you stretch or move your arms.

The resistance, however, is so slight that it's almost annoying with the yellow cords. The belt is comfortable and stable and has never opened or caused any problems while I used it. It's not too cumbersome and it's not too taxing and I do get some benefits from it especially if I am moving my arms a lot like during a dance workout. This belt can also be worn outdoors when you are walking or running.

Because it is adjustable, almost anyone can wear this belt and, because the cords snap off, heavier resistance bands or replacement ones if something should happen to the originals can be snapped on. This is a simple, sturdy belt that engages arm, shoulder, and ab muscles and boosts heart rate while working out.

It won't challenge longtime workout enthusiasts or those who lift weights but it wasn't made to. It was made to help boost workouts for the average, getting started walker and it does do that.

I want to give this belt 3. I suggest that you just start with the green bands and do what you can until you are a little stronger rather than to buy the belt with the yellow light resistance bands. I wish I had a choice but I didn't. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I've used a handful of Leslie's work outs. I really enjoyed her Ab series, so I decided to purchase this belt. I had been using hand weights for the ab work outs. They worked fine but I thought the belt looked like a fun thing to try.

The first few times I used this belt I loved it. The resistance was a bit light but still gave a nice boost cardio wise.

Which was perfect for me because I have a separate weight lifting work out that I use. I enjoyed this belt until about the 5th time I used it. I was half way through a 3 mile workout, enjoying great cardio with ab sculpting, when I heard a loud snap and it broke. The band which I had checked for holes before every workout had come apart by the handle.

I've always had that fear when using any type of resistance band. All my friends and family told me I was crazy and that all resistance bands were built for people much stronger than me. I guess I'm a lot stronger than I get credit for. I haven't been brave enough to try another Walk Belt so I don't know if they are all cheaply made or if I simply had a faulty one. It was great while it lasted but that was only four workouts.

And our legs are the best tools Are you ready to sweat? Then let Leslie show you how to "walk like a runner" in this exhilarating multi-muscle cardio and fat-blasting walk. Come and check out Weight loss walking workout to get in shape fast. Keep your workout fresh with a new video every day! Get our workouts on your phone, tablet, or desktop at https: In this workout, you will walk, kick, and jab!

Plus, an added lower body strength segment with the Fit Cuff! Get the Fit Cuff Welcome to Week 11 of Wake Up and Walk! This week is our Mini Boosted Walk. Boost Up Your Walk with this fat-burning walk! Power walking exercises at home to lose weight and tone your body. Indoor workout to run 3 miles in 45 minutes to burn fat and get in shape fast.

Walk 15 1 Mile Walking Exercise.

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