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The book examines case studies and it heartens me that it takes a considered approach to all relationships. The book is great in that it clearly describes a type of mindfulness practice which we know can be very helpful for many people both with mental health problems and those without. Sarina Dickson and Julie Burgess-Manning are the pair responsible for the very popular Worry Bug resources Maia and the Worry Bug and Wishes and Worries brought about as support for children after the Christchurch earthquakes. The GE ryegrass project is a costly miscalculation and has not improved the quality and resilience of the agricultural system for farmers," Student loans are readily available for immigrants that have a permanent residents visa. Scott January 9, I like NZ in many ways and part of me will be sad to leave.

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Should I stop the statins please, no good asking the GP. Should I stop the. It is actually known, and quite widely accepted, that low cholesterol levels in elderly people are not good for mortality dying! Your own leaflet may give you the answer. Maybe you could show them the leaflet or see another doc at the practice? I can tell you that a statin will never ever pass my lips and my hubby feels the same way. You need to find a doc to give this the serious attention that it deserves.

At a level of 2. If this sounds like you — get some help! Very best wishes — Zoe p. I forgot to say — I have been delighted to find this site! I am also pleased to see the warning regarding the use of statins in patients over I shall be sure to tell my Mum. Thanks for keeping this on line and available. Great to find your site! As for me, my cholesterol has been 7. I have long refused to take statins, but I decided to see what Niacin would do. For 8 weeks I have been taking mgm slow release Niacin marketed as Endur-Acin hourly 3 times per day.

My readings changed as follows: My results are almost exactly as he said they would be, in percentage terms! Mr Kowalski recommends supplementing this regimen with a modified diet — enjoy unprocessed foods cooked at home with lots of herbs and spices; add as many sources of soluble fibre to your diet; continue to enjoy red wine in moderation; increase exercise, especially walking, Grateful And ENJOY life! Life has never been more joyous!

Diolch yn fawr, a hwyl am y tro ;- Thanks, and bye for now. Very interested in your work and the sources you quote. So, feeling a bit better! Is there a link between this and high cholesterol? Hi Geewiz — keep reading! Atherosclerosis is a term to describe the build up of plaque in the arteries. The process goes as follows — something damages the lining of the artery. When you damage the lining of the artery, a similar healing process needs to take place but under no circumstances can the scab be allowed to break away — or it could block a blood vessel and you could have a heart attack or stroke.

So the very clever body forms a plaque over the damage technically atherosclerosis so that the healing can take place under a protective cover. What has cholesterol got to do with this? There are 5 lipoproteins: Chylomicrons take dietary fat from food around the body to do vital repair work. They will pass a plaque, notice the damage, and the LDL components can be taken by the cells at the scene of the damage to repair the area.

The idea that it causes them would be funny if it had not led to such terrible actions. Below is an extract from my book: How can we stop it? The estimation is refined further using the Friedewald equation named after William Friedewald, who developed it. You can also now see the problem with trying to assert any meaningful relationship between HDL and total cholesterol.

We need at least one more equation or known variable, to avoid circular references. These complications and inaccuracies aside, the fact that LDL is estimated means that: More surprising is that a fall in VLDL triglycerides , which would be welcomed by doctors, would be accompanied by an automatic increase in LDL, all other things being equal, which would not be welcomed by doctors.

There was me thinking this was scientific. I eat a plant based diet and my total cholesterol without any medications is 3. When people eating a meat and dairy based diet compare themselves with each other, it is not a good comparison, because the heart attack level is so high in the Western World. I have a friend who is 77, female, normal BP, normal weight, works out, walks everywhere, eats healthily, no other cardiovascular problems, but cholesterol is 8.

So I searched around and found that indeed cough can be an effect of statins. She also had muscle pain in her knees and had been taking turmeric to try to counteract it. Latest CH was 8. Within one week, the cough was back and pain in knees and elbows. She is now going back to stop again and maybe wean off slowly to avoid the headache.

Does her CH of 8. Functional foods, cholesterol, fat, and claptrap. Thank you Zoe for all this wonderful information.

Fifteen years ago my doctor told me my cholesterol was 8. So I asked what 8 meant. He said it was very high so I asked for a break down, he said 8 cholesterol was high, I again said 8 what?

And so he said I should start taking statins, so I said why should I? He said I would have a heart attack if I did not take them. Therefore I do not take them and am proud to say that I refuse to have my Cholesterol tested. Hi Tim — great story! Best wishes — Zoe. Surely we should remember that people with an inherited condition that raises their cholesterol to high levels die at an early age from CHD.

Statins do help them to live longer. FH is a genetic condition caused by a gene defect on chromosome Bearing in mind that FH is rare to start with — one in people — in some cases of FH the LDL receptors work to an extent just not very well ; in other cases the LDL receptors work barely at all.

LDL in the blood stream is high because the LDL has stayed in the bloodstream and has not been able to get into the cells — where it is supposed to go.

The high LDL levels are, however, a symptom and not a cause or a problem per se. The problem is that the health of every cell is compromised by LDL not getting to the cell. This includes heart, brain and muscle cells — all cells. How differently things can be seen when one is not blinded by thinking that cholesterol or lipoproteins are bad.

This also explains why high HDL would be seen as good. HDL is the lipoprotein that carries used lipids and cholesterol back to the liver for recycling. Hence HDL would be low and this would be seen as bad with impaired understanding as to why. When someone takes statins, the cells are impaired from making cholesterol thankfully not stopped entirely or the statin consumer would die instantly so the cells try to take cholesterol from the blood stream.

This lowers the cholesterol in the blood stream. However, statins have also blocked the critical mevalonate pathway in the body — the pathway by which cells rejuvenate. As the extreme form of FH is characterised by LDL receptors working barely at all, even the body going into crisis mode, and trying to take LDL from the blood stream with increased LDL receptor activity, will not work if the LDL receptors are not working well enough in the first place.

Oh, what a lovely piece of largely-incoherent pseudoscience. For a real education, try reading this meta-analysis: Thanx for your reply Zoe. I will have a chat with my sister in law as she is a nurse and my parents in law are more likely to take notice of her than anyone else in the family.

I do agree that family members take more notice of white coats and especially white coats in the family — therein lies a big part of the problem. See if nursey can read The Great Cholesterol Con too — we can but hope! I am 47 and type 2 diabetic since nov Statins were first raised in the conversation as being a diabetic i have to achieve levels below 4! Yesterday i had my 6 month diabetic review with a different nurse.

My weight is now 12st8lbs, HBa1C is 6. My Blood pressure is over The nurse suggested statins!!!! I Hurt my shoulder in a cycling accident in sept , i am approaching the menopause with early signs my mother went through this aged and my cholesterol test have gone from march and september to jan and july.

My Father in law has been prescribed statins since last summer and these have reduced his cholesterol from 8s to 3s. Many thanks for sharing this Rebecca. Sadly, the evidence for all countries in the world http: Maybe he can check his drug patient leaflet? Could it be because they know the relationship between low cholesterol and high mortality?!

I hope one day that the no win no fee lawyers stop worrying about council paving stones and go after a much bigger scandal. I have a cholesterol level of 8. At the same time I am afraid as the doctor is always telling me I am not looking after myself. I am 58 yrs old and they say I could be shortening my life as my mother had her first heart attack at 48 yrs old and it was a big one. It didnt kill her but she was on statins untill she died of cancer.

She thought the statins caused it. I would love your thoughts. My son has just been told he should be on statins as his level is 2. He is also not going to take them. Thank you for your interesting web site.

My Mother was place on Sivastatin for about 18 months, she was at the time 76 year old, she had no other health issues other than slightly elevated cholesterol. Now my Mum rarely complains about anything and has only been into hospital twice in her life one of them to give birth!.. She kept telling her doctors but it fell on deaf ears until she finally saw a stand in doctor who sent her for a blood test..

The reports of how in some people Simvastatin can cause renal failure and death if not detected early enough.. Anyway Mum came off it and within 6 months she was back to her old self , bowling again and pain free!..

We were lucky it was recognised early enough not to do permanent damage. I know the list is long but is it so hard to let them know the most serious side effects? Hi Jeanne- thanks so much for sharing this. This has to be medical malpractice. Did you know even the statin leaflets caution against anyone over 70 male or female taking these drugs?

Probably because the evidence for low cholesterol and high deaths rates yes — you read that right is so overwhelming in older people. You are right on the cholesterol war having a lot to answer for! Very best wishes — Zoe. Hello, Zoe and everyone else who has posted on this page. One of my concerns over statins and cholesterol is that so many GPs appear to be totally ignorant of how this bit of us functions i. This is how so many GPs are not only ignorant — they are completely unaware that they have been brainwashed.

Keep up the good work Zoe. I just received my Cholesterol today. All of these are very good from what I have heard. Based on this formula is gives you Do you know why a formula would take everything in normal range and calculate an abnormal level for LDL?

This is a problem of profitability and a few evil money makers and a large number of ignorant followers of the doctrine set by those moneymakers. I have now been told by my doctor that my statin is to be taken to ensure stability of my carotid plaque. At my blank look, he went on to say that when plaque breaks off and travels round the body, it causes strokes when it hits the brain.

Asked why I need a cholesterol test to see if I need statins for carotid plaque stability, he was rather lost. He suggested that I talk to the diabetic expert as HE apparently has the study which will definitely show a causal link between high LDL levels and heart attacks.

I am breathless with anticipation. Certainly,my doctor did not have this study. I do value evidence. A small study was published in The idea behind the study was to test the LDL levels of young adults who arrived at an American hospital having a heart attack. Put in scientific terms, the objective of the study was as follows: The conclusion of the study was: Secondly, I recently had a somewhat surprising lipid panel.

As background 18 months ago I had an LAD stent inserted. I suspect that the rise in serum chol. But the dramatic increase in Chol. My heart fell as she starting telling me how to reduce cholesterol with a diet of egg whites, PUFA s, and wholemeal bread and crumpets. You can imagine what that means for a paleo boy. In the coming months there will be increasing pressure on me to take statins again which I kicked into touch when I went paleo , eventually I expect to have somewhat passively aggressive intimidating conversation with my cardiologist.

Hi there — I have a few thoughts: Yours is making lots at the moment because it needs lots. Interestingly, the one substance that can likely unnaturally raise cholesterol levels is carbohydrate. The starting process from which cholesterol is made involves Acetyl-CoA — which is an early by product in the Krebs cycle as the body turns carbs into energy.

This phenomenon, known as carbohydrate-induced hypertriglyceridemia, is paradoxical because the increase in dietary carbohydrate usually comes at the expense of dietary fat. Thus, when the content of the carbohydrate in the diet is increased, fat in the diet is reduced, but the content of fat triglycerides in the blood rises. In answer to your question a great one! The clinical guidelines say that there is good and bad cholesterol puh-lease! This may help, but it will offend everything your docs hold true so they will need to be open minded: This will also be of interest in terms of the stent they have already inflicted upon you — read the essay especially in the link at the end: I am finding this whole subject so frustrating as I am a doctor working in Health Screening in Scotland land of the deep fried Mars Bar and expected to follow the government guidelines on cholesterol.

I have followed the Harcombe Diet myself for the last 2 years and feel fantastic. I am quite evangelical about advising my patients on the principals but have to state that they are my opinion only. I would be very grateful for some robust research evidence refuting the nonsense supporting the government guidelines that I could quote to my patients. Hi Kath Many thanks for your lovely comment. There are too many who just accept the advice handed down though. Hi Sara, you might try a few diabetic forums.

People there are usually aware of alternative treatments because they very often have to use them. So far, no real change in my condition except I seem to stopped losing words now.

I live in hope. I had a 48hr trace done, nothing was found amiss and it was decided I had ectopic beats and palpitations. I then read that statins can cause ectopics and palpitations! I stopped immediately and after 6weeks have had nothing. That should give cause for thought!

I recently went to my doctor for a checkup. I had not been for several years as I had quit taking the statins for high cholesterol. Needless to say, when I told her that I had quit taking them both she and her nurse were apalled.

She told me that she had never seen a reading this high before and was adamandt that I go back on to the statin drugs again. I have not done so at this time. One is to take Niacin. What do you know about that or do I even need to worry. My mother died from a massive stroke but she smoked most of her life which I do not. Thanks for all you do.

Just to let you know that I have been looking at the side effects of taking statins and apart from the muscle pains, I appear to have all of them. I hope this is reversible. So why are the doctors still prescribing them? He tries a second time and misses again. Psychologists have a term for what the fox was experiencing: Examples include barefoot running, interval-based training, and high-fat diets.

By latching onto one of these methods, athletes can claim a kind of victory over superior competitors. I hasten to add, though, that the vast majority of slower endurance athletes are perfectly okay with being slow. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, most endurance athletes who suffer from sour grapes syndrome are male.

Elite athletes never go in for the alternative methods, for a couple of reasons. The first is obvious: As the fastest athletes, the elites do not experience the gnawing envy of faster athletes that is at the heart of sour grapes syndrome. They reduce tolerance for high-intensity training and impair performance in all races except perhaps ultra-endurance events such as km trail runs. The latest scientific proof of this already well-proven fact comes from a new study published in the journal Nutrients.

Polish researchers placed eight mountain bikers on each of two diets for four weeks in random order. One diet was high in fat and low in carbohydrate, consisting of 15 percent carbohydrate, 70 percent fat, and 15 percent protein.

The other diet was balanced, consisting of 50 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent fat, and 20 percent protein. At the end of each dietary intervention, the subjects underwent three days of physiological testing that culminated in a minute stationary bike ride at 85 percent of lactate threshold power followed by a minute time trial. Before I share the results, let me pause to note that the founding principle of HFLC diets for athletes is that carbohydrate does nothing good for the body either at rest or in motion.

Proponents of these diets believe not only that eating carbohydrate is fattening and otherwise unhealthy, but also that burning carbohydrate during exercise hurts performance by hastening exhaustion. The rationale for prescribing HFLC diets for endurance athletes is that they increase the reliance of the muscles of fat and decrease their reliance on carbohydrate, thereby enhancing performance. The Polish researchers who conducted the study in question found that the HFLC diet did everything it was supposed to do physiologically.

For starters, it made the subjects leaner. After four weeks on the HFLC diet it was The HFLC diet also increased fat burning during exercise. Scientists use a measure called respiratory exchange ratio RER to quantify the relative contributions of fat burning and carbohydrate burning to muscle work.

The higher the number, the more carbs are being burned relative to fat. There was only one problem. On the balanced diet, the subjects generated watts at lactate threshold intensity and watts during the minute maximal effort. On the HFLC diet, these numbers dropped to watts and watts. But what about all those social media testimonials you see from athletes who have made the jump to HFLC diets?

Let me answer this question by asking another: When the barefoot running fad was raging a few years back, many runners who ditched their Brooks Beasts for Vibram Five Fingers reported that going natural had made them better runners. But I never encountered a single barefoot runner who, when pressed, could point to a big new PR that was set soon after the switch. Meredith Kessler took an unusual path to the top of the sport of triathlon, competing as an amateur for many years while working full-time in downtown San Francisco before finally turning pro in at age George , , Learn more about her here and follow her on Twitter.

My typical racing weight is about lbs, however, this will organically fluctuate, hopefully downward a little, as Kona rolls around! One rule I do adhere to is that everything is fine in moderation—variety is king—meaning I can have that piece of dark chocolate after dinner yet not 10 pieces.

I can eat that cheesy appetizer at dinner yet no need to gorge myself. This allows the mind to stay sane and prevents any potential cravings. Yet it is most important to really eat in that fueling window within minutes post workout. I am well aware that by doing so, it aids in proper recovery in repairing the muscles and providing needed fuel.

Also, I aim to drink 1 oz of water for every lb I weigh, so usually oz not inclusive of what I have during training sessions a day as much as I can muster, not all of which is just plain water. I drink 12 oz of water with a packet of emergen-C in it every morning when I first wake up. I drink a LOT of sparkling water sometimes with a hint of OJ in it because I find chugging carbonated water so much more satisfying!

A typical breakfast is Fage yogurt topped with blueberries, raspberries, a banana and Bungalow Munch granola. As I mentioned previously, this should be consumed in the fueling window as much as possible. I diagram this in extensive detail in my upcoming manuals, Life of a Triathlete. A typical lunch sometimes the egg meal is the lunch would be a smoked turkey panini with a slice of pepperjack cheese, pickles, avocado, hummus and carrots and a handful of almonds. Usually a protein shake too is consumed between breakfast and lunch right after the first or second session of the day.

We eat a lot of salmon in our household. My husband makes a mean miso marinade and grills the salmon on cedar planks, which tastes amazing. We usually have this with a sweet potato, brown rice mixture or quinoa salad dish as well as a house salad with all the toppings and our homemade salad dressings we like to make.

Of course, I would follow up this meal with two pieces of dark chocolate. The biggest change I have made to my diet since college is keeping everything fairly even throughout breakfast, lunch and snacking.

While I may not deviate too much from my staples, I still stand by variety and moderation. Could I trim the fat more especially when racing? The second I make things complicated in terms of nutrition is when I start to perform poorly in races. Confirmation bias is one of the great enemies of good science.

What makes it so insidious is that our brains are hardwired to reinforce existing beliefs. Unbiased thinking does not come naturally to humans.

Scientific methodology is fundamentally nothing more than a set of procedures designed to overcome confirmation bias in the search for truth. Rarely are scientists ever so shameless in their efforts to preserve their existing beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. Most scientists make honest attempts to account for and overcome their biases in their research. But there are exceptions, and for some reason actually, I know the reason, which is explained here these exceptions often involve scientists who hold strong beliefs about what people should eat.

Whether it concerns diet or anything else, confirmation bias is classically expressed through a double standard for evidence. A nutrition scientist who is in the grip of confirmation bias has very high standards for evidence that supports ways of eating that defy his preferred diet and much lower standards for evidence that validates his preferred diet.

What Noakes said is true: It was possible, they contended, that for some reason individuals with a predisposition to develop lung cancer were attracted to smoking. Better evidence was needed, they said, knowing full well that no scientist was ever going to turn a bunch of volunteer nonsmokers into smokers and track lung cancer diagnoses within the cohort for 20 years in order to get definitive proof of causality.

Today it is universally acknowledged that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, but not because such interventional studies were ever done. Rather, it is because the associational evidence is extremely strong, and because there is a highly plausible mechanism to explain causality—tobacco smoke goes into the lungs , after all—and because whistleblowers exposed documents revealing that tobacco industry executives themselves privately believed that tobacco smoking caused cancer despite publicly denying it.

For example, high intakes of red meat are associated with elevated risk of colon cancer. Research has shown that increased red meat consumption results in an almost immediate spike in DNA damage to colon cells, and DNA damage is where cancerous tumors get started. The dots are pretty well connected. Probably nine of these intelligent, unbiased persons would consider the former a safer bet, if not quite a sure thing; the tenth would be Tim Noakes i.

Alas, he does not. Both trend lines were generally upward sloping. Although everyone agrees that correlation does not equal causation, Gillespie captioned the graph with these words: And what did Tim Noakes do when he saw this tweet? He retweeted it without additional comment. Most of the growth in per capita sugar consumption in the U. It is apparent that neither Gillespie nor Noakes studied the graph very closely. When you believe what you want to believe, you see what you want to see.

The Paleo diet is built on the premise that all animal species, humans included, are rigidly dependent on the foods that have been in their diet for the greatest amount of time. The genome of each species is like a lock that only one key will open, and that key is the specific food or set of foods that the species has evolved to depend on.

Any other foods are like non-fitting keys that not only lack the ability to open the lock but destroy the lock when one tries to jam them in anyway.

The quino checkerspot is a species of butterfly that is native to Mexico and California. Since time immemorial it has eaten only one food, the dwarf plantain. Unfortunately, global warming has created climatic conditions in its native habitat that are too warm and dry for the plant to survive in.

In the s, biologists began to warn that when the dwarf plantain went extinct, the butterfly that was completely dependent upon it would disappear with it. But then a funny thing happened.

The two surviving colonies of checkerspots spontaneously migrated from their natural, sea-level habitat to a new habit at higher elevation.

When biologists discovered this relocation they also discovered that the checkerspot had chosen a completely new food source—a flowering plant that has little in common with the dwarf plantain. Last year, Lawrence David and colleagues at Duke University conducted an experiment that was designed to study the effects of radical changes in diet on the microbiome in human subjects.

The Duke researchers recruited 10 healthy volunteers six men and four women between the ages of 21 and 32 and placed them sequentially on two different diets for five consecutive days.

One diet consisted entirely of plant foods grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables , while the other diet consisted entirely of animal foods meat, cheese, and eggs. As you would expect, the nutritional compositions of the two diets were divergent in the extreme. For example, on the carnivorous diet, subjects got 70 percent of their daily calories from fat and consumed zero fiber, whereas on the herbivorous diet, subjects got only 22 percent of their calories from fat and fiber intake increased nearly threefold from baseline levels.

After just three days on each diet, significant changes were seen in the composition and functioning of the microbiome in all subjects. On the carnivorous diet, subjects exhibited a marked increase in the presence and activity of bacteria that thrive in a bile-rich environment, which makes sense, because the gut produces more bile when digesting animal foods.

In contrast, on the herbivorous diet, the subjects exhibited a large increase in the presence and activity of bacteria that metabolize polysaccharides from plants. The researchers even noted changes in gene expression within certain strains of bacteria in response to the disparate diets. So not only had the human subjects rapidly adapted to changes in diet through their gut flora, but the flora themselves had adapted epigenetically. Among the more absurd ideas being peddled by certain diet cults these days is the idea that mainstream guidelines for healthy eating are directly responsible for the ongoing American epidemic of metabolic syndrome.

In fact, the diet of the average American is very nearly the opposite of what is recommended in official resources such as the U. Among these guidelines is the familiar recommendation to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Only 11 percent of Americans meet this requirement. The American Heart Association recommends that adults consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar each day.

The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day. Forty percent of Americans never eat whole grains. The American Heart Association recommends that fish be eaten at least twice a week.

Only one-third of Americans eat fish even once a week. According to a large scientific survey conducted a few years ago, fewer than half of American adults have ever heard of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and less than 40 percent are aware that these guidelines include the recommendation to eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Blaming mainstream dietary recommendations for the high rates of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes in America is logically equivalent to blaming dentists for the high rate of tooth decay among our citizens. The American Dental Association recommends that people brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.

Only 53 percent of Americans follow the first of these recommendations and even fewer of us follow the second. So do we blame the dentists? Proof that following mainstream nutritional guidelines results in much better health than does eating like the average American is piling up rapidly. Some of the best recent evidence comes from a study associated with the ambitious Dietary Patterns Methods Project. This project is investigating the health effects of various eating patterns that are consistent with mainstream dietary guidelines.

The first study to issue from the project measured the degree to which the diets of , older men and women conformed to each of four indexes of healthy eating—the Healthy Eating Index , the alternative Healthy Eating Index , the alternative Mediterranean Diet, and the DASH diet—and correlated this data with death risk over a year period.

The mortality rate for those whose eating patterns conformed most closely to each of these indexes was significantly lower than it was for those whose eating patterns conformed least closely. Since the subjects were American, it is safe to assume that the men and women who had the lowest scores on these indexes tended to eat the typical American diet.

According to this study, the people whose eating habits fell furthest outside official recommendations were up to 28 percent more likely to die of cancer or heart disease between the ages of 62 and 77 than were those who ate according to mainstream dietary guidelines. Despite such evidence, Paleo and HFLC diet advocates continue to conflate mainstream dietary recommendations with the typical American diet. The reason diet fads are so popular in the first place is because the SAD has failed us so miserably.

In so doing they betray not only a startling lack of intellectual integrity but also a troubling assumption about the intelligence of the eating public. Here, in essence, is what these folks expect you to believe: Performance weight management for endurance athletes. Uncategorized Diet , Gina Crawford , racing weight. I want to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Uncategorized alkalinizing diet , anti-inflammatory diet , cancer prevention , glucose control diet , gut health , heart disease , microbiome.

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