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Charles Camosy , Fordham University. How can i add the comment to below the photo?? Why people don't use real Polaroid? See and discover other items: I was waiting for it, and I love it!

Andrew J. Bacevich

Michael Jordan

Salve a tutti sto cercando le riccaricabili per la Polaroid image instant Film ,perche sapesse chi la vende in svizzera zona Ticino ne sarrei molto grado.. Great software but why not integrating a webcam control in Poladroid? This is just about recreating a polaroid equipement with a standard computer How do I get those fingerprints on my pictures? A2 Check it with a-squared!!! Hi, How can i save the picture on my computer or iphoto? Now i can see the polaroid pictures only on my pc, but i want theme to 'use'.

I love this programm!!! I would be more than willing to pay for it!!! So a xpx file would remain the same size Could you please let me know what's wrong? After a scan with A-Squared I received the message: I have just downloaded this program and it's really very cute! Thank you very much! I just downloaded this program, and I have to say. If I could rate this, I would give it five stars. When I saw my picture in my "My Pictures" folder, my first impression was, "Cuuute If you want to save on a PC, right-click your finished picture and it will say something to the effect of "give me a sample".

It will then be automatically be saved in your "My Pictures" folder, go and see. I don't know how it works if you have a pc though. Anyway, this is an awesome application thank you!! Scott - Polaroid film is no longer in production, except for a a proposed limited re-release next year, that will probably be hard to come by. The only brand still manufacturing instant film is fujifilm, and most of the film fuji makes is only compatible with fujifilm instax cameras.

Can anyone tell me how to save the pictures into a folder? Go out and buy the real film. I can say, I am not a fan of this wannabe poladroid thing. This is absolutely great software! Resoulution and quality of images are very, very good. I think we should make a donation and support you!

My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway. Alot of artists had creative uses for SX70 type polaroids. The emulsion sandwiched in the image could be pushed around and distorted with tools like pens or burnishers. Swirly, crazy psychedelic image fun. Try building a mesh type smudge finger pixel manipulator into the software or use the fingertip Smudge tool in Photoshop. Tons of new fun for your fans, maybe? When i click "Show me the file into the finder" nothing happens. What's wrong with it?

I like this poladroid very much now, i'm in love with it Thanks for creating such a good tool. Use a pen like we used to do My studetn swill be using PhotoShop to add text. Hy hope u all fine and enjoying ur life.. I I found this site very informative Through this site i wanna tell u about my site which is about games.. I love this tool. When will I be able to put text on the poladroids???

I'm really waiting for this feature. Ultra cool on Windows and Mac - any plans to port to Linux idealy debian? If you can run it on OS X it shouldnt be too hard? I found this site very informative Lovely little application with excellent outbound quality. Great look, feel, execution. Would be great to have a few Polaroid formats, but I was happy to donate to have this application working on my Mac.

Hi, How made one, when the photo is transformed so that it does not stay? Helemaal te gek dit programma, een donatie is hier zeker op zijn plaats. This is a really creative idea. I like that the Polaroids bring back a bit of a vintage look. The poladroid of the day reminds me of a pin hole camera. HI, Loved the 0. OK, beta and all that but I can't even go back to 0. NilObjectException - what does this mean?

Everytime I place a jpeg on the polaroid, it crashes and says NilObjectException. Le bon vieux pola est de retour. Please please, when will we be able to put text on the poladroids???

I remember my dad having a Polaroid and found some of the old photos recently. This program just brings back great memories! It's a very very nice application!! I love taking long to photofinishing!

Thank you for your creation!!!!! Should I be seeing a thumbprint on my photos?? I found this site following a write up in Amateur Photographer. So far it looks great - I spent months working out how to get a polaroid effect in photoshop and never got anything this easy.

I can't tell how much thanks for your app! It will be wonderful if we could add some comment on the photo. Hope this feature will come soon! I spent so much time "poladroiding" my pics lol Hello everyone, please take a look at my site Thank you to the creator of this site. It is tons of fun, brings back memories.

This app is excellent. I'd love to see it as an iPhone app. Snap a picture with the camera. And shake the phone. I love how the polaroids come out looking retro.

One thing I dislike is hi-res photos always get cropped in the program, so if the subject of the photo is not in the center it will almost always be cropped.

I tried making photos smaller before using the program but that didn't work. Photos that are already at a low resolution don't get cropped or sometimes they do but not all that much. Or am I missing an option that prevents this from happening?

Still love it though. I've been looking for this kind of thing since forever digital frazzled the world. The only thing I would change about it is; you should be able to drag images from the internet and use them.

It just closes if you try that. It's such a great idea! The camera is so cute, and shaking the polariods is fun well done! This pola is really nice. We can have different effects. But it will be better if we can name the pictures direct on the pola. I found an other 'pola' http: Why not mixed the both? Hi Great little app. Would link to be able to choose between cameras I'm a sx79 fan Thanks lars - http: Any Plans to allow option for original pixel size of image to be retained?

I remember there was an option to include the finger print on the photo or not. It's not there anymore. I would like to remove the Finger Print option, but can't. Please help with this. The Finger Print is getting in the way! I'm on a borrowed computer until I can have a new one built for me so I've been despairing about my loss for days. But what the Lord taketh away he giveth back in spades because some how, some way I stumbled onto this site today.

I shed real tears when I realized that I will actually be able to produce the much loved polaroid format. A million thanks for making this a possibility. I've been using this for months now all of a sudden it says: The program is impressive.

I was thinking it would be great if you could make that effect with the webcam! A greeting and again, my congratulations. Jacob, On my Mac, photos automatically show up in MY Pictures- they have -pola on the end of the title. My question is this.. They won't merge with trash, or go into a folder, anyone had same prob? Better still, solved it? With right click mouse it says 'show me file into the finder' but nothing happens. Where are the pictures saved?

Do have a MAC. I can't save the picture! When the "process" is finished, it is supposed that the picture will be saved automatically. However, in my case, the picture is properly processed but it didn't save automatically. And I couldn't find a way to save it manually. That's awesome,I love that!! The application must shut down. Aw i love it, and i have a photography assingment coming up!

Hello, I would like to download poladroid, but with what software is it necessary to open him it? He wants to settle down he even, I have Windows vista if that can help you. Thank you in advance. It's possible to drag photos from Photo Booth, in MacOSX, but it would be nice if the app itself could use the iSight camera to take instant photos, like with a real Polaroid, and not just like a conversor. It would be cool to have more languages.

Email me if you wish to include portuguese. I would be glad to help. Hi, your little app is really cute!! For an interesting feature story on Polaroids, their impact on American culture, and a Fullerton exhibit of Polaroids opening this weekend, check out this site: Tenho uma maquina mas esta muito dificil de encontrar o filme.

Por favor preciso saber onde encontrar, pois a uso para uma boa causa. You can scan an old polaroid and then use photoshop to make a template Thank you for making this program! Someone knows other great websites? I don't know what some people are saying, but it works just great with Vista bit.

Hi, very astonishing this little App As a former user of the Polaroid sx land Camera alpha 1, i feel very happy to use an App the transports the feeling of this forgotten fotografic method to my mac.

I hope you will continue your efforts in develop more fearures, for example the possibility of adding text to the photo. I put on preferences "save with the file" and "default.. At first it worked: Oh noes, it's the iso encoding. It's hurting my eyes!

Is there a way to review the photos scattered over the desktop again? Thanks you for finally having a version for Windows! I was waiting for it, and I love it! Thank you soo much!! Hey, I love this soooo much, that I shared the photos I did and added a link to a photo community I frequent called jpgmag. Hope you don't mind. The photos I did are at http: I like a little bit of grime and wear for realism, but that is tooooo much. Hi Jacob, just to share with you, in case you use photoshop, it is very easy to add handwriten text over your poladroid image.

That way you can choose your prefered font style and size, you can actualy add some more asimetrical writing, using diferent font size or even make it look a bit unstraight so that way it will for certain look like you actually wrote over the blanck space.

I've been doing it and loved the result! I would love an option to print text realistic hand writing text in the empty space at the bottom, as we would do on real polaroids. I downloaded the latest version and I'm sorry I did. The photos look blurry now and not stunning like they did. I wish I hadn't trashed the old version. This software is incredible and magnific!!! It's in my Top10!!! Hey, I just downloaded the Polaroid Program for my mac, and i love it!!! The french thing isnt really a problem cause i understand it but i would love to know how to make my pictures bigger and be able to either print them or transfer the file to another application.

If someone could help out, that would be fabulous thanksssss. I used to love manipulating Polaroid material! When can we burnish SX prints? How about Image Transfers? This is too much fun! Thanks for doing this. THX a lot and enjoy the wonderful pics now. You did an amazing job!!!!! I just saw galadarling's screenshot with her polaroids as her wallpaper I can't wait for the next version of this!

I'd love to have control over the vignetting and effects a little more:. How about offering a realisting printing service. Vintage beauty, modern photos.

BUT can I print these at a photo shop? And I agree, The idea is really really Cool!!! I can not resolve the vignetting of photography. The only 2 options I have is strong or weak, nothing in the middle Why does that keep popping out when I try to open it?

Please help me with it! Am in a process of a project that requires this awesome program! Hey guys - love this application! Wondering if there are any plans for a Vista Version? A not-so-good camera read cellphone camera and this software is such an awesome combination, too good to be true? Hey can you help me please? I'm always getting the french version of this download.

Even when i click the english version. Do you know what's wrong, or what mistake i am doing? To get a weaker blur effect , make one without blur and another with blur on, then put in photoshop and adjust opacity of the top layer until happy. My question, can I make very high resolution file like xpx? It wold be fantastic if you create a Plug-in too one day, to use it in Aperture or Photoshop!. Keep up with Poladroid, it's awesome! I like the blur effect, but think that it is a little strong.

It would be great, if the blur effect could be set via slider like the vignette. BTW, Poladroid is a lot of fun and creativity. Thumbs up both, if you can include a slider for blur in the next version. If you talk about "blur" effect, you can disabled it from the settings panel.

Otherwise, nothing has been modified about graphic treatment. I want to say that I am disapointed with the new version 0. This new version change the focus too much. Making all out of focus. I realy prefer the older version. I love how it takes a perfectly good picture and makes it a bad poladroid.

This is great especially because I don't have photoshop to do it It just kinda sits on my desktop.. OMG,i couldn't launch it after the installation. This is really neat! I just love it! Going to Poladriod a bunch of my pictures and frame them! I used to manipulate 'roids by pushing the emulsion around with a stick before it 'set. The results were fantastic. Can you add this functionality? I love Poladroid- it's amazing!!!

Can you please please please create a new version that gives you a polaroid effect without the white frame, because sometimes the picture gets cropped in weird places. I worked for Polaroid for 33 years making cameras and this brings all the fun back, thank you. I worked making Polaroid film for 36 years! This is amazing and so much fun. BUT how to add text below the picture???? Pictures are saved without rotation. Rotation is only a visual effect on desktop. Paul I'm trying to do the same thing as Karen and unchecking it doesn't do anything.

Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for this great service!!! How do I get my pictures to stay rotated? This is just so freakig cool. I love it, the look is just to great Could we have this a a After Effects Plugin?

Thnx for this wonderfull app. OMG this is so cool!!! I was so sad when they stopped making polaroid film.. Thanks to Justin's tweet lol. What a cool app Brings back the goode olde days indeed albeit with a cool digital twist. I also joined the group on Flickr, keep up the good work! I really enjoy using this program. Will make a support donation as soon as possible.

Hallo folks, it's me again. If you have the problem of expired than double click on the clock bottom right , change date to 1st of January. Merci pour votre aide Where should i change my time settings. My computers does date and time automatically. I just use poladroid since yesterday and now it doesn't work. No more problem with "expired" message. Hi, somehow doesn't this great software work anymore. But that's no problem - just go to your timesettings and adjust it to 1.

Just says beta version expired, visit website to download new I'm using poladroid for all the pics in my degree project so now I'm kind of panicking!! The version cannot load, even with repeated downloads.

The program says 'expired version, visit poladroid. Do we have to pay for the new one or? I receive this message: I'm an amateur photographer and have found the thrill in seeing something totally different from my digital camera and through polaroid.

Thank you so much for a great program - keep up the good work! I hate having to accept it if I want the dust specks too. When I get a random color cast that I like, the result is often ruined by the thumbprint.

I cant say much, others have sang all the praises I want to say so thank you zillion times!!! Thank you so much for doing this application and making it available. I love it alot. I'll be spreading the work around. Keep up the good work!

Not long before huge success will come your way. Je parle en peu de francais, mais j'ai un question. Je veux "keep" les photos sur le Desktop mais malheureusement l'Application recommencer et les photos ne restent pas sur le Desktop.

Je crois que le Desktop sera mignon avec tous les "Poladroids". Je suis desolee que tu ne comprends pas mon francais! Considering all the crap apps out there I cannot understand why Apple rejected it. I was thinking of buying a Polaroid camera but I guess now I'll buy a digicam and simply throw all shots into the Poladroid.

Besides the vintage awesomeness it would be great to have some kind of 'advanced' mode: I like the stripes but the fingerprints or somewhat disturbing sometimes. Why don't you check whether there are running processes instead of showing the annoying dialog on every quit? I am a mazed at the good taste of the algorithm logic. Don't want to know the secret sauce, after all the competition might steal it..

As it is, the standard methods only give straight lined typed words.. Oh and feel free to use my samples for your purposes - I think that one would be good: I cant figure out how to play with them and get rid of the pink ribbon at the bottom of the pictures when they finish developing. I love this software and output pic so much. Anyone know how to keep the small pic on the Windows desktop? Caused the pic will gone once close the Poladroid application. This sucks, because this looks fun I really like this software.

Love this program but after making 10 polaroids, the program said I had to restart my session - but when I click on the program to start it, nothing happens. Is this just my computer?

The last versions of Poladroid cant save the jpeg anymore Is This a bug? Just got introduced to Polaroid. Really nice and simple. How can we place a thumb print on our poladroid? I am looking forward to trying this app. One question in advance I just can't wait to ask: Is it possible to send undeveloped pictures to friends, so they develop when they open it on their computer? That would be totally awesome!

Anyway, I'm very much into vintage, and I love the idea of nextgen Polaroid, thanks!! Great job though on reenacting what it does. Je ne crois pas. C'est une question que je me pose. De tous mes petits doigts avec toi. Nombre d'applications "open source" ou libres valent la peine d'une donation pour soutenir leur auteur et Poladroid en fait largement partie! Si il existe un moyen de faire pression sur Apple emails? I just discovered this programm thanks to my girlfriend, and it made my pictures beautiful: Such a great idea!!!

I'm using Holga and diana cameras, and your programm rules! So thank you for such a simple and brillant application Maybe it would be good to extend the resolution of the pictures when you'll run a complete programm When I click on the link I just get this: Download request not authorized Please, use the download area for downloading files. Not all people can afford a good Polaroid camera, that's why this is good. Kudos to the makers of Poladroid. Both of you sound like sour grapes.

The reality is, the only chance instant films have a chance of surviving is increased interest on the part of the public, that said, I think it is an uphill battle as the world has shifted to digital so widely. IN REAL TIME a real polaroid will have significant value as a result of its physical properties, but in the digital world, it has And always has had less value then ANY picture who's source is digital if for no other reason then the fact it is a film being scanned, etc.

I have 4 real polaroid cameras that I have not been able to buy picture cartridges for some time 1 of which is actually my first digital photo printer for my computer-gasp real polaroids from digital pictures how scandalous and I have 1 camera that the cost of the film and availability makes it nearly impossible to use, I have 3 digi cameras however that I can enjoy taking pictures from any day of the week and I can run thru poladroid and get the same image I would have scanned.

So instead of barking up negative on this tree, why not keep to the positive that this program could revitalize interest in the real film.

Lerk7 i think what u said is on a lot of polaroid enthusiasts' minds. Okay, I would agree that it's pretty cool to create Polaroid-like images easily without having to worry about the cost of the films. I will also admit that some effects are cool. And when you take it to the next level by making an iPhone version, i mean, kudos to that. But what makes me sad is the fact that when anyone who uses this software shows off their "photos" to other people, some people a lot of people, I think will actually believe that they're really taken by Polaroid cameras.

Or when someone sees an actual Polaroid photo, they might think that it's created by this software. Either way it decreases the value of real Polaroid images and hurts the pride of real Polaroid users. If you could perhaps add a watermark on the outcome, then maybe that can help our feelings a little.

True, people may still remove the watermark from Photoshop or such, but that will be the extra work they'll have to go through. And they'll realize that they're fooling others as well as themselves fooling others is worse though. As someone who's making a push for an instant photography community in my country, I hope you and everyone can see my concern.

To me, the processed images seem more Lomo than Polaroid though. Really fun to 'play' with. You perfectionised the Polaroid experience completely. I really enjoy your soft, i've been using it since november 08 and it's great. Zumwalt was a charismatic officer whose leadership inspired my own service. This book will help those who never knew Adm.

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Jordan wears 'greatest' crown , USA Today. Retrieved October 25, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved January 14, What Does He Do for an Encore? Retrieved May 23, Al Michaels , Grantland, 1: Retrieved June 22, Retrieved February 3, Retrieved June 13, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved July 19, American athletes of the century , ESPN.

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Find more about Michael Jordan at Wikipedia's sister projects. Space Jam Michael Jordan: Current majority team owners in the National Basketball Association. Links to related articles. Oscar Robertson Trophy winners. Adolph Rupp Trophy winners. Naismith Men's College Player of the Year.

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Miami Arena American Airlines Arena. Schaffel Wohl Pfund Riley Elisburg. Chicago Bulls New York Knicks. Retrieved from " https: Views Read View source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 14 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Laney Wilmington, North Carolina. Selected by the Chicago Bulls. Basketball Hall of Fame as player. Birmingham Barons — Scottsdale Scorpions Denotes seasons in which Jordan won an NBA championship.

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